We are a reputed photography editing company with several years of experience in providing wedding photo processing services. We strive to deliver the top-notch quality of edited wedding photos within quick turnaround time.

With a global presence, we meet international quality standards, and our seamless editing process saves you from labor-intensive wedding post-processing work. So, go out and enjoy new business opportunities and leave the rest to us.

Wedding Photography Post Processing Services We Offer

Beautifully edited pictures play as word-of-mouth for your business in the wedding photography industry. We provide a range of wedding photo editing services to level up your photography work in the eyes of the viewers.

  • Image Culling & Rough Editing

    When photographers capture wedding images, they try not to leave even a single moment of happiness, resulting in the bulk of photos 1000-2000 and sometimes even more for multiple functions.

    The post-processing becomes a headache in such a case but not when you have our photo culling services. We follow the process of photo culling and segregating the best images out of the bulk.

    We keep the most beautiful and artistic photos in stock, leaving the rest to the bulk. However, the selection is extensive and based on several factors like the best moments captured, repetitive images, number of people in the photos, the look and feel as per the angle, etc.

    Once the culling is done comes the rough editing part, in which our editors do the basic editing before starting the next level of editing.

  • Detailed Editing

    Post rough editing comes the detailed editing part; in this, we do everything point to point, leaving no stone unturned to give the best results to our clients.

    Detailed editing includes

    • Noise Reduction & Image Sharpening
    • Density Correction
    • Saturation, Exposure & Contrast Adjustments
    • Burn & Dodge Techniques
    • Level Editing
    • Color Correction
    • Image Enhancement
  • Raw Image Conversion

    Many photographers capture images in such a way that covers the details of the subject and has room left for further editing. These types of images need to be converted in various formats like jpg, jpeg, and so and it is quite a cumbersome process; this is where the need for Raw Image Conversion comes in.

    We understand this process, so we use highly efficient technology for proper raw image conversion support in the most error-free way.

    We ensure that we provide the exact output as per your expectations from us.

  • Photo manipulation & Retouching

    The close-ups and portraits sometimes come with some blemishes and imperfections; this is where the need for photo retouching and manipulation comes into the picture.

    We provide wedding photo retouching services to make your wedding pictures look flawless, and your client always receives pictures that they can frame and hang in their homes.

    Our services include-

Wedding photography post processing workflow we follow

We at ProGlobalBusinessSolutions follow a streamlined working process, including many steps from taking a brief from our clients to providing them with the final output; we follow everything in a step-by-step manner to make our work speak for us.

  • Step 1- The Client’s Brief

    This is the most important part of our project management; we discuss with our clients to better understand the project. We customize plans as per the need and fix the exact turnaround to make submissions; everything is decided here in the first step. Later after this detailed discussion and analysis, we move to the next step.

  • Step 2- FTP Transfer of Files

    Post the discussion phase comes the phase of file transfers. We provide a secured File Transfer Protocol to receive the wedding images on which our editors will work. Once we receive the required files from the client, we switch to the next step.

  • Step 3- Department-wise Segregation of Work

    This is the third step in the process of our project. Here we segregate the work and responsibilities as per the department. This helps organize the work and makes everything smooth, streamlined, and error-free.

  • Step 4- Download-Edit-Upload

    In this step, the editors download the images from the files and make edits as per the client’s brief. This process includes both rough and detailed editing of the images, choosing the best out of all, and artistically making it look beautiful to the eyes. Once all the required edits are made, these images are uploaded to the next step.

  • Step 5- The Quality Checks

    Once the editors upload the final output, it passes through many checkpoints for quality checks. The team ensures only the best output is shared with the client.

  • Step 6- Client’s Feedback & Final Transfer

    The last step of the process includes the feedback part from the client; in this, they compare the final output with the brief they provided. And we take suggestions for improvements and make revisions, though mostly the number is very less. Once everything is good, we transfer the final file most securely.

Benefits of Choosing us for Wedding Photo Post Processing Services

  • Access to the most innovative tools and technologies
  • Highly affordable rates
  • Short TAT for deliverables
  • We retain your editing style

We at ProGlobalBusinessSolutions, understand the core of wedding photography and provide uber-class wedding photo editing services to the photographers and photo studios. We have a client base in almost every part of the world, and we serve the most refined services meeting the international standards.