Shadow creation services are one of the main specializations of ProGlobalBusinessSolutions. Raw product images look unappealing and can hardly impress your buyers. However, by adding shadows, you can add depth and make your pictures stand out. That is what our shadow services can help you with.

At PGBS, we understand the importance of shadow creation for product display. Hence, we create and add the needed photo shadow effects with the help of our image editing experts. They can improve the quality of photos and make them attractive by using the best tools and techniques.

photoshop drop shadow

Shadow Creation with Background Change

Types of Image Shadow Creation Services

  • Natural Shadow Services

    This service mainly targets creating natural shadows for the product pictures. It is a simple yet effective technique to give your images a realistic touch.  These Photoshop services are best employed for products like footwear, food, etc.

  • Drop Shadow Services

    We create photo drop shadows that give the appearance of direct sunlight falling on the products. By employing our drop shadow services, you can make your products look a hundred times more attractive.  It can be used for all types of products.

  • Reflection Shadow Services

    With reflection shadows, we can give a mirror-like effect to the product photographs. It will look as if the product is placed on a reflective surface instead of floating in the air, which is very unreal. It works best for products like jewelry or sunglasses.

  • Original Shadow Retention Services

    In this service, we help in retaining shadow that was originally present in the product photos. This may be caused as a result of photo-shoot issues. For this, we employ different editing techniques to remove the unrealistic look from the product pictures.

You may also find Other Additional Services like

Shadow creation is one of the important aspects of photo editing. That is why we may also incorporate other image editing services while creating shadows for product pictures. A few that we use are:

Our Shadow Creation Services are mainly employed in

  • eCommerce websites
  • Product catalogs & brochures
  • Magazines
  • Digital media ads
  • Print media ads
  • Real estate marketing

Process of Shadow Creation at PGBS

We have a team of expert photo editors and graphic designers to efficiently carry out the editing for shadow images. We aim to create beautiful 2D and 3D shadow effects without harming the original look of the product pictures.

We use a simple workflow process for shadow creation at ProGlobalBusinessSolutions.

  • Clients are requested to upload the files with clear instructions.
  • We quickly assign the work to the team and they immediately start working.
  • After post-processing of images, our QA team thoroughly checks the files.
  • We deliver the files and wait for their feedback.
  • If needed, we rework again.

Benefits of choosing our shadow creation services

Every client is important to us and so are their projects. That is why we give equal priority to all our clients and work hard to meet their needs. The key features of our shadow creation services are:

  • Affordable costs
    You can avail of our services at cost-effective prices. However, this does not mean that we will compromise on quality. We assure you that it will remain intact.
  • Qualified team
    We have the best team at PGBS. They have experience working on a variety of projects. Besides, we also make sure that they stay updated with the current trends.
  • Super fast turnaround
    The standard turnaround time for delivering edited photographs is 12-24 hours based on the complexity. However, we may also deliver faster.
  • Deadline commitment
    We are always committed to delivering the project as per the given schedules. This shall not be compromised at any costs. High-quality outputs are also guaranteed.
  • 24/7 Support
    Our customer services are available 24/7. So, no matter where you are, you can reach us. Also, there are no time boundaries. You can contact us at your convenience.

Improved quality of product images is one of the biggest factors that contribute to the success of a promotional and marketing campaign. And, with our shadow creation services, you can easily achieve it. We can help you display your product photos in the best way to the audience and influence them to buy.

So, if you wish to avail the above advantages for your project, then without any further delay, reach us!

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Employ our Photoshop shadow creation services to receive professional help for increasing the depth and appeal of your product photographs.
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