For any organization, providing good customer support with the help of offshore call center services is one of the most important ways to improve business productivity. However, it is not always possible to maintain effective communication with customers as the companies have to deal with other heavy workloads.

By understanding these rising demands, many companies started to outsource their call center service requirements to reputed business process outsourcing (BPO) call centers. ProGlobalBusinessSolutions offers reliable call center services to manage phone calls and provide comprehensive customer support assistance that suits their various business requirements.

Several business giants have been able to minimize costs and enhance operating efficiencies through our professional call center management support. Outsourcing your project’s requirements to a company like us can help you better handle business realities. ProGlobalBusinessSolutions has a highly advanced telecommunications network that helps in the high-speed transfer of voice and data from all over the world.

Types of call center outsourcing services provided by us

  • Inbound Call Center Support Services

    Inbound Call Center

    We handle inbound calls and respond professionally with regard to event scheduling, claims processing, ticketing, order taking or anything. Our company uses some effective tools for monitoring the quality of inbound call center services which help us to continually provide after-hours answering support.

  • Outbound Call Center Support Services

    Outbound Call Center

    Making calls to prospects needs mastery over many things and we have all skills needed in this regard. Main activities included in our offerings as a part of outbound call center services are telemarketing, fund-raising calls, conducting surveys, cold calling, appointment setting, updating of contact lists and verifications etc.

  • Tech support services

    Technical Support

    We offer complete technical support solutions. No matter how intricate queries or concerns are, we are equipped with trained professionals who can alleviate your doubts and guide you properly in no time. Staying updated about most advanced technologies, we have different techniques in place to ensure seamless support.

  • disaster recovery as a service

    Disaster Recovery Solutions

    Recovering your business from disasters takes time and hence it is imperative to have the right plans in place to be in a safe zone. Our strategic disaster recovery services are committed to ensuring business continuity during unforeseen disasters. We optimally implement preventive, detective and corrective measures.

  • email and chat support services

    Email & Chat Support

    We provide professional email support explaining things elaborately along with attachments, links, or self-help guides. Our chat support is helpful in converting visitors into customers instantaneously. Our customer support team is properly planned and well trained to offer the best support to customers via email support and chat support.

  • Professional Virtual assistant services

    Virtual  Personal Assistant 

    Virtual assistance services are yet another provision from PGBS and this works as an extension of your own workforce just at a different location. Our services include accounting and bookkeeping, appointment scheduling, social media management, market research, event planning, phone management and a lot more.

  • Multilingual customer support services

    Multilingual Call Center

    We have well-trained experts proficient in a variety of global languages. Only native speakers are hired in our multilingual call center, and the languages we cover are English, French, Spanish, Dutch, German, Hungarian, Malay, Polish, Czech Portuguese, Swedish, Italian, Turkish, Hindi, Chinese, Arabic, Japanese, Korean, etc. .

  • CATI services

    CATI Market Research

    We are specialized in conducting CATI market research services and getting maximum reliable and productive details. Our experience enables us to adopt smart ways to ensure that market research interviews bring valuable insights.  We offer you complete support, right from designing of the questionnaire to feedback collection.

  • telephone answering service

    Phone Answering Service

    We employ professionals who have strong expertise in delivering phone answering services, thereby helping our clients to create a strong customer service reputation. We help our clients remains live even during odd hours of the day and respond to their customers’ queries in a timely manner.

A reliable call center services provider in India – ProGlobalBusinessSolutions

We know that only satisfied customers ensure enduring business. We have helped hundreds of small businesses and established businesses gain a foothold in their own niches through our exceptional BPO call center services in India. Our customer service call center has always enjoyed appreciation, and you may read about the same in the customer testimonials section.

Every project has been a learning experience for us, and we have compiled some case studies for your perusal to have an understanding regarding how things work with us. We maintain transparency and keep our customers comfortable with our cost-effective customer care support services.

Call center technologies we use

  1. Computer Telephony Integration (CTI) and Interactive Voice Response (IVR) systems: We have installed sophisticated technologies to strengthen our infrastructure and modernize our service delivery procedures.
  2. Automated call distribution: We have a highly functional automated call distribution system in place, which ensures efficiency, streamlining of operations, and the perfect utilization of resources.
  3. Call recording capabilities: Our call recording capabilities allow us to exercise thorough quality control. We record calls to identify areas for executive improvement, which in turn allows us to reward performance.
  4. Voice-based biometric system: We pay strong attention to data security as well as physical security, which ensures that our call center facilities remain safe from intruder attacks and that only authorized personnel are allowed.
  5. Call center application: We ensure the delivery of world-class call center support and do our best to identify and install the best customer support applications so as to promote transparency of communication with our customers.
  6. Campaign management program: We have designed a campaign management program that allows us to ensure campaign optimization and performance and to get high returns on your investments.
  7. Workforce management program: Our workforce management program is specially designed to ensure better employee supervision and to help employees realize their potential and perform optimally.


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Business benefits of outsourcing call center services to us

Our contact center outsourcing services offer excellent phone management solutions for both inbound and outbound campaigns for different businesses. This means we are responsible for both answering and making phone calls to prospective customers. As the requirements of one company might differ from those of another, we offer a customized call center pricing structure depending upon the needs of the clients and the type of operation needed. Our call centers use an automated call distribution system for the virtual queuing of incoming calls. This ensures your customers queries are answered promptly and without delay.

Regular training and support are provided to our call center agents to enhance their productivity and overall key performance. We also focus on an efficient customer relationship program to retain a loyal customer base and attract new leads to generate more sales.

ProGlobalBusinessSolutions, among the top call center outsourcing companies in India, provides comprehensive 24/7 call center services for small as well as large businesses across the globe to fulfill their customer support requirements. Check our call center faq’s section for more details.

Call Center Case Studies

Inbound Technical Support Case Study

Outbound Lead Generation Case Study

Telemarketing Services Case Study

Client Testimonials

“Our company wanted to set up new call centers to provide continuous support to the client base on our new product. PGBS complemented our efforts optimally by providing us with call center support equipped with contemporary communicational technologies manned by efficient staff.”

Manager, Electronic Store in Japan

“Our team was in urgent need of affordable call answering services else we ran the risk of losing a significant market segment. PGBS’s timely intervention in the form of cost-efficient services helped us retain our business’s profitability. The team is very professional and qualified. Thanks for the great job done.”

CEO, Software Company in UK

Industries we support

We speak in the way that your customers would love. Avail our call center services support and see your business amplifying with intense acceleration