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Converting flash files to HTML5 is one of the main specialties of our India-based company, and our services in this regard are extensive and diversified.

With the impeccable capability to perform exceptionally well across several operating systems and web browsers across the world, HTML5 has become the most ubiquitous way to share content with an ever-expanding audience, across the world. Its innate cross-platform ability, blended with multimedia support, drives all the publishing houses and businesses to opt for the Flash to HTML5 conversion.

In doing so, they can take advantage of a wide variety of enriching and impressive reading experiences and bring them to their audiences, all the while enabling access to the same across a wide range of hand-held devices like eReaders, tablets, and smartphones.

Fortified with all the necessary technological infrastructure and expert talents, PGBS delivers a host of Flash to HTML5 conversion services, ensuring the comprehensible transition of various interactive content types to the better platform.

We convert flash-based websites, games, videos, eLearning courses, SWF files, animations, and ads into HTML5 format.

Flash to HTML5 Conversion Services

Flash to HTML5 Conversion

Flash to HTML5 Conversion Services Include

  • Convert Flash websites to HTML5 Websites

    We understand the significance of converting Flash-based websites to HTML5. With Flash being outdated, we help businesses transform their Flash based websites to enjoy several benefits like improved accessibility, security, speed, and other diverse opportunities for innovation.

  • Convert Flash Games to HTML5 games

    We help you convert the SWF games into HTML5 games, which would help you resolve the compatibility issues and improve the end-user experience.

  • Convert Flash animation to HTML5 animation

    Coding libraries are much more powerful as web standards are evolving rapidly. This makes the achievement of the constraints within the browser impressive. That’s why we help developers convert Flash elements to stand-alone HTML5 code.

  • ActionScript to JavaScript conversion

    ActionScript, developed by Macromedia, is an object-oriented programming language. Our experts can help convert ActionScript 2 & 3 files into formats like JavaScript and HTML5.

  • Convert Flash videos to HTML 5 videos

    Working according to the latest web standards, HTML5 has the capability of playing videos without the browser plugins. This technology is supported by different mobile devices available these days.

  • Flash Ads to HTML 5 Ads

    HTML5 is essentially a markup language intended for use on the internet. Its presentation and structure are vital. We help to convert existing or create new HTML5 ads.

  • Creation of digital assets using HTML 5

    Our experts are capable of creating digital assets with the help of HTML 5 so that they work seamlessly in different digital environments.

  • eLearning courses migration to HTML 5

    To meet new learning requirements and challenges, including mobile compatibility and responsiveness, we can convert any text, PDF, or PPT into HTML5. It will be enriched with various games, assignments, and quizzes at an affordable price.

  • Converting SWF files to HTML5

    With the latest standards, conversion can make your content compatible. SWF to HTML5-based e-learning modules can be converted into diverse formats, including WebM, Theories OGG, etc., compatible with HTML5 web standards.

Workflow we follow to convert flash to html5

Being a responsible and reliable flash to html5 conversion service provider in India, we only rely on the tested and industry preferred html5 converters and practices to ensure that the services delivered are of top quality and ability to drive the results that the client is vying to drive from the transition. We are adept in converting all types of content created with the help of Adobe Flash to the now-preferred HTML5 comprehensively and delivering rich media eBooks that contain animations, images, video and audio and all relevant files.

In order to ensure that the Flash to HTML5 conversion service quality we deliver is always unimpeachable, we have established a clear, comprehensible, and easily appraisable workflow in our flash to html5 conversion company in India that avails the provision for easy scrutiny, quality check, and review at different stages of the conversion strategy workflow.

our flash to html5 conversion process

Our Flash to HTML5 Conversion Process

Reasons why we are highly preferred for converting flash to HTML5 files

We strive hard to bring a new character and feel to the content being converted in accordance with the client to ensure that they are completely satisfied with all the aesthetical and design elements being brought about by our professionals to make the content all the better and exceptionally readable.

  • We take advantage of HTML 5’s impeccable cross-platform and cross-browser technology to convert various Flash contents.

  • Our experts ensure that these content comprising of video, audio, images, text, etc. are easily accessible and flawlessly rendered across multiple platforms.
  • All our instructional designers is adequately experienced and trained to comprehensively understand the requirements of the clients and provide them matchless quality service.
  • We deliver SCORM (Sharable Content Object Reference Model) compliant courses in accordance with your Learning Management Systems (LMS).
  • We can guide you in case if you need a complete redesign or just a simple technology update.
  • We use major eLearning authoring tools like Adobe Captivate, Adobe Storyline etc…
  • Our HTML5 files are compatible with all popular devices such as iPhone, iPad, Blackberry, Windows and Android devices.


HTML5 is compatible with several mobile platforms and it is an open-source language. Developers around the globe support this language and it is most likely to last for a long time.

Courses that are converted into the HTML5 format can be accessed on all modern operating systems including Windows, Android, and iOS.

Yes, of course. That’s why HTML5 is so popular. HTML5 is more robust compared to Flash that has several plugins, which make it highly susceptible to threats. HTML5, on the other hand, does not demand the use of plugins and hence, it stays safeguarded from data security threats.

Courses converted to the HTML5 format are compatible on all browsers and devices. Learners have the privilege of using different devices to access HTML5-based courses.

Yes. Students can use Articulate Storyline, Lectora, or some other authoring tool in order to view content online. With these authoring tools, it is possible to get the courses published offline.

With HTML5, you can make a lot of content changes, which involve enhancement of instructional design, graphic modifications, updating of content, etc.

Today, learners mostly opt for small learning units. With the conversion of lengthy Flash-based courses into the HTML5 format, microlearning becomes a possibility.

Non-English speakers love the idea of getting access to learning resources in their native languages. Rapid authoring tools support the translation and localization of HTML5-based courses.

You need to play the entire course content and then perform screen-capture in order to convert it to the HTML5 format even if the source files remain unavailable. The recorded outcome would get saved in the MP4 format and this is an HTML5-friendly format. Another way to deal with this issue is to make use of the decompile software so as to get the assets extracted from SWF. These assets can be used to redevelop the course content from scratch.

Yes. Definitely. You can add interactive elements and extra content such as quizzes, hotspots, and slides easily in the existing content so as to enhance the overall quality.

This would require changes right from the stage of storyboarding. You can surely refresh all the slides from scratch.

You can republish the source files of the authoring tool by using the tool’s most recent version. This way, you can get the content updated.

Make use of a new authoring tool in order to incorporate the media elements.

Start by assessing and identifying the Flash courses that are still valid today. Create a list of the content that needs to be converted to the HTML5 format. Check if source files area available or if the existing content needs to be edited. This would allow you to decide accordingly.

Reach us to convert your flash-based content to HTML5

Starting from converting illustrations and transforming them to various scalable vector graphics to converting the Flash timelines to corresponding CSS animations, we carefully carry out the process of converting the entire rich-media files that were created with the help of Adobe Flash into the ever-popular HTML5 with a host of interactive features and animations. Our team is skilled to convert interactive SWF to HTML5 as well.

If you would like to outsource flash to html5 conversion service-related requirements or know more about our conversion capabilities and service offerings, you can talk to one of our sales executives who would love to help you.

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