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The Client

The client is an advertising and media agency that has been helping businesses to grow since 2006. Having the expertise to understand audiences, products, and services better, the client has helped countless startups and smaller brands gain more commercial value by shaping their branding and communication strategies.

The Requirements

The client had a video editing team in-house but was overwhelmed with the huge number of video clipping requirements. That’s when they decided to outsource their projects to our video editing company.

But, since it was their first time working with us, they decided to test our services first. They approached us with only one interview footage and requested us to carry out the needed edits. The client gave us a deadline of 2 days for the same. By hiring one of our video clipping experts, we got the work done within the trial period.

The client was happy with the output and soon opted to outsource video editing services to us. The new requirement involved producing 30 high-quality interview footage per month. Also, each video was 2-3 minutes long with around 40 frames per second. Therefore, our team had to edit a large number of frames within just a month.

The Challenges

Here’s a quick overview of the various challenges faced by our video editing professionals.

  • Aside from clipping, specific parts of the footage were requested to be edited by the client.
  • The deadline given to finish the task was only a month, which was a bit hectic for our editors.
  • Some of the clips were shaken and required clean-up for quality improvement.
  • The client requested to assign the work only to video clipping experts who had prior experience dealing with such projects.
  • The client even asked us to send samples of the work done by the editors who will be working on the project.
  • The client also needed the footage to be professional and engaging and sent a sample that can be used as a reference.
  • A few of the files were too large and it was hard to accommodate their movement through our regular channels.

The Solution

Our video editing team came up with the following plan to overcome the obstacles in the client’s project.

  • We appointed dedicated resources from our talented pool to work on this project.
  • We collected their work samples and sent them to the client for their approval.
  • We divided the work between the team to ensure faster completion of the project. One team was assigned to carry out the video clipping tasks while another team was responsible for repair and retouching.
  • The lighting, color, audio, clarity, and sharpness were maintained in all the clips.
  • After editing, each footage was thoroughly evaluated by our QA team and Project Manager. and sent to the client.

The Outcome

With the help of our talented and dedicated video editing team, we completed the project on time without compromising on quality. The client was able to upload footage much faster than they did before and their cost savings increased by 25%.

PGBS has catered to the video clipping needs of clients from diverse verticals, including media agencies, publishing companies, as well as, individual videographers. The people working with us are extremely talented and diligent, which enabled us to gain a stronger foothold in the industry.

We are a reputed video editing company that can deliver top-notch outcomes for your project. We understand the importance of footage and how they can act as a powerful tool for communicating your message. That’s why we advise you to associate with an experienced company like us for outsourcing video editing services. So, get in touch with us now!

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