ProGlobalBusinessSolutions is a renowned company offering 3D texturing services for more than 7 years now. We create both natural and stylized textures which you can apply to your three-dimensional models to make them look more realistic and vivid.

Many artists are unable to use the appropriate 3D texturing techniques and end up making the simulated objects look unrealistic. However, at PGBS, we are experienced and well-aware of the practices that can bring your 3D objects close to reality.

At PGBS, you will find professional three-dimensional textures for any type of 3D design project, such as virtual reality (VR), augmented reality (AR), game art, 3D visualization, or animation.

Texturing we Apply to Different 3D Model Categories

Three-dimensional models without textures are bland and boring. Thus, with our 3D texturing services, you can apply texture to give them color and detail so that they appear more beautiful.

We usually let you decide the color, pattern, or design before using them on your models. If you are unsure about the same, we can also do it for you.

We mainly create three-dimensional textures for

  • Architecture Models

    We create 3D textures for various residential, commercial, and industrial design projects. It can help you to showcase the best features of your architectural designs.

  • Furniture Models

    With 3D texturing, we can add precise detailing to your 3D furniture models. It can be either for your living room, bedroom, dining room, office furniture, and more.

  • Game Models

    We can develop three-dimensional textures for a variety of game design projects, including low-poly, high-poly, animated, or rigged so that you create amazing games.

  • Character Models

    Our texture artists are skilled in adding appropriate 3D textures to make your 3D characters or props come to life. We focus on improving both quality and appeal.

  • Product Models

    Be it a simple product design or complex product 3D animation, our three-dimensional textures will surely give them the best look that will attract your audience.

3D Texturing Workflow used at PGBS

The workflow we use for three-dimensional texturing projects is very simple. You can have a look at the steps below to get a brief idea of how we handle the projects.

Step 1: The first step requires you to provide us all the details regarding your project and what your goals are.

Step 2: Before creating the model, we develop single texture. This gives a clear idea about the final look of the model and minimizes the time spent on actual texturing.

Step 3: We send the sample model to you for approval. Once you have approved it, we start working on creating the model.

Step 4: When the three-dimensional model is developed, we start texturing. We first begin with UVW mapping. Here, we assign the UVW coordinates to the vertices of the model.

Step 5: The UVW mapping also requires us to flatten the three-dimensional model on the 2D plane. Aside from that, we also determine the type of texture and number of mapping pieces we need to create.

Step 6: Now, with the help of advanced 3D texturing software, we create the desired three-dimensional textures.

Step 7: After texturing 3D models, we tune the materials.  Then, we improve the three-dimensional object’s overall quality and appeal by applying the proven 3D texturing techniques.

Step 8: Finally, the textured models are sent to the QA team. Once they approve the quality, we send it back to you.

** This is just a basic workflow. The process may also slightly vary depending upon the type of project we are handling.

Key Features of our 3D Texturing Services

Below are the features of PGBS’s 3d modeling services. So, see if that’s what you are looking for in your outsourcing service provider.

Agile Project Management

Projects will be submitted as per the given deadlines

Strict maintenance of NDA

All your details are safe with us.

Round-the-clock Assistance

Clients can contact us at their convenience.

Cost-competitive pricing quotes

Services are offered at affordable rates.

High-Quality 3D Textures

Outputs will be suitable for both print and digital production.

At PGBS, you will gain access to the best 3D texture artists in the industry. We also have a team of certified 3D modelers, graphic designers, and visual artists, who work together with the texture artists to bring your projects to life.

PGBS has wide experience in offering 3D texturing services. We have served customers from all over the world and have helped them achieve their business objectives. By combing different approaches and mapping techniques, we have helped them perfect their future three-dimensional models.

Wish to get accurate information about our pricing or other things, delay no more and visit our website today! Feel free to browse our portfolio page to view some of our samples. Check them out and decide for yourself!

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