Photos are not just pictures but valuable memories that you would like to preserve forever. Old, faded, discolored, unrecognizable or torn out photos can be restored to a significant extent; thanks to contemporary advancements in photo editing technology. The photos are not restored on regular basis; hence you may not have a fair idea of the justifiable photo restoration fees applicable. This post would offer you an idea of the various factors that contribute to the restoration process for giving you a tentative estimate of the chargeable fees.

Process of restoring photos

Depending upon the extent and nature of damage the image has experienced, the services of several proficient people would be required. Each artist on the project would have expertise in a particular domain and the collective support of all involved would be needed to restore the former glory of a picture. The project manager ensures that the activities of various artists are harmonized in composite manner for best result. The experience, skill level, and discretion of artists would come into play when leveraging the potential of software or specific tools. Hence, compensation for each artist’s efforts would have to be factored in for determining the restoration fees.

Types of damage

Restoring damage through high quality and comprehensive fixing for the recreation of life-like appearance requires the adoption of a holistic approach.  Photos may be sun faded, or have water damaged patches, or have suffered compete for the disappearance of the subjects. The price is dependent on the amount of time and effort to be invested for restoring the picture to the maximum possible extent and the extent of the damage.

Amount of research needed

When a picture is significantly faded or considerably torn, proper restoration of the same is contingent on exhaustive research into historical factors. The nature and composition of the antique picture would be assessed for understanding the capturing technique and materials used for producing the photo. If a portion of the photo is not available, it is to be determined what was present in the missing part. This would help in the photorealistic reproduction of the same which would not be incongruent with the time and other concomitant factors involved during clicking of the picture. The amount of evaluation that has to be conducted for restoring the photo realistically would have an impact on the cost for restoring.

There are four types of image restorations services available, each of which comes with its unique price tag.

Basic Restoration

The photograph would be given a basic retouching which involves repair of minor tears, removal of marks, improving the brightness of the subject’s teeth, elimination of skin blotch etc.

Medium Restoration

This involves restoring images that are ripped, changing the background color of the picture, removal of an object or person from the photo which was proving an eyesore, or converting black and white vintage photo to a colorful one.

Advanced Restoration

Advanced restoration is applicable to photos that have been torn from several places or have the appearances of subjects significantly damaged. Colors can be fixed or persons or objects which are inextricably linked with the subject can be removed without distorting the appearance.

Extreme Restoration

Literally, any fix can be applied on the damaged photograph. The color cast can be removed, individual elements can be colored, and stains or blemishes can be comprehensively eliminated without adversely impacting the background.

When a photo is converted from black and white to color, the prices would vary depending on the amount of work needed on individual scenic elements.


Damaged photo restoration is a complex task. If someone is doing it at a flat fee, then rest assured that the restoration is not comprehensive and realistic. Since each photo has to be uniquely restored, the fee for the same would depend upon the extent of the damage. The proper quote can be given only after evaluation of the photo and determining the range of restorative work needed. PGBS offers affordable photo restoration by the proficient artists who are experts in this field and have worked extensively on the restoration of extremely damaged images. Send us your scanned photo’s and we would offer you a no obligation attached cost estimate. Hire us to fix your damaged photos.