The world of digital publishing is fast growing and it is becoming more organized and hi-tech. There are new and innovative formats of eBooks coming to the scene. Read aloud fixed layout is an effective digital format which is ideal for those who do not want to swap through the pages of the eBooks.

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Read Aloud Fixed Layout ePub eBooks Conversion

This format allows better and quicker understanding of the text and this format is specially designed and structured for the children’s books as these books are stuffed with many of the illustrations and text. With this, the publishers will also be on the advantage side to sync with the content of ePub audio file. This format has made eBooks more attractive and responsive.

This would help people to effectively listen to the audio when skimming it. Studies have shown that it is more attractive, easy and responsive way to perceive the books. This is ideal for children’s books or one which has a lot of illustrated visuals or weighty text.

Going through books is not desired by all children but when embedded with digital video and audio formats, it can become a treat. Studying will no longer be tedious rather an enjoyable activity. This application is very helpful for children as it makes them sit and go through the books effectively. A new dimension for parenting has been added with this application. This tool is highly impact-full on minds of children because images and audio are stored in the memory.

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What do we provide?

At PGBS, digital conversion services are offered to the clients by making use of state of the art software and use of advanced audio codecs. The output is created to work on any kind of format that has very high clarity so that cognitive understanding becomes easy. Our services provide complete synchronization of audio and text for understanding the content completely.

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