PGBS offers professional and affordable TikTok video editing services to create the highest-quality viral videos. Our team of TikTok video editors are well-versed in handling all sorts of TikTok video processing.

Types of TikTok Videos We Edit

  • Prank Videos
  • Fitness Videos
  • Cooking Videos
  • Home Renovation Videos
  • Skin Care Videos
  • Sports Videos
  • Pet Videos
  • Lifehacks Videos
  • Dance Videos
  • Music Videos
  • Craft Videos

Our TikTok video editing services include

  • Voiceovers

    You might have encountered specific videos, especially mini travel Vlogs or tutorials, with a voice in the back explaining the video to the one consuming it.

  • Video Trimming and Editing 

    TikTok allows you to post a video of a few seconds, and in that time, you have to convey everything you feel needs to be conveyed to your audience on your behalf or on behalf of your business. As a reputed TikTok editing service provider, we create short videos by trimming your long videos in such a way that the essence remains and leaves a lasting impression on your audience.

  • Video Aspect Ratio Correction

    No matter how big your video dimensions. We have years of experience in converting videos that is accepted by TikTok platform. We have the most advanced tools and technology that helps in creating the best sized video for the platform that turns out to be beautifully placed in the frame when posted.

  • Adding Transitions & Effects  

    Most social media videos are transition-based, and to go with the trend, one needs to create the same. Outsource your video editing requirements to us and relax, as we are here to create the most impactful, unique transition videos for the TikTok platform that will leave others inspired.

  • Sound Quality Enhancement / Background Music / Custom Sound

    TikTok provides a huge library for music and other sounds that can be used in the video. If you want to add something that is customized or want to enhance the background music, sound etc. we are here at your service. We use the latest software and other modern technology that sets the music or custom-made sound to support your video at its best.

  • TikTok Reels Video Creation & Editing

    We provide tiktok reels video creation support to the new tiktokers and video makers. You can increase your video promotional reach just by creating short videos that works better. Our expert team of TikTok video editors help in planning and creation of reels who have very limited idea of the platform and give them the best knowledge that they can use in the longer run.

  • Content Placement (Captions / Subtitles)

    You might have noticed many video creators or online educators create videos with captions, or subtitles etc. to deliver what they want to convey in a very short time and to make their video universal. If you wish to do the same and want to educate your online audience about any service you provide or about your business, all you need is to add captions in clips you create.

    We can help you in that by using the best fonts, error-free and engaging writing and keeping a close watch on such content related hindrances that can affect your videos.

Why Outsourcing TikTok Video Production to ProGlobalBusinessSolutions is Beneficial?

ProGlobalBusinessSolutions is a leading TikTok editing agency that has a track record of the most successful project deliveries to date. Our experts can create viral TikTok reels from existing long form of videos by retaining the video message for the target audience. We also have expertise in handling all sorts of social media video editing requirements for various industry verticals. Undermentioned are few of the benefits.

  • We use advanced infrastructure and technology.
  • Complete data security is ensured.
  • Round-the-clock support is provided.
  • Quick turnaround time in project deliveries.
  • We provide competitive video editing pricing packages.
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