Computer assisted telephone interviewing services


We got an inquiry from a client in California for computer aided telephone interviewing(CATI). He was a known health Insurance provider and one of our previous customers referred him to us. It was a matter of pleasure but the responsibility was more. We had to meet the expectations of new client and retain the faith of our previous loyal customer.

The project was really huge as 40000 existing customers of client as well as 100000 customers of competitors were involved in the scope. The numbers were thus significantly large. But we love challenges.

The subjects were to be interviewed for determining their liking for referral management regarding a specific health insurance proposal. The methodology of survey involved was anonymous and phone based without disclosing the name of insurance company initiating the survey.


There were several challenges that needed to be faced. Obviously, the number of subjects to be interviewed as a part of CATI services were high. Distinguishing client’s offerings was another hindrance as there were countless similar products and services in the concerned market. Completing 7 quotas in varied segments across such a huge number of surveys was yet another challenge.

The solution

Our team conducted a sample program with 3000 interviews and this itself impressed the client. They suddenly waved the green flag and decided to outsource CATI services to us; we had to start immediately.

Without any delay, we selected 25 interviewers from our team and in view of the work volume, 5 interviewers were put in reserve. All 30 were subjected to a quick CATI training program via which they were made familiar of the latest updates, trends and technologies.

Survey was planned: 15 minute survey having 20 questions and proper skip patterns were initiated. 25 interviewers completed the survey with a time period of 4 weeks as committed to the client. For ensuring that the results were unbiased, we selected respondents based on strict criteria. Physicians, marketing firms and hospital employees were avoided. There were strategically included open ended questions but mostly multiple-choice questions were included. We assigned dedicated quality control experts who ensured that voices and data records synched with each other.


Interview screen was created using CATI application (Industry standard). Complete data screens and voice were captured.  Interview was completed before the agreed time and with more than 99% accuracy. We completed the project within client budget and he gained great savings. 89% of conversions were obtained against the 75% expectation of client.

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