Presentation designs are the creations that can help the client get new businesses and make the business alliances. Earlier, business executives use to design their own business presentations. However, times have changed. Clients are not impressed with the plain basic slide design and hence they outsource these services to companies in India like us that offer cost-effective and perfect powerpoint presentation designs. PGBS as a preferable offshore presentation design agency offers excellent and professional presentation services to various global businesses.

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Get Attractive Powerpoint Slides From PGBS

Our talented team of presentation designers create informative yet creative outputs that enthrall the clients while keeping them engaged. Our team makes use of a range of cutting-edge creation tools and techniques to present stylized production specific to the objective. We begin with understanding the preferences of client outsourcing to us, the purpose of PPT, the current market trends and fundamental research on the subject concerned to ensure the perfection of our solutions.

Powerpoint creations made by our team is neat and concise without much fuss. It remains appealing with elements like simple language, vocabulary, images, effects, transitions, timer, and voice-over, music, breathing space, concrete information, tabulated facts, and figures. Our team adds dynamics to creations to make it versatile and acceptable for any formal occasion like seminars, conferences and more.

Levels of PowerPoint Formatting at PGBS

How our custom powerpoint presentation services can help you? They look forward to mind-boggling creations that are precise and powerful. When an executive designs a PPT on his own, he might skip the elements that are necessary to make it compelling. When you hire our professionals to design your powerpoint presentations, we will convert your current slides into an interesting design by adding attractive backgrounds and graphics element into it. We have the expertise to convert rough sketch, PPT templates or PDF to powerpoint presentations in a professional manner.

All those individuals and companies who desire to build a great first impression on the target audience should choose us for rich and interesting PPT creation service. An impressive creation is key to translate ideas into actions. People no longer prefer bland PPT devoid of creativity and hence, we offer presentation creation services using creative elements and art.

Level 1: PowerPoint Clean Up/ Formatting

Our services have blended so well with the daily operations and activities of our clients that they understand how important our services have become for them. Most of our clients depend on our ability to provide impeccable service quality and expertise to provide top-notch PowerPoint Clean Up services that can match even the most dynamic and difficult requirements of the clients.

Most of the requests that we get consist of only the necessary elements to make the desired PowerPoint that the clients need. It is our creative team that formats the PowerPoint slides to provide them with a polished and clean look.

Depending upon the quality guidelines and requirements of the clients, we tweak and alter various elements such as fonts, text, and colors to meet the branding and corporate styles of the clients in the best way.

In our expert hands, the decks run through a carefully crafted and realized process for improved consistency, quality and brand compliance.

Level 2: Slide Design Services

It is natural that the presentation deck often needs more than just formatting; it needs aesthetically appealing and attractive graphic designs, visual elements and a character of its own. Our team is adept at creating exceptional designs and presentation from raw decks of slides effectively.

By utilizing and inducing various content layouts, perfected shapes, remolded charts, and all the required custom imageries or icon elements, we improve the look and feel of any presentation.

Referred to as Level 2 – Slide Design, as an experienced PowerPoint design agency, we strive hard to effectively blend this style with the requirements of the clients to create solutions that match the corporate style in producing top-notch PowerPoint decks.

And, our carefully created solutions for various powerpoint design process ensures top quality services in all instances possible.

Level 3: Visual Makeover

The significance of PowerPoint presentations in conferences or events requires unparalleled creative designs and aesthetical sense effectively when they need to be presented for a large audience; every idea must be clear, precise and equally engaging.

In order to ensure that the presentation lives a life of its own, we create all the necessary design essentials such as image manipulations, animations, infographics creation, embedding videos and custom illustrations to compose the presentation all the more attractive and be able to strike a chord with the audience in the best way possible.

Our designers and illustrators are regularly brainstormed for great ideas that can be tethered aptly to the business and corporate vision of the clients. Keeping such ideas, we create quite a few drafts before finalizing a design to further improve it.

We associate constantly with our clients to ensure that what we provide resonates well with the vision they have in mind.

We are strategically positioned to provide a wide range of visual makeover services such as creating infographics, custom graphics, icons and even graphical motion videos as required by the clients.

PPT Presentation Design Process at PGBS

In order to ensure that our clients get the best service, we have created an intelligent and comprehensive Presentation Design Process which blends the services effectively with quality, simplicity, and effectiveness;

  • Create a draft of your core PowerPoint content into a PPT Deck or Google Slides.
  • Help us understand your corporate style compliance guide for better brand compliance
  • Once we have received the input, we will confirm the same, analyze the requirements and reply with the estimated turnaround time along with an estimate, if requested for the same.
  • Our presentation specialists team gets to work as quickly as possible.
  • Get the work done before the deadline for any sort of final review.
  • Communicate with your POC for any kind of changes or updates and iterations required

Why our service propositions are the best for PowerPoint presentation design services?

  • Unmatched quality levels: Associating with some of the very best and exceptionally talented writers and PowerPoint presentation designers who are hand-picked from a pool of exceptional talent, we deliver services adhering to various international quality levels. The fact that we have quality monitoring and checking mechanisms in place only make our services all the better.
  • Tailor-made designs: We are folks who love original, creative and different designs. We never recycle the designs for our clients; we always create designs and elements that match the very corporate style and aesthetical choices of our clients. All our designs are tailor-made through various brainstorming sessions.
  • Imagery crafts at its tad best: As our talent is among the best, the imageries that we create are exceptional and engagingly attractive. We adopt a wide range of designing and illustration techniques to make designs that can not only attract the audience but also act as a great means to improve the communication process between the presentation and the audience.

Presentation slides represent the idea to the target audience. If good content is accompanied by a shabby design, then your prospect instead of getting impressed might reject the entire idea. PGBS helps the clients present the best of ideas using visuals, graphics, information, and more through PPT services.

We balance creative elements with good content and design. Our team takes the responsibility of completing the visual aid within the deadlines so that the presenter can have sufficient time to practice the same.

If you need a myriad of PowerPoint presentation design services in India with original, creative and different solutions for a wide range of requirements under various project constraints comprehensively, it is us who can help you. With our graphic design services your quest to converse, engage and influence people are easier than ever.

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Developed PowerPoint Presentations for a leading cosmetics brand

A leading Sweden-based cosmetics brand that grew from being a startup to a large enterprise within a period of 5 years contacted the PGBS team to create a type of product demonstrations, one through MS-PowerPoint...

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Regardless of a company’s design requirements, India has fast become one of the most preferred and favorite destinations for their niche design requirements.

Reach us now and discuss your PPT design requirements.