A Case Study on How We Executed Flash to HTML5 Conversion of Legacy Courses in Just 6 Weeks

If you did not know, updating the courses developed in Flash is a difficult task to pull off. Adding to the worry is that they are not compatible on mobile and need plug-ins to run videos and animations. However, having dealt with similar projects over the years, we have now become adept in the techniques involved to make every project a grand success.

Recently, one of the largest logistics companies in the world approached us to solve some of their issues related to Flash courses.

This case study elucidates upon how PGBS addressed their concerns perfectly by offering them optimal solutions.

conversion of flash courses to html5

Who was the client?

The client was one of the divisions of a European logistics company that has operations across the world offering express mail, courier and parcel services. By the size of operations, it can be regarded as one of the best and largest logistic companies rendering services across the world.

The company employees thousands of professionals across the globe and delivers high value-adding services to its clients from diverse parts of the world.

The client faced issues with the rigid and inflexible Flash courses that did not add any value to the business and the clients. As such, the business wanted the support of a reliable company in flash legacy courses conversion into HTML5 so that the content is mobile compatible and able to be updated as required.

What were the requirements?

  • The client needed us to carry out the conversion of four of its safety facilitation courses on Flash to HTML5 for effortless content update and mobility compatibility.
  • During the project, the client also required us to convert the courses to three different international languages as well.

How PGBS was able to meet the requirements?

  • While we began the process of converting the flash-based training courses to HTML5, we treated the old courses as source files for the conversion process. The client had four different courses about 35 minutes each having 35 slides with minimal audio outputs.
  • We utilized Articulate Storyline to redevelop the course as the client also used the same tool for in the first place.
  • The client needed us to create the course in such a manner that it enables the courses for identifying image and text boxes so that in-house staff could update the content as required.

What were the challenges that we met?

As the client did not have the source files of the courses needed to be converted, we had to extract various images, content, audio, video and all other animation elements in the FLV and SWF formats utilizing a reliable de-compiler software program.  This took time and a lot of effort.

The process we followed

  • In order to ensure that the courses were converted effectively and had excellent mobile HTML5 compatibility, we converted the original versions of the course in English to the HTML5 format.
  • We sent the file for the client to review.
  • The client provided us with the required feedback with the updates needed in a Microsoft word document with required screenshots.
  • We implanted the changes primarily and went on with the process of translation.

What were the results we achieved?

Our reliable and quick flash to HTML5 conversion service experts were able to render the services completed in 6 weeks.

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