PGBS excels in offering stellar whiteboard animation services for catering to your diverse needs. Crispy and lively explainer videos developed by us have always succeeded in accomplishing their purposes in a convincing manner. Communication of difficult ideas becomes easier and effective with thematic animations created to fulfill your aspirations and expectations. Each whiteboard animation built by us would make your brand popular among targeted audiences. You can persuade, engage, enlighten, and motivate prospects by presenting to them ideas in an animated format. Organizations worldwide are embracing whiteboard animation to make their products and services more acceptable among consumers. Our creative and seasoned artists can transform your ideas into vibrant and engrossing animations that can send across desired messages in an entertaining and creative manner.

Our experienced and insightful animators and digital artists can create an awesome animation that would electrify your audience. Aesthetics and atmospherics are optimally taken care of.

Types of Whiteboard Animation Services We Provide

We, at PGBS, have the expertise to create different types of whiteboard animation services based on our clients’ requirements. We can address any kind of video requests, but we expect our clients to be clear about their expectations. We would need clear inputs from your side with regard to scripts, characters, storylines, and backgrounds so that we can deliver the right message to your target audience in the right manner.

Here are the five main types of whiteboard animation videos that we create to serve a diverse purpose:

  1. The Explainer Video Animation: We create this type of animated video to describe a company’s brand philosophy and to portray how the company is different from other companies. We follow a consistent approach while delivering brand messages in a clear and concise way.
  2. Product Videos Animation: We create detailed yet concise product videos that may last from 90 seconds to 3 minutes. The videos developed by us would describe product features in detail, allowing customers to gain better clarity about why they should use a product and how they can use it.
  3. Logo Animation: We can create vibrant animated logos, thereby helping you to ensure better brand visibility. Using the right color combinations and the most appropriate typography, we can create unique logo designs that will portray your brand’s persona in a unique manner.
  4. Promotional Video Animation: We can create effective promotional videos that would allow you to portray your products and services in the best light and help you to gain maximum visibility. Let us know what your objectives are, and we can develop effective campaign videos.
  5. Social Media Animation: We create short animated video clips that are specially meant to help you gain a strong social media presence. We would help you tell your brand’s story or about a new product launch in the most interactive and engaging way.
  6. Corporate Video Animation: We have delivered sophisticated corporate videos to some of the most reputed companies. And we can do this for you too. Let us know about your brand’s character and we would be happy to create your brand-specific corporate video.
  7. Animated Commercials: We have a team of highly creative experts who think out-of-the-box and can develop interactive video commercials that would strengthen your overall marketing portfolio. Do you have a story? We can bring it to life!

Our whiteboard video production process

We follow a streamlined process to deliver an awesome customer experience when it comes to whiteboard video animation services. Our motto is to turbocharge the appeal of your idea with the compelling and crisp whiteboard or explainer video animations

  • First, we have ideation and brainstorming session with clients wherein we listen to your aspirations and expectations to get a feel for the project’s key deliverables and actionable points.
  • Based on ideas garnered, we develop our proposal and present it to you for written consent.
  • A full-time project manager is assigned to oversee the progress of the project, manage workflow, and coordinate among artists.
  • The animation script is developed after factoring in your inputs and innovative ideas of our developers
  • The storyboard is created and sent for your scrutiny and upon approval, development work starts in full swing
  • Prototype and simulations are shared after each completed stage to seek feedback and suggestions from you so as to adequately reflect the same in the final package.
  • Emotions, mannerisms, idiosyncrasies, behavioral patterns, and other thematic inputs of animated characters are shared with you to ensure that they are in alignment with your brand’s vision
  • Once the animation part is completed, voice-over along with atmospheric effects is provided by professional artists.
  • An appeal of the video is enhanced with the integration of relevant and cheerful music and ambient sounds
  • The completed video is optimized, rendered, and published. The animation package is handed over to you in the desired media and format so that you can expeditiously deploy the same.

Why should you rely on our whiteboard animation studio?

At PGBS, our service goals are well defined. We never compromise on values when we enter into a strategic partnership with the client. PGBS offers you peerless advantages. Prominent among them are

  • We make sure that our whiteboard animation cost stays reasonable and affordable.
  • Flexible hiring modules that can be customized to meet your budget,
  • Constant feedback and updates on the project’s progress to clients
  • No need to invest in costly licensed software, tenured in-house manpower, and overheads
  • Dedicated Project Manager to oversee the progress of each individual project
  • An experienced team of animators with wide exposure to complex animation techniques
  • State of the art animation development tools equipped with cutting edge and contemporary features used
  • Stringent quality checking measures in place for impeccable results
  • Best turnaround time in the industry and strict adherence to promised deadlines
  • Unlimited complimentary revisions before and after the completion of the project
  • Client’s confidential and sensitive information safeguarded through the signing of the non-disclosure agreement and authenticated access to authorized professionals only

Contact PGBS for top-notch whiteboard animation services

PGBS is a brand name to reckon within the domain of eclectic whiteboard animation creation. We successfully cater to the animation-related needs of all industry verticals and individuals. The efficiency of our creative digital services is vouched for by reputed clients, both national and international. We help your brand gain the prestige it deserves in the eyes of prospects, clients, and targeted audiences. Optimum returns on investments are assured.

Strategically allying with PGBS relieves you from maintaining a dedicated team of artists and exclusive resources for your brand’s occasional animation driven needs. Outsource your needs to PGBS and steer clear of excess costs and administrative problems. Your business’s bottom line would be favorably impacted by availing of our services. We have been demonstrating a perfect commitment to help our domestic and offshore clients achieve their corporate objectives without going overboard with the budget.

If you have been grappling with the challenge of putting across complex ideas to potential customers in easy to understand manner, trust the instincts and creativity of our animators to get unbelievable results. Call us to get a free, no-obligation attached estimate for your requirements.  Let it be 2D animations, 3D animations, flash animations, animatics or anything related to animation, our animation outsourcing company in India assures excellence in all ways possible.

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