We, ProGlobalBusinessSolutions have carved our name in the BPO industry for our matchless performance and services. We have been providing high-quality OCR and scanning services at competitive prices.

Document Scanning and Management Services

OCR document scanning service

Our optical character recognition solutions areas of application are given below

  • Scanned images or photographs
  • Application forms, payroll forms
  • Microfilm
  • Newspapers
  • Manuscripts
  • Insurance and medical Forms
  • Banking Forms

OCR Scanning Services at PGBS

Outsourcing the document scanning work to our team will help you focus on your main business. Our team provides bulk document digitization solutions, capture the high volume of data, cleanup the document and if needed further convert using optical character recognition easily. We also help in converting the documents in a variety of formats like JPEG, TIFF, BMP, and many more. Digitizing different documents and in several sizes like A0, A1, A2, A3, A4, A5 to A8, is also easily done. Once the procedure is completed, the file is loaded to the server and the documents are either destroyed or returned back to the company.

We provide both unbound (destructive method) and bound (non-destructive method) type of scanning services for books, documents, Surveys, drawings, Microfilms, microfiche, photos and more. After scanning if required we can also convert the output into PDF (searchable format), ePub, word, HTML ….

Types of Optical Character Recognition services we provide include PDF, Forms and Zonal and at various levels

Level 1: For simple and plain text formats

Level 2: For complex formats with data tables, charts, and images.

Level 3: In-depth OCR did with manual proofreading, data cleansing, and correction.

OCR and Document Scanning Services – Benefits

The benefits of OCR document scanning service are many. Valuable information about the business stored in papers affects the complete productivity of business and conversion in digital format helps in getting quick access to data. These solutions save space as the need to use papers is eliminated. Maintaining digital documents is much easier and the operating costs are also minimized. One can review the digital data to analyze business performance and no information can be easily lost or stolen.

Benefits of OCR services include faster data entry, consolidation and minimizing of errors, and ease of conversion into different electronic formats.

Thus, scanning and OCR solutions play a vital role here, and hence the demand for outsourcing this process has become high as companies are interested in cost-cutting with these solutions. Many companies outsource data conversion to India, as it is one of the most affordable and sensible options. Apart from cost savings, those companies that wish to introduce new and competing products to the market can get immense benefit from outsourcing OCR document scanning services.

Why outsource scanning and ocr services to us?

Digitizing documents and converting them using optical character recognition is time-consuming but precise work. It requires professionals trained in relevant techniques to scan the characters so that no room for error exists. Many times, source documents have information, but it further needs digitization to actually use it. We have a potential team of capable individuals to meet your objectives successfully. Outsource to our team in India, and our offerings assure you quality output. We, the professional data entry outsourcing company, provide stability and reliability. Our company provides quality document digitizing services where we scan the paper documents, convert them into digital images, and then store them on CDs or DVDs. As per client requirements, we also verify the data in the document for full proofreading, which ensures better results.

Our OCR services provide text searchable documents as well as recognition of other languages. We can process multilingual documents in major global languages such as English, Spanish, French, German, Portuguese, Italian, Arabic, and more.

Outsource OCR scanning services to convert and manage your documents with ease and pace. Our Indian based outsourcing company follows robust procedures and ensure peak accuracy, even to the character level.