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15 Best Real Estate Photo Editing Software and Apps for 2024

Studies show that real estate photographs always influence how long a property will remain on the market. Real estate photo editing has become an important marketing tool to stay ahead of the competition in the market. The real estate photo editing software helps make the residential and commercial property images look attractive and appealing. [...]

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Everything about Editorial Photography: A Beginner’s Guide

Editorial photography is a type of photography where you take pictures to tell a story or support a narrative. You will find these images alongside magazine articles, editorials, blogs, and other publications. You might be wondering: “There are so many photos in magazines and blogs. Are they all editorial photos?” Well, these images are [...]

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4 Qualities Real Estate Photos Must Have for Image Editing

Are you struggling to attract buyers to your property listing? You may want to check the quality of your real estate photos. Many realtors and property owners hire photo editors to attract buyers and make their images more attractive. However, even the most skilled editor cannot make poor-quality images look impressive. In this article, we [...]

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Color Grading vs. Color Correction: Difference Explained

Color grading and color correction are different terms for photo and video editing processes. While they refer to separate editing processes, the terms are often used interchangeably because they are often done back-to-back. To really understand the meaning and significance of these terms, we have to learn what makes them different from each other. [...]

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Easy Guide to Edit Newborn Baby Photos in Photoshop

If you are a beginner in retouching baby photos and has no clue on how to soften skin, lighten skin and smoothing skin in Photoshop this step by step tutorial will be useful for you. Read ahead and Photoshop the baby pictures in a professional manner. There are various software and apps available online [...]

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5 Steps High End Skin Retouching Process in Photoshop

Adobe’ Photoshop has gone a long way in delivering splendid photographs with its high-end retouching capabilities. Retouching mature skin requires some expertise and it is enlightened through an instructive description of image retouching in Photoshop tutorial below. Skin retouching Photoshop tutorial Step 1 - Layer Duplication The first step is [...]

2023-05-25T08:57:28+00:00April 17th, 2023|Photography Post Processing|

12 Commonly Used Image File Format Types

It is important to know about the highest-quality image format that is ideal for photos of all genres. In the world of photo editing and photo retouching, formats like JPG, PNG, and TIFF are the most extensively used file formats. In this article, we’ve compiled all the image file formats that are commonly used [...]

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What is a Floor Plan? Avoid These Mistakes While Designing

Floor plan drawings are very helpful when it comes to designing an architectural structure. People tend to give more importance to the designing aspects while neglecting the some of the common house plans rule. However, we often forget that both of them are correlated. An architectural property can be constructed effectively when a proper [...]

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Outsource eCommerce Photo Editing – 9 Checklists Guide

The ecommerce industry is blooming and the major reason behind this is the presentation of the products using imagery that catches the buyers’ eyes easily. But this whole photo presentation has a complete process of pre and post processing and for this the companies outsource their photo editing requirements to various service providers. There [...]

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10 Pro Tips for Speed Up Photo Culling Process

At present times, with digital cameras, there's no limit as to how many snaps a photographer can take. It can be dozens, hundreds, thousands, or even more. But the real challenge arises when a photo editor needs to find the real gems out of the ocean of photos. Photo culling solves this problem. But [...]

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Professional Image Enhancement for E-Commerce Businesses

Businesses use high-quality images in their marketing campaigns and this is a crucial aspect as people who purchase products online typically rely on product visuals while making a purchase decision. Product images that are professionally edited and fine-tuned are able to create a strong impact on the target customers who may ultimately decide to buy [...]

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13 Basic Photography Editing Tips for Beginners

The outcomes of modern-day photography are actually their refined versions that are generated through basic or high-end photo editing tips and techniques. Today’s photographers use diverse editing techniques to add beauty to their photos and to modify them in the way they want. These adjustments can be made either through on-site camera adjustments or through [...]

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Removing an Image Background Using Photoshop & GIMP

Removing image background is a common job that is associated with the work of every graphic designer and photo editor. However, getting the background removed from an image can be often tedious if the object you are trying to get rid of has complex edges or if the background is increasingly intricate. Besides, there [...]

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Reason why photo retouching agency provides PSD layers

Many people who initially found photography as a rewarding pastime now are ready to take the professional way. Most of them however don’t have enough time to sit and go through the tiring process of image editing. This trend is the major reason for the emergence of various photo retouching services providers that you [...]

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Creating Panoramic HDR Images Using Adobe Lightroom

Adobe Lightroom CC is the latest addition to the vast range of photo management tools of Adobe. With the latest software available to photo editors, the scope of photo enhancement has enhanced further. This tool has two new features, which were being highly requested by the users.  The Photo Merge feature brings panorama capabilities [...]

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7 Steps Photo Retouching Guide – Simple Yet Effective

Professional photo retouching service providers offer excellent results that are hard for amateurs to assure. There are certain rules to be followed while retouching photos because if the detail is lacking then the picture is worthless. This 7 step guide containing relevant tips and techniques can be highly instructive. Crop out irrelevant edges Crop [...]

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