Hypertext Markup Language is helpful for web users to structure and create paragraphs, links, and sections using different tags, elements, and attributes. It is also considered an official web standard. It’s a computer language that makes up web pages. HTML 5, the fifth and final version is a major one among these.

It is changing the digital landscape of the world. HTML 5 technology is the preferred choice for rendering online videos. This technology helps in playing videos online without any issues of compatibility and time consumption. HTML 5 is the best for the upcoming online video era.

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Converting Flash content to HTML5 will be a daunting task if you have numerous Flash elements. But here are the best practices to help you convert Flash to HTML5.

  1. Conversion level needs to be decided

    • Create new media elements with a new instructional strategy and updated content.
    • Non-mobile-friendly interactivities need to be updated to mobile-friendly alternatives. Complicated interactivities need to be recreated.
  2. Α strategy for conversion has to be picked

    • The strategy will be different and will depend upon the source files available.
    • All other enhancements also play a vital role in choosing the strategy. The strategy will have a direct impact on the authoring tools you choose.

    Let us go through the 4 R’s of the Flash to HTML conversion process:

    Record:  Legacy courses that lack source files (swf) will be recorded using screen capture software. It will be saved into HTML5 compatible MP4 format.

    Republish: Republish the legacy courses developed in the previous versions and convert them to mobile-compatible HTML 5.

    Rebuild: Redeveloping the legacy courses developed in Adobe Flash, which is now obsolete with the new rapid eLearning authoring tool.

    Redesign: Revamping the entire course by updating the content, design, and the total look and feel of the legacy courses. Lengthy courses can be configured into microlearning nuggets.

  3. Decide on a Rapid Authoring Tool

    You have to consider the ease of use, course content type, and translation and scalability requirements while deciding on the e-learning authoring tool.

Popular eLearning authoring tools for converting Flash files to HTML5 format

  1. Lectora Inspire- The fastestLectora Inspire authoring tool

    The fastest html5 authoring software that helps convert flash courses which has a lot of content on the screen. It can convert text-heavy content to effectively ready to render HTML5 formats even on small screens. It has a scrollbar option that helps accommodate more content on the screen.

    Lectora is ideal for eLearning translation and is customizable, and has built-in unique features, including a table of content, click-on tabs, etc.

  2. Adobe Captivate for training simulationsAdobe Captivate Tool

    The Adobe Captivate helps in training simulations and will be the best pick if the courses are simulation-based. It can design simulations and offers an HTML tracker. It helps in easing the process of conversion. It also helps in saving effort and time by listing all the problems on a slide-to-slide basis.

    One of the most dependable Flash to HTML5 authoring tools. It has several interactive, innovative, and value-added features, including a widget for Twitter and Tin Can API. This tool also has the capability of embedding YouTube videos.

  3. Articulate Storyline for customizationArticulate Storyline Tool

    Are you looking for higher customization in your e-Learning courses? Articulate Storyline is the best-in-class solution for you. Helps in creating Flash-like interactivities with efficiency. This tool offers two unique interactivities, namely dial and sliders. You also get a library of royalty-free images, icons, and characters, making the conversion process hassle-free and quick.

  4. iSpring Suite with readymade templatesiSpring Suite

    Easy to use conversion tool with readymade templates to help deliver visually appealing courses. iSpring Suite is a favorite tool among Flash animation to HTML5 conversion companies due to its uniqueness compared with all the other available tools. This tool is capable of converting PowerPoint presentations with elegance. It supports all types of conversion of e-learning courses. Instructionally sound storyboards can be imported to get the conversion done rapidly.

  5. Gomo – cloud-based content authoring toolGomo

    It’s a cloud-based content tool with an intuitive interface. Gomo allows e-learning developers to keep working and collaborating from anywhere. Features quick-start wizards and different built-in templates for increasing productivity. Supports multiple languages and includes a beginner’s guide to offer step-by-step direction

  6. The easiest EasygeneratorEasygenerator tool

    One of the easiest authoring tools facilitates the development of e-learning courses in-house. Easygenerator lacks numerous interactive features compared to the other tools but is responsive.

  7. User-friendly ElucidatElucidat

    A tool designed to speed up the e-learning process. It enables users to develop high-quality courses based on HTML5. Being user-friendly and simple to use, Elucidat is a boon for newbies. Using this tool, learners can create their interactions.

  8. Cloud-Based dominKnow | OnedominKnow

    dominKnow is one of the most popular authoring tools in the e-learning segment. It has released several tools that have been subject to improvisation. Perfect tool that blends responsiveness and power to facilitate software simulations.

    A cloud-based tool that makes extensive collaboration possible by reducing the project turnaround time. High customization is possible with the triggers and custom scripts and helps rebuild and recreate the Flash-based interactions.

  9. SmartBuilder conversion toolSmartBuilder

    SmartBuilder is an authoring tool that allows the creation of e-learning courses complicated in nature.

    Diverse content types, including quizzes, multimedia elements, and textual content, can be integrated into it easily.

  10. User-friendly KITABOO AuthorKITABOO Author

    Kitaboo Author is a user-friendly and intuitive platform that helps create responsive content with drag-and-drop features. Enriched with multiple distribution models and allows multiple users to collaborate.

So, which authoring tool is best to convert flash to html5

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