Proglobalbusinesssolutions, among the top companies, offering quality data cleansing services to refine and enhance the defective database. The importance of data cleaning is really significant, especially in the current economic era wherein information enrichment quality accounts to be the most crucial factor in determining the competitive edge of the organization. 

data cleansing services

Qualitative information is very important for organizations to implement appropriate strategies. Information-intensive organizations thrive on such solutions with a robust success ratio. With the use of highly proficient and ideally programmed software tools meant for optimized delivery, we take care of your entire database cleaning requirements.

Information is collected from various sources and in various formats. Large information sets may contain errors such as repetition of information or missing information. Different formats of information cannot be grouped together and hence need to be sorted for proper viewing and analysis. As a result, we scan and correct all potential errors and faults with the aid of refining. This process is crucial since a thorough analysis can only be done when all sets are clean and proper. It also calls for a high level of responsibility and proficiency, and as an experienced company, we perfectly fit into the slot.

Offshore Data Cleansing Services at PGBS

Our data cleansing process includes importing unclean data into our cleansing system, merging it from differently formatted sources, rebuilding missing ones, verifying, cleaning up, data formatting, enriching the database standardization, and finally exporting the clean output in the same format we received it.

The latest software technologies are used in our office to assure highly optimized results for information refining services. Our data enrichment solutions include but not limited to,

  • De-duping the information and audits.
  • Tagging identical records.
  • Information validation and amending the information.
  • Data cleansing for addresses.
  • Large database cleanup.
  • Conversion of upper- or lower-case names.
  • Gender addition or correction.
  • Data scrubbing services for unfinished records, invalid entries or duplicates.
  • Addition of missing contact information like names, DOB, phone numbers and pin codes.
  • Merging and interlinking of various information.

Our data cleaning process

At PGBS, we follow a strategic and customer-centric approach while carrying out the offshore data cleansing processes for our clients from the B2B and B2C sectors. Our data cleansing services are not only preferred globally owing to their cost-effectiveness but also for their qualitative output. Below are the various steps involved in the process.

  • Gather up all the requirements for data cleansing.
  • Send a trail project to clients to get their approval for the test project.
  • Make them aware of the service agreements like scheduling, pricing, etc.
  • Finalize a project manager to allocate different data cleansing tasks to the team.
  • Import unclean data that is available in different formats like Excel, CSV, etc.
  • Manually identify potentially duplicate data and remove it.
  • Export data in various formats like Excel, PDF, XML, etc. after cleansing.
  • Ensuring data accuracy through consistent quality checks and performing revisions if needed.
  • Delivery of final outputs as per the method chosen by the clients.

We use modern technology to capture the information in the records to maintain accuracy and uniformity throughout the process.

Advantages of outsourcing data cleaning services to us

  • We check for information accuracy to eliminate duplicate and incorrect entries.
  • Our data analyst experts combine multiple data sources for easy access.
  • Advanced data cleansing strategy.
  • Data cleansing cost per record is minimal and affordable.
  • Information security & confidentiality is assured.
  • Advanced Infrastructure.
  • Quick Turnaround time.

It is important to outsource such information refining related requirements since it requires a lot of focus and attention. It may be a time-consuming process which sometimes even may turn out to be an expensive deal. If the turnaround time of the project delivery is less, outsourcing is the best way to get through.

Our outsourcing data hygiene company in India takes pride in its consistent data entry services quality performance which ensures quality data processing output all the time.

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Channelize your database ingeniously and formulate laser targeted sales and direct marketing with our high quality information enrichment and data cleansing services.