Do you want your book to be converted into the DTBook format to allow visually-challenged individuals or those with reading issues to read your work? With digital talking books, you can let people who enjoy audio content to have a holistic journey through your book. Are you looking to get your content converted into the XML format that is NIMAS-compliant? If so, then you have already found the right service partner. We, at PGBS, have decades of experience in the delivery of superior DT Book conversion solutions and have developed high-quality and interactive DT books for publishers and authors across the world. We can convert manuscripts in print, ePub, InDesign, PDF, Quark, or Word formats into the DTBook format while ensuring the highest level of accuracy and following an attention-to-detail approach.

Dtbook conversion services providers

DTBook Conversion Services

What is DTBooks?

Digital Talking eBooks otherwise known as the DTBook is a specialized format of eBook and this specialized format is designed for readers who find it more comfortable to hear the content, instead of reading it.

These types of eBooks come with an integrated digital audio file which talks like a human and clearly and crisply makes utterances. For the readers who have weak eyes and cannot read the eBook, this format comes as a sheer boon. These eBooks are also convenient for use by the children. Children from all groups and ages are also attracted by the Digital Talking format of the eBooks.

These books are new age study material and most content is converted on it. In this age of electronic revolution, these books give a feeling of another human reading and explaining complex concepts in simple manner. Whispering, knocking, patting, soft, loud sound tone are assimilated in these eBooks to connect with children and people of all age groups.

Our DTBook XML Conversion Services

We provide conversion service for 

  • Hi-Tech Multimedia Devices and Smartphones
  • Any virtual format which can be converted into XML files. The conversion is based on ANSI NISO standards.
  • Children Comics and Animation Books
  • Novel and Novellas

Why outsource DTbook conversion services to PGBS?

PGBS is a professional DTBook conversion company in India offering world-class book transformation services to the small, medium, and large business firms all across the globe that outsource to us. Outsourcing your work to us brings sumptuous benefits like

  • Time-saving
  • High-end accuracy maintained
  • Use of advanced audio transformation tools
  • Completely safe and secured versions are used

Outsourcing daisy digital talking book transformation to us would also offer you unmatched quality and substantial savings. Also, our experts strictly adhere to the world standards viz, DAISY (Digital Accessible Information System) guidelines, and W3C standards. we provide advanced digital audio creation files that can be easily bookmarked and can be easily searched on the web.

We, are committed to offering you quality and effective services. Hire us for digital talking eBook conversion services.

Our exceptional service deliverance ability, when it comes to producing and delivering highly personalized DTBook conversion service solutions for all our clients, can help you irrespective of the volume of your requirements. Let us help you in doing so with our prolific experience and unmatched technical infrastructure.