Books have been judged as the best companions for years now. These companions become the piece of art when their cover pages are strong and apt. The distinguishing feature of any book is its cover. When the cover is exceptional, driving sales becomes quite easy. Earlier, the publishing houses use to design it using the storyline. At times, there was just the title and the name of the author. However, times have changed. Book cover designing occupies the huge time of the publishers, authors and other associated. Instead of relying on instinct, people now take the help of specialist book cover design services. PGBS has been offering excellent graphic design services using the best of the professional resources and software.

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Effective cover designing services by experts

For our experts in the office, book design is not just a part of our portfolio of services, but it has been one of our specializations. With supreme creative services, we strive to exceed the expectations of clients who outsource to us. By balancing professionalism with creativity, technical with research, our team of experts put forward graphics that match its content and excites the prospective readers. We begin by reading the summary of the book before starting to process the work.

Our second step is to understand the requirement of the publishers and the authors. Our dedicated team keeps in constant touch with everyone associated to make the changes as and when required. The feedback offered by the experts in the industry helps us make the editions at the right time.

Solutions form us cater to masses rather specific target audience. You never know what makes the patron indulge in the book. Creative graphics will make the customer actually spend on it.

We try to represent the fundamental concepts of the book in the beginning. Our professional’s craft narrative book covers with suitable pictures to make it appealing.

Designing cover for print books

Designing covers for eBooks are quite easy; they are just images and hence can be designed faster. However, when it comes to book illustrations for print books, time and effort taken are more. Also, we need more information from your end. Based on the target audience and publisher you are focusing, we will have to get some information beforehand. These include

  • Paper type
  • Cover trim size
  • ISBN number
  • Text to be placed
  • Cover finish preferred

The benefits of choosing us for book cover design

  • The image quality of a minimum 300 DPI is used in our covers.
  • Optimal selection of contrasting fonts and colors are done to assure a stronger impact.
  • We design covers that look equally pleasing on both smaller and bigger screens.
  • It is made sure that the overs designed meet criteria of all main eBook stores.
  • You will be the sole owner of cover design artwork.
  • We offer affordable book cover designs that do not exceed the budget of the client.
  • We guarantee the shortest turnaround time.
  • We are available throughout the day and all, through all possible communication channels.

We also provide solutions for paperback, journals, magazines, wrappers, academics, albums, catalogs and more.

Let our experienced and skilled fine art veterans help you with the wide range of cover designing requirements. For best cover design services in India, reach us.