Studies show that real estate photographs always influence how long a property will remain on the market. Real estate photo editing has become an important marketing tool to stay ahead of the competition in the market. The real estate photo editing software helps make the residential and commercial property images look attractive and appealing.

Real estate is all about a good presentation, and when it comes to presentation, the realtors hit and try all the methods to lure the buyers and generate interest in them for their property. However, it is not easy to make a winning deal every time, but if they take the proper steps in terms of presentation, this can be made possible.

How do you ask?

Well, a short road to this is using image editing software to boost the look and feel of the property.

This article will share the best and most popular real estate photo editing apps and software in 2024, used among realtors, photo editors, studios, and more. (Inclusive of free and paid software)

real estate photo editing software list

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Importance of Real Estate Photo Editing

  • To provide an unmatched buyer experience
  • To create visually appealing images that bring more inquiries to your listings.
  • To minimize distractions and to make the property look professional and aesthetically correct.
  • To provide 360-degree view of the property multiple images are stitched into one with various exposures.
  • To remove digital decluttering to look at a clean space without distractions like furniture, cabinets, lamps, and more.

Now that we understand the importance of real estate photo editing, it is time to explore the best real estate photo editors available in the market that makes the job easy for photo editors and comes at the best and most affordable photo editing prices.

Best 15 Real Estate Photo Editing Software and Apps (Free & Paid)

  1. Aurora HDR

    Aurora HDR

    This one is considered the most helpful tool for the real estate industry. It can be used as a plug-in or a featured application that helps layer, mask, and transform real estate photos into professional ones.

    The most famous and best HDR photo editing software, this tool comes with a variety of features that help in making HDR versions of the imagery. Using this tool, the editors can raise the sharpness of the image without even compromising the picture quality. With the latest integration of LuminarAi with this software, HDR editing becomes much easier with the help of the AI feature.

    Apart from that, it is also helpful for color toning and correction.

    Version: Paid.

    Operating System: Windows and Mac.

    Pricing: Starts at $9.78/M.

    Usage: Downloadable Software

  2. Adobe Lightroom

    Adobe Lightroom

    Considered a one-stop solution for all real estate photo editing needs, this tool offers multiple features, including color correction, exposure adjustment, panorama creation and tone correction.

    Just like Aurora HDR, this tool also facilitates its users with real estate HDR photo blending to create beautiful exposures and related features. This software also integrated AI features (Adobe Sensei) to enhance the editing experience to the end user.

    It has an integrated file management system and arrangement system of photos in collections and galleries.

    This is a free real estate photo editing software with limited features in the mobile app to be used for photo editing.

    Versions: 7 Days Free and Paid.

    Operating System: iOS, Android, Windows, and Mac.

    Pricing: Starts at $9.99/m.

    Usage: Downloadable software and mobile app.

  3. Adobe Photoshop

    Adobe Photoshop

    This tool from Adobe comes with a lot of features, and it has a lot of step-by-step tutorials online. With this software, the editors can remove unwanted objects from the image, use the sky replacement technique, grass replacement, make various color corrections, fixing merging errors and more.

    Adobe Photoshop offers editing-related features and facilitates zooming features to correct and highlight even the tiniest of detail in the real estate photo, giving a more real-to-life look. Photoshop is testing various AI features in beta mode (Adobe Firefly) to maintain its position in the raising competition.

    Versions: Free trial for 7 days after that paid.

    Operating System: Linux, Windows, iPad & Mac.

    Pricing: Starts from $ 20.99/M.

    Usage: Downloadable software, mobile app, and online editor.

  4. Photomatrix Pro

    Photomatrix Pro

    This tool is ideal for batch photo editing and comes with advanced ghost removal techniques to give architecture photo editing a new dimension.

    This software not only gives editing support to professional photo editors but also takes their work to new heights by providing an HDR touch to the images, making them more presentable and attractive.

    With batch editing mode, this tool can ease the burden of bulk editing and turns out to be a time and cost-effective option.

    Versions: Free version (final output comes with a watermark) and paid version.

    Operating System: Windows & Mac

    Pricing: Starts at $39.

    Usage: Downloadable software.

  5. PicMonkey

    PicMonkey real estate photo editing software

    This is the most popular real estate photo editing software online. This is why it is compatible with all the devices like Laptops, Personal Computers, Tablets & more.

    It has a user-oriented interface that helps simplify the editing process with many built-in effects. As a result, this can be a go-to tool for editors.

    Versions: 7 Days Free Trial and Paid.

    Operating System: All

    Pricing: Starts from €10.99/M.

    Usage: Online Photo Editor

  6. GIMP

    GIMP Real estate photo editing software

    A popular alternative to Adobe Photoshop, this software comes with the most fantastic photo editing software. It comes as an open-source platform that is benefiting many beginners on their journey to become a professional photo editors.

    While using this software, you can easily modify the source code to add plug-ins per their usage.

    Version: Free version.

    Operating System: Windows, Mac, and Linux

    Pricing: $ 0

    Usage: Downloadable software.

  7. ACDSee

    ACDSee Real estate photo editing software
    ACDSee software is known for its speedy RAW photo editing, layered editing, lens profile corrections, file management and video editing. It is the world’s first digital asset manager that helps organize and manage photos on secured cloud storage.

    It’s compatible with all platforms, making it user-friendly editing software for easy photo merging, HDR edits, and focus staking.

    Editors can use any of its four products to add a professional edge to their pictures:

    In addition, this software has a top-rate Light EQ Tool for faster adjustments, which makes it easy for bulk editing.

