PGBS offers world-class portrait photo retouching services to companies as well as individuals. The company has always succeeded is assuring absolute flawlessness when it comes to manipulating pictures snapped. Experts here proceeds through a series of touching up procedures till the images exhibit spotlessness.

Portrait Face Retouching

Portrait Photo Retouching

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Even the best of cameras and most expert photographers doesn’t guarantee perfect snaps. Many unwanted elements may intrude in that gives your captures a scratched or weird look. You never want such a mishap to occur. Our portrait enhancement service will deal with any level of inadequacies and ultimately assure that the images look real and stunning.

We keep in mind that improvement has to be done judiciously as overdoing can ruin the basic purpose itself. You don’t want images that look like a painting; we retain the entire realistic aspects of the snap. The key characteristics are restored as color, sharpness and contrast are correct.

Professional portrait photo retouching services at PGBS

There is nothing we can’t do when it comes to portrait retouching. We offer comprehensive and unsullied image enhancement solutions to confirm great elegance for your images.

Our Photoshop expert team provides professional headshot photo editing support to remove wrinkles, smoothen or change skin color by skin retouching, whiten teeth, braces removal, correct brightness and contrast, change eye, hair and lip color, thins or thickens lips, reshape eyebrows, sharpen eyes or nose, add or remove makeups, change portraits to different modes like sepia, color, black and white etc. We, in fact, do everything that we deem appropriate.

We specialize in retouching different types of portraits. Few to mention are family, couple, baby, child and parent, wedding, school/college day, fashion and corporate portraits.

  • Airbrushing Services

    Working to allow the maximum level of personalization and flexibility, PGBS customize its services relating to airbrushing to accommodate your specific needs.

  • Wedding Photo Editing

    Experts in honing the true beauty of wedding photos, we strive to make every wedding frame a stunning and timeless capture that signifies the most beautiful moment of your life.

  • Photo Montage Production

    With the help of latest technologies, PGBS can tweak every portrait to make it amazing. Implementing strategic digital cutting, gluing, rearranging and overlapping a number of images, we can extract the best a picture has to offer.

  • Portrait Image Restoration

    Our services are available to restore any number of vintage or damaged pictures. Today’s digital technology is extensively used to retouch and work on such pictures.

  • Skin Retouching

    We understand the client’s needs and ensure that we retouch images to perfection without overdoing. Our experts edit portraits without robbing them of their true essence.

  • Removing Backgrounds

    We can fix your issues with the background of your portrait to make it more appropriate, according to the nature of its intended use.

  • Adding Natural Shadows

    PGBS has the fortitude to selectively edit the lighting of a portrait to make it look stunning, even in cases where the original lighting and shadows are unable to do the same.

  • Correcting Portrait Colors

    Portrait colors can be worked upon by enhancing its neutral highlights, adjusting white balance and using Content-Aware Fill technology to extract the perfect color and contrast from a picture.

  • Correcting Exposures

    Our image editors work to show your shot in the best possible light. We know how to adjust the lighting distribution and the depth of field and make your shot come in focus.

  • Converting Portrait Colors

    We can covert portrait colors as well by converting RGB color space as fraction of blue, green and red to YMCK color and reverse as well.

  • High-end Fashion Photo Retouching

    Understanding the impact of powerful photography in the beauty and fashion world, PGBS offers services in these industries as well. This helps us keep on our toes and continuously evolve with time.

Outsource Portrait Retouching Services to us and enjoy seamless benefits

When there are countless companies offering complete photo post-processing services, you may be wondering why PGBS is the best choice to make. Excuse us to put down a few points that will make your decision-making process faster.

  • We are highly experienced in the respective domain and can suggest the best solutions for serving your needs.
  • We provide periodical training to our retouching artists and keep them updated with the present-day practices in the industry.
  • We organize internal meetings to detect the flaws and plan effective measures for controlling and removing them.
  • There is a state-of-art infrastructure to back people working here. This keeps them comfortable and confident.
  • We assign a dedicated manager for each project to ensure smooth communication and timely reporting of the work status.

We are continuously hired by web development companies, advertisement agencies, digital studios, and individual photographers etc. from all around the globe for their various photo editing needs.  Are you in the search of a reliable team that offers superlative portrait photo retouching service? Pose your trust in us and we will guarantee you excellent outcomes within a really shortest time period.

We can take up any size and type of Photoshop project. There are several packages and you obviously get discounts if you have bulk pro photo retouching requirements to be addressed. To get more information, get in touch with us soon.

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