ProGlobalBusinessSolutions is among the best photo restoration service providers and has the expertise to restore any kind of old, damaged photos. We at PGBS, with our expertise in photo restoration services, have made the complicated task of restoring or fixing old, damaged photos easier.

Restoring old photographs requires expertise to give the images the perfect finishing touch. We have years of experience in restoring old and faded photographs that are often damaged with the passage of time.

Old Photo Repair Services

For years, we have been helping global clients with our photographic restoration services to keep their special memories intact. Just like any other paper, even images get damaged due to chemical reactions over the years.

We provide best photo restoration services in India using sophisticated technologies and advanced version of Photoshop. As an experienced company, we accept and edit various image formats like PSD, TIFF, JPEG, PGF, PNG, GIF, RAW, raw digital files, etc.

Antique Photo Restoration Services

As the pictures get older, they start breaking down. This holds true, especially in the case of the antique photos, as the paper, chemicals, and technologies used earlier were more prone to moisture and light. This is the reason for the increasing popularity of antique photo restoration. Using this technique, you can restore photographs, no matter how damaged they are.

Before the arrival of digital cameras, pictures were snapped. Such pictures were perhaps more valuable, as unlike today, in those days, taking photographs was not an every-day or every-minute thing. There is much more effort and cost involved in the snapping process. Memories were captured through family photos, landscapes, etc., and for many, these are the sole reminders of their youth and family. We respect this emotional factor.

Light may make the snaps fade; bending and folding may damage them; moisture may discolor them; and chemical breakdowns may cause them to crack or crinkle. The only way you can bring back such damaged pictures is through artful photo restoration techniques.

Restored Photograph

Faded Image Restoration

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Different types of picture restoration we do

Our photo restoration techniques involve processes through which the quality of the print is enhanced with the removal of the dampened part. Our different restoration solutions include

  • Removing the scratches and stains
  • Repairing the tears and correcting discoloration
  • Changing black and white pictures to color.
  • Reviving faded pictures
  • Remove mold and spotting
  • Fixing torn out images
  • Fire damaged images
  • Border repair
  • Elimination of spots, dirt, and botches
  • Restoring damaged and missing parts
  • Vintage photo retouching and restoration
  • Correcting color level and enhancing contrast or sharpness
  • Conversion of sepia photos into black and white or color
  • Water damaged photo restoration
  • Polaroid photo restoration
  • Portrait photo retouching
  • Remove unwanted objects from images.

This way we help retain the longevity of the golden memories of people successfully. Hence clients choose to outsource digital photo restoration services to us frequently.

How does our online photo restoration process work?

  • You can send us the damaged photos online through our contact form.
  • We will evaluate and send you a TAT and a quote.
  • Upon approval, we will process the blurry/damaged pictures and send the files through FTP or WeTransfer.

Why choose us for Photo Restoration Services?

The benefit of getting digital image restoration services from us is that clients receive excellent work at reduced costs within the assured deadlines. Every client who outsources to PGBS gets dedicated executives to take care of their photo editing requirements.

Your search for photo restoration companies ends with PGBS, as we offer a flawless quality of editing at an affordable price for photographers and individuals. We begin by cleaning the damaged prints offered by you. Further, we refurbish the missing elements and then blend them for smoothing the transition. When the photo restoration and enhancement work outsourced to us is completed, we offer additional services to make photographs presentable, for instance, collage creation, border addition, and creative framing. We make sure your images are secure and kept private. Our experts can take on bulk restoration work and turnaround within short notice.

PGBS an exceptional and best photo editing company in India offers great benefits to its customers through its organized workflow, thus making it easy for them to place orders for various Photoshop services like image enhancement, image manipulation, image retouching, etc.

Get back the valuable souvenirs with the perfect photo restoration people

Having restored thousands of photographs for customers across the globe, PGBS has its own way of restoring photographs. Our insightful editors are acquainted with the best techniques to recreate old memories through professional image editing software.

We believe that no irreversible damage can ever occur to photographs, and we have again and again reinforced our belief by bringing the best out of even the most damaged of pictures. Let us remove the cuts, stains, rips, creases, burns, and cracks on your pictures and make them perfect.

Various levels of picture restoration at PGBS

Based on the editing level photo restoration services prices may vary. We support professional photographers, studios, museums, archival divisions, companies indulging in digitization and more.

We execute optimal level of digital repair needed to propel your photos back to its former glory. Let our team provide you the ultimate photo restoration services in India, flawlessly.

Frequently Asked Questions

Clients need to provide us with the exact details about what they want restored in their images. As the restoration artists at PGBS are highly experienced, they have a complete understanding of all the processes involved. They can perfectly repair poor or damaged images. In case you have any specifications regarding the old photo repair, simply convey them to us. These may include removal of blemishes, frame border, a request to change or add blonde hair, etc.

We accept multiple input formats; however, we prefer jpeg format images to be uploaded, and their size has to be less than 20 MB. It may not be possible to convert a completely blurred image into one with sharp features. Please try to send pictures clear enough to enable us to restore them. In case any file cannot be restored, you will be informed during the quote process. You will not have to pay anything for those images.

We need a couple of days to restore the images. It can be done within a day as well, depending on the number of images and their complexity. Send sample images to us to know the exact timeframe for the project.

The restored images can be downloaded instantly via FTP or the online links provided. You will receive a notification from us via email when the restoration process is over, so that you can review it.

You need not worry about the charges; our photo restoration services prices are affordable and really genuine. Before making any payment, you will have the opportunity to go through the quote, review it, and accept it. To get an overview of the cost of restoring old photos, you can simply check with our sales team. However, there are no hidden charges; the charges are based on the overall time taken to restore the image.

No. The images will be removed from our servers ten days after you download them.

Our professionals are skilled in the art of photo restoration and can restore almost any kind of image. Here are some of the types of photos we can restore for you:

  • Black and white images
  • Sepia tone images
  • Torn images (although it is necessary for the image to be as intact as possible.)
  • Faded images
  • Images with water or mold damage

Check out our restoration gallery to see the different kinds of photos we have restored.

You can upload files to us through our FTP or any other online file transfer channel like WeTransfer, Google Drive, etc.

All our photo editors are seasoned professionals and have specialized training in restoring tools, color concepts, techniques for image enhancements, grain reduction, clipping/highlight management, and calibration routines. The artists here have gone through our stringent screening processes, and we make sure that only the right people are entrusted with the task.

Through a simple online search, you can connect with your preferred service provider in your area or any service provider across the globe. Be sure to check their work samples and pricing structure before selecting the service provider.

We recommend sending a scanned photo with 300 DPI image output.