    This software can be accessed on mobile devices through five different applications:

    • ACDSee Light EQ for Windows
    • ACDSee for iOS
    • ACDSee Pro for iOS
    • ACDSee Camera Pro for iOS
    • ACDSee Mobile Sync

    Versions: 30-day free trial and Paid

    Operating System: Windows, Mac, Android, and iOS.

    Pricing: Starts from $69 (Personal usage). For commercial use contact the team.

    Usage: Downloadable software and mobile app.

  8. PaintShop Pro 2023

    PaintShop Pro
    Paintshop Pro software performs the functions of two Adobe Creative Cloud applications. It allows users to edit both vector and raster pictures on the same platform.

    Its AI based tools can be used to enhance brightness, clarity, and sharpness with just one click. With an advanced toolset, editors can edit, retouch, and elevate real estate photos in any file format with ease.

    Even drone photos can be refined cost-effectively using this software’s wide range of brushes, filters, and plugins. It also has a flexible licensing process that makes this application reliable for many photo editors.

    It offers two products, namely:

    Versions: 30-day free trial and Paid

    Operating System: Windows

    Pricing: Starts at $104 USD.

    Usage: Downloadable software.

  9. Nik Collection 5

    Nik Collection

    Nik’s latest collection offers eight plug-ins, out of which HDR addition, sharpener, geometrical adjustments, and color correction are best suited for real estate photo editing.

    With this software, editors can also remove haze and blend images effortlessly. Even highlighting the key features and minute details is possible by adjusting contrast, saturation, and tones. These plug-ins or This plug-in can also be integrated with Photoshop and Lightroom.

    Version: 30-day free trial and Paid

    Operating System: Windows and macOS

    Pricing: Starts from $149 (full subscription)

    Usage: Downloadable software.

  10. Luminar Neo

    Luminar Neo
    Luminar Neo is an award-winning real estate photo editing software that includes AI based tools for color correction, sharpening tools, reflection addition, layer editing, and over 30 editing features. Its AI-powered tools help alter the sky and the environment with just a click.

    From upscaling pictures’ resolution to adding magic to photos, one can also use the software’s 8 extensions to edit like a pro.

    It helps editors of all proficiency levels use advanced editing services for real estate photos.

    Version: 7-day free trial and Paid

    Operating System: Windows and macOS

    Pricing: Starts from $7.58/M

    Usage: Downloadable software.

  11. Affinity Photo 2

    Affinity Photo
    Affinity Photo 2 software is known for its user-friendly UI and tools that facilitate simplified photo editing. Its various awards and recognitions stand as a testimonial to it.

    Editors can experience end-to-end 32-bit RAW editing and use and blend multiple brushes and layers. They can also clip and mask various live filters and effects for professional editing services.

    It helps editors make precise selections and save different assets for a seamless workflow. It’s also the only software that’s 100% adaptable to different operating systems.

    Version: 30-day free trial; Paid

    Operating System: Windows, macOS and iPad

    Pricing: Starts from $43.63 (full subscription)

    Usage: Downloadable software.

  12. Fotor

    Fotor real estate Photo Editing software
    Fotor is an excellent photo editing software for beginners. It helps to enhance picture resolution, zoom into photos up to 400%, and ease the process of sharpening with its AI-powered tools.

    The software’s features also support image overlays, resizing, HDR addition, removal of unwanted objects, and one-tap photo enhancement. This makes it a suitable editing platform for experts too.

    Version: Free and Paid

    Operating System: Windows, macOS, Android, and iOS

    Pricing: Starts from $8.99/M

    Usage: Online photo editor, mobile app and downloadable software.

  13. Photomatix Real Estate Camera

    Photomatix Real Estate Camera App
    Photomatix Real Estate Camera is the perfect mobile app for realtors and amateur photographers who are starting their careers in the real estate industry. This app automatically fixes perspective errors and lighting with just a click. It also instantly enhances the color of photos with pre-defined features.

    The software is designed with advanced HDR technology and default layout sizes with 3:2 and 4:3 aspect ratios for better photo listings on MLS.

    Version: Free and Paid.

    Operating System: macOS and iOS

    Pricing: $9.99 to remove watermark

    Usage: iPhone app.

  14. Exposio Real Estate Camera

    Exposio Real Estate Camera App
    Exposio Real Estate Camera application helps capture HDR images at wide angles to advertise images of real estate properties. It enables users to add a realistic reflection of illumination, making this a unique feature of the app.

    This user-friendly interface also offers sky replacement effects. The app even makes automatic exposure adjustments.

    Download this app for your Android device or Apple device.

    Version: Free

    Operating System: Android and iOS

    Pricing: Starts at $9.99/25 credits.

    Usage: Mobile apps.

  15. Snapseed

    This photo editing tool has a user-friendly interface, making it easy to use. You can install it on your desktop as well as your phone. One of the major benefits of Snapseed is that it is light software and doesn’t take up a lot of space on your device.

    The software comes with over 29 tools and filters you can use to adjust photos. They include white balance, exposure, sharpness, and color. It also has healing tools and brushes, and it lets you make selective changes to the image.

    Snapseed is perfect for real estate photo editing as it allows cropping, rotating, background removal, and perspective corrections. The fact that you can use it even on your phone makes it the best tool for real estate agents to use on the go.

    Version: Free

    Operating System: Windows, macOS, iOS, and Android.

    Pricing: Free

    Usage: Downloadable software and mobile app.


The above-mentioned software is considered the best in the real estate industry for photo editing purposes in 2024.

We hope this topic will help you choose the best software for you. However, if you want to dedicate all your time to engaging customers and building relationships with them, you can leave the editing part to any of the reputed photo editing companies.

This sums up the topic of the best real estate photo editing software, and we hope our knowledge sharing has helped clear the topic for you quite well!

If you need any extra hands for your real estate photo editing get in touch with us.

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