PGBS has a legacy of assuring excellence in its service provisions, ever since the company started functioning. The company offers the remarkable class of medical Illustration services and use the best illustrations done by experts to convey accurate information for the entire medical field.

The rapidly evolving technologies in the domain of medical science and practices demand precise representations for journals, publications, textbooks and wall posters etc.  Patients these days want to see things happening to and inside their bodies. With our artwork, they can comprehend things in a clearer manner helping them to decide reasonable options they can opt for. 

medical illustrations

Professional Medical Illustrations

As these drawings can help the students to get detailed and exact idea about different diseases, underlying causes and their possible remedies, the effectiveness of comprehension is increased. Thus a generation of more productive medical professionals will surface. We at PGBS, a renowned illustration company understand the nobility of medical illustration service and are committed to offering the best quality provisions. Outsource medical illustrations to us and stay confident; you will get the best only.

Our core areas of expertise in medical illustrations

  • Surgical: Surgical technology advances continuously. Starting from tried procedures to advanced surgical techniques using robotics, we illustrate accurate images as needed. Our clients use the surgical illustrations for the presentation of scientist researches, advertisements and training manuals etc.
  • Veterinary niche: Medicines are needed by animals too. We care for animals and our dedication towards creating veterinary graphics testifies the said. Our experts are proficient to design artworks for all types of veterinary medical-related uses. Only the best illustration artist can assure perfection for veterinary illustrations, and we have highly talented people with us.
  • Anatomy field: Different aspects of the body when displayed helps patients to see whatever worries them. Individual systems, minutes of the body portions and cross sections etc. can be depicted with ease. Our illustrators unmistakably and clearly represent entire details.
  • Dental field: Oral surgeons and dental offices will definitely need to know the way your teeth are impacting the face and jaws. Illustrators with us are adept at visually describing the face anatomy through picture-perfect artwork.
  • Ophthalmology field: Cross-section details of eyes or whenever a specific illustration is necessary, ophthalmology illustration services from us can be relied upon by you. Our experts can depict every detail that you wish to highlight and focus on.
  • Other Medical Artwork Services

Some of Our Medical Illustration Work Samples

Benefits who get while associating with us

There are a lot of companies that offer illustration design services. Medical illustration is something different and we possess that specific skill set needed for the same.

  • We provide detailed depictions that are comprehensive and serve your purpose completely.
  • Our works are of great quality- it’s incomparable in entire facets.
  • Work is always completed on time and there are never any delays.
  • We have separate wings for different types of graphics and medical animations.
  • Rates offered are reasonable and several packages are availed to choose from
Our clientele comprises of people hailing from universities, health research, scientific community, and magazines etc. Reach us to discuss more.

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