Magazines are among the best mediums to express the views and opinions of the company. The best ones are those that balance the content with the designs. An impressive layout, compelling graphics, good content, and related aspects make every business periodical worth the wait. PGBS provides creative and effective magazine page layout design services at reasonable prices and has remained one of the best graphic design outsourcing service providers in India for all print-related designs.

Magazine design services india

Magazine design services

The benefits of having an effective magazine design

Hiring best content managers is just not enough; it is imperative to team them up with designers as well. A periodical is not a newspaper. It comes out bi-weekly or monthly and hence, should be a keepsake rather than read and discard one.

Magazines should be awaited before every release and this wait makes them worthy. Corporates should understand that these papers together create a reputation for the company, not just in the minds of employees but others associated as well.

Who can use our magazine layout design services? 

Our services are completely strategized, and we can provide customized magazine designing solutions for varied reader base. Before starting, we discuss with you in detail regarding the project particularities and processes will be tweaked to achieve the best results for you. We set benchmarks to match your precise visions and make sure that the exact specifications as demanded by you are precisely met. PGBS offers the complete spectrum of prepress solutions including typesetting, proofreading along with magazine layout designing. Our partnerships with different clients have been enduring. The clientele encompasses various

  • Newspapers
  • Textbook creators
  • Magazine companies
  • Catalog designers
  • Brochure designers
  • Publishing houses and many more

At all times, we see to it that the whole template is print-ready and precise as per the service level agreement.

Important elements of our magazine layout design services

We combine technical quality and design to create compelling and interesting layouts. Our magazine designers visualize the whole project at different levels before proceeding. They combine the underlying elements in an optimal proportion to attain great quality results.

  • Illustration: Our designers scrutinize color shades, images, and editing that can be done to do everything that can complement the design and lead to an inspiring illustration designs suiting the nature of the content.
  • Photo Enhancement: We make use of already taken pictures; if needed, we retouch them to add more visual appeal and individuality to the matter.
  • Typography: We make use of the right font type, style, and size to capture the attention of readers. Even when you use custom fonts, proper care is given to retain the clarity of the message intended to be communicated.
  • Grid work: We use both symmetrical as well as asymmetrical grids on each page to complement the personality of your magazine.
  • Whitespace: Elements in a design should have a breathing space, and using white spaces looks inviting if prudently integrated. We examine the possibilities and do the needful.

Magazine layout design services at PGBS

There are obvious reasons why outsourcing to our company for graphic design services will prove to be the right decision. PGBS has experts with exceptional expertise who assist the clients who outsource to us and their team in designing perfectly and have been recognized for offering professional graphic services for years now.

Rather than working as an exclusive team, we work together with the clients, helping them get the most out of each publication every month. Instead of choosing templates, we custom design every issue for the client who outsources to us in India using themes, graphics, and other creative elements.

PGBS in India has been among the first choices of clients for corporate magazine design services and business magazine design services. Credited with many publications, we have been liaising with different professionals from various verticals to offer the best for their company. Each work speaks volumes about the quality and the efforts in crafting every corner, be it with the color combination, background, or pictures, everything captures the audience’s senses positively.

Benefits of associating with our magazine design agency

Being one of the largest and most reliable destinations for magazine layout design, we create hundreds of reasons to ensure that customers love us more with each passing day. Some of our successful attempts have been.

  • We have a well-trained team that is extremely skilled in magazine cover design services.
  • Our team signs detailed service level agreement and all other papers needed, including NDA.
  • Designers with us are equipped with the latest software and sophisticated technologies.
  • FTP for file transfers, proper backups, and full time IT security experts make us a secure partner.
  • We adhere to the customer’s guidelines and have the best quality practices in place.
  • You will get some no-obligation free trials to get an idea of our quality.
  • Delivering work on time and within quickest possible time is our mastery

Our team ascertains the requirements of the client regarding content, graphics, budget, and sales. This helps us decide the finer nuances of the process before starting. We use advanced software in our endeavor to provide a visually appealing print publication output.

Numerous service verticals we support in this niche include Entertainment, Lifestyle, Fashion, Stock, Real estate, Educational magazines, etc.

We, your perfect offshoring magazine layout and cover design partner, are here to make your publications worth reading, every time.

Get fortified with the latest design trends, aesthetical approach and visual impressions, and get focus back on to your magazine with our flexible and reliable magazine design services that pay attention to extreme details and every tiny client requirement.