Fashion industry has always been thriving and it has stayed adaptive to new technologies and trends. With the arrival of illustration services firms, things have bettered further. It is obvious that the ease of transforming an idea into reality can be helpful for all entities associated with this vibrant industry like magazine publishers, fashion designers and fashion institutes etc…

illustration services

Fashion illustration services

PGBS is the first choice for all those in need of creative, realistic and exceptionally effective fashion illustration services. With us is a squad of experienced illustrators, creative heads, strategists, art directors and many innovative heads wearing different caps. The team works together towards guaranteeing remarkable illustrations that precisely serve your purpose.

Our featured fashion illustration services

Illustration finds multiple and really varied applications in apparel and fashion. Our seasoned professionals are adept in all of them. Some of the relevant ones from the heap are

  • Fashion Figure: We have experts capable of creating complete and meticulous fashion figures for teaching materials and magazines etc.
  • Fashion Flat: We make use of Adobe software to create clean and clear fashion flats; it will surely back your creative initiatives.
  • Technical Flat:  We help you see the flat designs coming together for those in need of exploring fashion’s technical side.
  • Stitch Type: We let you display your design’s stitch type, whether the design is for manufacturers or for simple showcasing purpose; we even create the artwork.

You can outsource illustration projects of all sizes and types to us. Our provisions are not restricted in any manner.  Let it be for magazines, fashion designing, educational purposes, advertising or anything, bank on us. There is nothing unfeasible for us. We have done it all.

Benefits of outsourcing fashion illustration services to PGBS

Whether you have incurred enough damage by relying on the wrong people or are planning to outsource for the very first time, we are the right choice for you. Our illustration company bestows you with unmatched advantages. Some of the key benefits you enjoy are

  • We achieve reachable level of immaculateness and perfection every single time.
  • Our team is prepared for even the stiffest deadline and stringent work atmospheres.
  • We have worked with numerous fashion design communities; we can do any genre of project.
  • People with us pay attention to even minutest of the details and assure accuracy by all possible means.
  • We stay updated and ahead to embrace every newly emerging technology to utilize it in most strategic manner.
  • We follow your guidelines and work to meet your exact specifications. Work is completed within deadline, always.
  • There is a dedicated project manager solely for you and communication channels are open 24/7.
  • Our services can be availed at most reasonable rates. There are different service packages as well.

We stay in the vanguard of illustration excellence and are one of the most sought-after illustration companies. Our client base is diverse and ever expanding. Want to discuss your project with us? We would be glad to hear from you.

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