About the client

Recently, a leading private insurance company facing a problem with their customer support desk approached us. It was related to large-scale call abandoning. Naturally, their clients were enraged with the call center services and customer support offered; the company approached us for a solution.

call center technical support services

The problem

The clients of the private insurance company were unable to place their problems before the company. The rate of call rejection was as high as 45%. As we looked into the matter, we found that the customer satisfaction level had taken a sharp dip. It was just around 49%.


Here, we classified the crisis into three parts for better interpretation.

  • The call center agents entrusted with the responsibility lacked specialized experience. They had worked in designing and technical domains, but not as insurance customer care executives.
  • Technical problems prevented the company to provide the right infrastructure to its clients. This led to an increased call dropping.
  • The productivity of BPO processes as a complete BPO platform was below the average mark.

How we monitored the situation?

As requested by the company, PGBS took charge of improving the help desk by serving as the customer’s support center.

The first thing we did was to set up a specialized infrastructure along with adequate manpower so that the specific requirements of their clients would be looked into.

Our objective was to enhance the qualitative aspects of the customer service desk. Apart from cutting down the rate of call abandoning, we also decided to saturate the level of customer satisfaction. We took the following measures to drive us to our goal.

  • A dedicated team of professionals from PGBS was entrusted the task. They were highly trained in handling insurance customers and had prior experience in the arena.
  • We complemented voice calls with internet and chat support, besides providing email assistance to their customers. We also introduced voice-mail facilities if the customers had to be kept on hold for a longer duration.
  • Previously, the company suffered from a lack of hardware, channels, and diverse language support. They only had 25 channels to cater to the needs of thousands of customers. We unleashed the enormous resources of PGBS, providing as many as double the channels to answer the calls and also provided the support in more than 20+ foreign languages. The same number of personnel was entrusted for the answering purpose.
  • Further sophistication was incorporated by introducing three different shifts for the morning, afternoon and night, spanning 8 hours each. The company now received a dedicated 24/7 phone answering support from PGBS.
  • A separate bench of 6 customer support executives was set up to call back numbers, in case of dropped calls.

The feedback we received

It was just in 7 weeks that we received impressive feedback. The company informed us that the clients were amazed by the infrastructure being provided to them. They could get across to us anytime without any technical defect. They particularly praised the behavior and approach of customer care executives. Well, the satisfaction level crossed 97% in just a few weeks. Call abandonment was negligible; it was below a fraction, just around 0.6%.

The insurance company decided to continue with our services, primarily due to our technical edge, experience in handling calls, and overall performance. We are further prioritizing the company’s interest by upgrading our equipment for inbound support services. We are also arranging training programs for our staff to keep them updated with the latest changes in the industry.