We have been excelling in delivering 3D furniture modeling services for years now and our skills in the same are testified by the satisfaction of lots of furniture manufacturers and designers worldwide. Experts associated with us can convert even the most complex of furniture concepts into flawless high and low poly 3D designs.

Our 3D Furniture Modeling Services

  • AR and VR based 3D models

    3D furniture modeling services for AR and VROur experts are keen on developing the 3D models for Augmented Reality and Virtual reality, keeping the following facts in mind

    • The polygon count will not go beyond the requirement.
    • The details will be in textures.
    • The model will undergo unwrapping before texturing.
  • White background 3D furniture models

    3D furniture nodeling with white backgroundWe ensure to help you with the excellent 3D furniture models with a white background which would emphasize more on the quality of the model and to deliver the output within a minimum time frame.

  • Lifestyle 3D furniture models

    3D furniture modeling with lifestyle imagesWe have experts who help you in creating top-notch marketing visuals for your business with lifestyle images that can be customized, changed, or even altered depending upon your need. We ensure that customers can make changes not only during the process but even after the project completion if there is a need.

  • 360-degree view 

    3D Furniture Modeling with a 360-degree view With the help of our 360-degree view furniture modeling you can showcase the designs in interactive ways and provide customers to view the designs in diverse angles.

Various types of 3D furniture modeling services we provide

PGBS always strives to stay ahead by being acquainted with the latest trends and techniques in the domain of architecture 3D designs. Over the years, we have worked with varied furniture types and in close association with countless furniture designers as well as manufacturers.  Our assistance can help those involved realize fixtures and fittings that enhance productivity and elevate the appeal of the work environment while keeping an eye on space consumption. The expertise we have garnered helps us create 3D furniture models for varied sectors. Few among them are

  • Corporate: In this sector, comfort and space management aspects are the most crucial. We come up with ergonomic designs that effectively manage space and exhibit a great level of usability.
  • Home: With an equal focus on aesthetics and functionality, the range of this provision covers kitchen, poolside, and garden furniture. Different capabilities are needed by each of them, which include an idea of basic ergonomics and space management.
  • Industrial: With a proper and well-defined floor map, furniture in the industrial area needs permanent fixtures most of the time. Therefore, with minimum space utilization, we can retain usability, rigidity, and convenience.
  • Storage: Space is a huge concern nowadays. Understanding the same, we focus on maximizing storage space while combining space, utility, and usability.
  • Healthcare: Strength, functionality, and comfort matter the most when it comes to furniture design for clinical or hospital requirements. Usability and space management are needed to be kept in mind, and our 3D designs exactly do the same.
  • Recreation: This is an area in which creativity has a vital role to play. We work together with designers and support them to innovatively get involved in the process to ensure furniture’s applicability, practicality, and functionality.

Advantages of outsourcing 3D furniture modeling services to us

Blueprints have gradually disappeared as everyone these days prefers 3D representations that perfectly reflect how the furniture would look like when manufactured. However, the depressing fact is that not all companies have the time or resources to carry out the creation of 3D models in-house. This is where our experience and services emerge as the ideal savior for you. There are enormous benefits when you outsource 3D modeling service requirements to us. Have a glance at the few most relevant ones.

  • We go for the most modern ways by completely replacing the traditional methods while staying cost-effective and offering custom 3D models that stay in line with your exact requirements.
  • We allow the clients to modify the texture, style, orientation, space, shape, and location without any physical rebuilding.
  • Prototypes can be made easily and quickly after all the needed alteration and approval sessions are completed.
  • We guarantee the highest quality outputs within the shortest possible turnaround time.
  • We use latest software and tools for designing photo-realistic furniture designs.
  • Your project details are kept safe through our security measures and proven techniques.

Get photorealistic 3d furniture modeling services from us

You just have to provide us with a 2D image or even a sketch or rough scribble to let us provide custom 3D furniture modeling design services. We will take care of the rest. We can transform any concept into perfect 3D models and render them in a photorealistic manner by integrating functionality and aesthetics seamlessly.

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