PGBS is highly acclaimed for its world-class stock photo editing services for photographers. PGBS is one of the best image editing outsourcing companies that have been catering to the diverse needs of its varied clientele who come with varied requirements.

We have cracked even the toughest of nuts when it comes to stock image editing services. Stock photos are actually licensed pictures which are normally used for a certain specific design or other creative purposes. We have worked on thousands of stock photos to customize them as per the specific needs of individual projects. From removing logos and trademarks from stock images to changing their background and color tones, our professional photo editors have the expertise to transform stock images into their customized versions so as to help our clients meet their project needs.

Stock photography editing

Stock image retouching services

The inclusions of our stock photo retouching services

We offer all inclusive services when it comes to stock photography retouching. With our experts who are vibrant and passionate, there is nothing that we can’t do in this niche. Some of the most popular services are enumerated below.

  • Standard or raw processing: Our experts bring the needed focus for images. For that we carry out steps like balancing colors, reducing noise, sharpening, and several other needed slight adjustments.
  • Background removal and cropping: We clean, tweak or remove the backgrounds as needed. Also unwanted elements are removed by cropping.
  • Retouching: Our specialists strategically alter body shapes and work on all other features to make the image highly appealing while retaining its realistic feel.
  • Overhauling: Even heads of people can be changed and new objects can be added or created. Also, existing light can be altered and complex masking can be pulled off.
  • Pre-press Services: We apply appropriate photo editing and retouching techniques to prepare an image for publishing.
  • Cleaning/ Cutout: We can neatly clean the image background, change it, or customize it while separating it professionally from the foreground.
  • Noise Removal: We can remove noise from images, thereby making them look cleaner and artistically and aesthetically appealing at the same time.
  • Spot, Dust, and Blemish Removal: We can eliminate signs of blemishes, spots, and dust from images, making them suitable for professional use.
  • Elimination of Trademarks and Logo: We can free stock images from logos and trademarks, allowing them to be used freely for diverse purposes.
  • Removal of Unwanted Objects: We can strategically remove unwanted objects from images, which would bring the focus on the main subject.
  • Color Correction: We can revamp images by replacing dull colors with their vibrant versions, making the image more eye-catchy.
  • Curve Adjustment: We can use Photoshop optimally to adjust curves throughout the tonal range of an image.
  • Correction of Brightness and Contrast: An image needs to have optimal brightness-contrast balance; we can bring this balance effectively.
  • Correction of Chromatic Aberration: We can appropriately rectify color fringing effects that may result from lens distortion.
  • Rectification of Bad Lighting: We can brighten photos while addressing poor lighting issues, instilling clarity and reviving an image.
  • Removal of Shadows: We can remove shadows from images from inappropriate places, restoring an image’s natural effect.
  • Removal of Debris and Sand: We can erase signs of sand and dust from images, thereby making the subject appear clearer.
  • Removal of Sensor Spots: We use Photoshop’s Spot Healing Brush tool to get rid of sensor spots from images in a professional way.
  • Balancing of Saturation and Exposure: We can adjust saturation and exposure perfectly, giving an image a clearer and realistic look and feel.
  • Image Restoration: We apply appropriate techniques to achieve color balance and to mollify the effects of blemishes, cracks and tears.
  • Image Rejuvenation: We can restore out-of-focus images to glory. We can provide excellent noise reduction and image sharpening support.
  • Image Masking: We can neatly separate image background from objects that have delicate, detailed, and non-uniform outlines with accuracy.

Why we are the best choice to outsource?

When there are lot of photo retouching services companies in India, you will obviously be asking this question to yourself. Understanding this genuine concern, we have jotted down a few among the countless reasons that show justice to our claim to be the best choice for you.

  • PGBS has a fleet of professional image editors who master all techniques to skillfully retouch and enhance images based on your exact requirements.
  • We have worked on different types of projects and know how things work for you in the best manner. So, no matter how specific your requirements are, we will definitely find the way out without troubling you with ‘n’ number of discussions.
  • We never hesitate to invest in infrastructure. Our company keeps all the advanced tools and software programs in-house. Thus, there is no limitations on the people with us. They can go to any extent to get the work done for you in the most perfect manner.
  • Our team understands that time is very important for one and all; we plan things to complete the task within the agreed deadline without failing to keep quality top-notch.
  • Regular training keeps the workforce with us vibrant and updated. This brings amazing results for customers.
  • We have deployed top data security measures to safeguard our clients’ confidential information including trade secrets at all costs.
  • We have an expert team of customer care representatives who remain available 24/7 to help our clients connect with us at any time of the day.

Outsource stock photo retouching services to PGBS

If you are looking for photo editing services online India, your search finally ends with us. Whether you have a single image or a huge bulk of images that need to be restored, we are there to help you with high-end photo editing outsourcing support. You will cherish this decision forever. Your quest for complete and flawless stock photo retouching services that is sure to make viewers yell out ‘wow’ ends here.

We are the first choice for several hundreds of photographers and studios worldwide when it comes to selecting a proficient photo editing services company for stock photo retouching services. Join our pool of contented clientele.