Create your visibility online with elegance, style, and professional website design. PGBS is a reputed company in India that specializes in building creative, responsive, and customized website design and development services for businesses of all types, sizes, and geographic locations.

As customers are shifting from traditional brick and mortar shops to digital online stores, staying confined offline would restrict your opportunities gravely. For any business owner, a perfectly crafted website is not an additional requirement but a very basic mandate nowadays.

web design and development services

Professional Web Design & Development

Web design and development services at PGBS

If you are a struggling start-up or an already established giant in the industry, without a website, you are failing to miserably grow to the best of your capabilities. Your prospects are online; people are searching via the web for what they want.

We have 50+ experts exceptionally talented in developing websites that have logical designs, simple navigation, lower loading time and every needed feature in it to attract the attention of visitors and retain them. Our focus is to create websites with minimum bounce rates and that actually converts visitors into customers.

Our designers and coders are also assisted by expert content writers who can add the best words to the web pages to convince your prospects. They write unique, interesting, and SEO friendly content to bring the best possible results for you.

Our types of web design services include

  • Graphic Designing: We create awesome designs that complement your brand value and message to be communicated. Our services include logo design, banner design, icon design, and explainer video creation.
  • CMS Website DesignPresent your business, services, and products online professionally with our CMS website design and if frequent updates are needed, this is the best choice for you.
  • Responsive Web DesignPeople browse via various devices and our responsive design strategically reshuffle its elements based on priority to fit seamlessly on multiple devices.
  • Custom Web Design: Tell your exact requirements and our offshore web design company will craft precisely in line with that, with an optimal blend of innovation. We have the expertise to create static as well as dynamic websites.
  • Web Portal Design: Web portals need to be designed carefully based on the type of business included. We design by adding all the elements needed.
  • Customized Template Design: We personalize website templates as per our customers’ unique requirements and based on their branding guidelines so as to be able to generate powerful impacts.

Website Maintenance Support

Aside from creating captivating website designs, we also provide continued website maintenance and support. We regularly upgrade our clients’ websites to allow visitors to get access to updated information about products and services, working hours, etc. This helps to rank your site by increasing web traffic. Our website maintenance services also offer assistance with improving the site’s online presence through effective marketing strategies and creating freshly engaging content with the help of our experienced writers. This ultimately results in the gaining of higher levels of profitability. Our services are all-inclusive and comprehensive that delivers maintenance solutions to all types of business whether it’s large, medium or small regarding. We also handle any type of issues related to website design and maintenance by proactively suggesting and updating the site with advanced software and programming skills. Features Include

  • Regularly updating the content through news and blog posts to improve organic search visibility.
  • Adding contact forms to get the needed information from the visitors, thereby increasing website functionality.
  • Fixing broken links or links that lead to an irrelevant page.
  • Easy access to every website page by providing clear navigations.
  • Creating images, video footage, sound files, and animations to grab the attention of the viewers if required.
  • Cross-link and update social media to enhance the website content.
  • Updating WordPress plugins, framework, theme version etc. to increase website security and avoid being hacked.
  • Upgrading e-commerce content including policies, pricing, events, promotions, etc. to make business more viable and profitable.
  • Regular A/B testing of important pages for increasing conversion ratio.

The way we work on website design projects

As we have worked with a lot of large and small businesses as well as brands, our team can quickly grasp your requirements and identify the possibilities to make you unique and notable.

    • We create amazing designs based on color psychology, target audience, and business nature.
    • Our web developers recognize your needs and accomplish them by going the extra miles.
    • For redesigning existing website, we study the previous design and create the new one in line with the latest technology standards.

Industries we support

Accounting Construction Landscaping
Agriculture Cosmetics & Beauty Medical
Architectural eCommerce Photography
Art & Design Education Real Estate
Attorney & Law Entertainment Restaurant
Automotive Fashion Retail
Business Football Soccer
Wedding Games & Recreation Sport
Cleaning Home Furnishings Technology
Computer Industrial Travel and more…

Why choose us for professional web design company

  • Comprehensive and complete website: Competition is getting higher and hence an all-inclusive approach is needed. We project your personality by selecting the right fonts, colors, and design elements for elevating functionality.
  • Allied Structure: As one of the reliable web design service providers in India, we give more importance to provide easy navigation features and expressive designs that can help users to clearly understand your services.
  • Different from competitors: Every website we create stays unique. Seeing similar websites make customers shun away from businesses and understanding the same, we ensure a distinct feel with the right mix of design and graphics.
  • SEO-Optimized Website: With the best SEO practices in mind, we offer SEO-optimized websites to help a business establish their online presence by improving their rank in the search engine results. This creates a huge impact on the company’s goals by increasing sales and leads.
  • Call to action (CTA): We provide a compelling call to actions for the websites to achieve better conversion rates.
  • Opportunity for expansion: Our designs arrive with scope for betterments whenever needed in the future. The websites we design will be having exceptional aesthetics and you can easily add products or services. No additional efforts would be needed for the same.
With unmatched experience and expertise in various web technologies, let us provide you with the most sophisticated, state-of-the-art, and technology-driven web design services in India at prices that result in absolute jaw drops—every single time.