PGBS has made its distinctive presence felt in the complex realm of real estate virtual staging services. By harnessing on the potential of cost efficient and sophisticated tools, PGBS is driving unprecedented property sales. As a real estate owner, you can certainly have your listings draw maximum attention from prospective customers by offerings them realistic glimpses into how properties would appear after finalizing sale.

Virtual Furniture Staging

Virtual Furniture Staging

PGBS understands that profits in real estate industry are pivoted on making your clients happy. A promising transaction can fail if the client declines your offer just because he/she cannot visualize how the well-appointed property would look like after investment in furnishings post-sale. With our perfect virtual staging services, we can help you get over this discrepancy by digitally furnishing the interiors of the units sold to give clients concrete perception of what to expect. We have the needful resource base, infrastructural presence, and experienced manpower to cater to all your photo editing services related needs. Our virtual photo editors put into use contemporary and sophisticated tools to create awe-inspiring simulations of the well decked up interiors of any property.

Our Virtual Staging Services Offering

We can proficiently help you add more value to your advertised space by presenting your property in furnished, cleaned up or dimensionally empty manner for better visualization by prospective clients.

  1. Virtual Twilight

We add the virtual twilight effect to exterior images of your property to give it an extraordinary and striking appearance so that it catches the attention of maximum home buyers.

  1. Decluttering

We can remove unwanted clutter such as messy kitchen countertops, disorganized bookshelves, etc., that may cause a hindrance in projecting the full potential of your spaces.

  1. Color Cast Removal

With our color cast removal services, we can digitally remove the distracting or unpleasant color casts present in the pictures to enhance the aesthetic appeal of your properties.

  1. Perspective correction

We use the best image editing techniques to eliminate perspective distortions that may otherwise degrade the quality and appeal of your architectural property pictures.

  1. 3D Visualization

We can create photorealistic 3D visualizations of the virtually staged spaces so that you can attract potential customers for selling or renting the property even before its construction.

  1. Furniture Image Enhancement

Our photo editors can make the needed edits in the furniture images, be it for beds, sofas, lampshades, tables, chairs, etc. to create vibrant spaces that can spark conversion.

  1. Remodeling

We can remodel the entire property space or individual rooms by tweaking different elements like furniture, wall color, cabinet, flooring, etc. with appropriate shading and lighting.

Advantages of using our virtual property staging services

  • We help your listings attract the attention of prospects faster by helping them in visualizing the vacant property’s potential with attractive embellishments
  • We assist you in projecting your property’s images in a tantalizing and visually appealing manner to seduce more buyers
  • We enhance the appeal of an empty room manifold times by leveraging sophisticated 3D tools which help add furnishings and enhance the value proposition of property
  • We allow our clients to choose from an extensive array of virtual furnishings and customized embellishments to add a photorealistic touch to their properties
  • We help you display your property in the exact way you have planned
  • We save your time, money and efforts while facilitating you to reap rich returns on investment
  • We can insert accessories into any real estate images as per your exact expectation

Who can avail our virtual home staging services?

With our state-of-the-art real estate photo editing services, we have catered to numerous prestigious clients hailing to different industry verticals. Prominent among our customers, who would readily vouch for the efficiency of our services, are:

  • Real estate owners, agents, and builders
  • Furniture manufacturers and retail sellers
  • Interior designing firms and decorators as well as creative artists
  • Fashion portals and magazines
  • Decorating studios
  • Architectural publications etc.

Inputs we seek from you

In order to develop high-quality architectural renderings with virtual staging, we would need the following inputs from you:

  • Pictures of your property and rooms in high resolution in .jpg format
  • Detail expectations from each room and the type of room i.e living, bedroom, kitchen, etc.
  • Special requests that you want us to accommodate in the final rendering
  • Offer us a list of your desired furnishings or leave the selection to the discretion of our seasoned artists

Why we are among the best virtual home staging companies?

At PGBS, requirements of each client are special for us, and we accord equal priority to all. We harness the potential of latest 3D rendering tools and virtual staging software to create realistic real estate staging from empty snaps. This helps you save time, money and efforts.

Our team virtually staged images that would reflect your aspirations accurately. We assure you that you will reap rich dividends by investing in our services. Your clients’ satisfaction levels would go through the roof with aesthetically pleasing photos. We maintain a library of 3D furniture models that can be placed in the empty rooms to give the property a completed look.


Yes. Definitely. Our photo editors have a keen eye for detail and aesthetics and they can select the best images, thereby facilitating the generation of awe-inspiring images of indoor spaces.

While it is always a good idea to send us photos of vacant rooms, you may send us photos of staged properties too. We are top providers of object removal service and can remove unwanted objects from photos and insert new objects virtually while uplifting the overall look and feel of indoor spaces.

You may or may not send us a floor plan. Images of property interiors would alone serve the purpose.

With virtual staging, you can instantly establish a creation between a buyer and a property by allowing them to visualize their future home.

Well, this would depend on the quality of the outcomes that you are looking for and the degree of input that we may need to put in. Call us to discuss what your expectations or visit our photo editing pricing page to get the cost estimate.

Yes, we carry out virtual staging of property outdoors. Apart from altering the look and feel of a building’s exteriors and landscaping, we can perform virtual staging in a property’s patio, porches, decks, gazebos, and pool sides.

Of course. We maintain a vast portfolio of designing styles including contemporary, farmhouse, Scandinavian, glam, traditional, coastal, industrial, and traditional. You are free to choose your own unique style that would bets match your property.

Why not? We do offer revisions depending on the terms and conditions that we mention in the project scope.

We can guarantee turnarounds within 24 hours depending on the size and scope of your project.

Well, you may place an order in two ways. First, you may write to us through email and secondly, you fill in details in our Contact Us form. Once we get an idea of your requirements, we would send you a payment link. The project would get initiated once you process the payment.

You should share with us multiple pictures of the same room so that we can select the best-quality picture and perform virtual staging on it

Yes we do. We welcome all free trial requests. We would perform virtual staging on one picture and send it to you for review. You can sign up with us if you like.

You and only you. Once we complete our work on the images, we would send you the new versions and from that tome onwards, you will own the copyright.

We honor your need for data security. That’s the reason why we share all files through a secure FTP path that can be accessed through credentials that you and we would know about.

Yes. We have an experienced team of photo editors who are efficient at using diverse software such as Lightroom and Photoshop and can deliver exceptional support such as photo retouching, photo manipulation, photo enhancement, panorama photo stitching, 360 degree image enhancement, etc.

Yes. We employ a team of qualified video editors in our 360 film studio and they provide support with regard to 360 video services, 360 degree video production, video stitching, 360 wedding video editing, 360 product video editing, 360 real estate video editing, 360 event video editing, video editing services, video post production services, etc.

Your images should have a size in the 1-10 MB range. You should work with a professional photographer so that you get all important areas and features covered in one single frame.

Case Studies

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Client Testimonials

I am extremely pleased with their services. The staging was done with perfection and their prices fit my budget. Besides, they are also professional in their approach which somehow gave me confidence that my project is in safe hands. I am so happy that I got to know about them. Keep up the good work!

Realtor, Sweden

I recently used virtual staging services from ProGlobalBusinessSolutions. They were really supportive and delivered the outputs very fast. I am really amazed by how they were able to produce good quality results in such a short time. Well, that’s what I liked the most about their services. Thanks a lot!

Real estate company, USA

Thank you so much for your help. I was having a hard time finding the right people for virtual staging. I am so glad that I found you guys. I highly recommend ProGlobalBusinessSolutions to anyone looking for virtual staging services.

Homeowner, Austria
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