An illustration is something unavoidable in comic books, children’s books, and picture books etc. Even in training manuals as well as in certain textbooks, you have to make use of this art to create the needed impact. Doing it in right way can bring you unbelievable favors; sales are increased and customers feel more connected to you. With PGBS, you can confidently outsource your book illustration services requirement because of our incredible experience and intensified extensive expertise. Whatever needs you to have with art, our experts can be of your help.

We work in close association with authors and all those concerned, to grasp the idea and ensure that the message is clear and creatively conveyed in the style they prefer or else that is most suitable for them. People with us can sense your feel and work in line with your anticipations. PGBS has started most of the illustration works from scratch and sometimes we even had to work to make previous works compatible with the sketches. We find it a pleasure to work on diversified projects; it never matters to us whether the project is small, medium or large.

Our custom book illustration services

Our book design services in regard to artwork and illustrations are complete and comprehensive in all facets when compared to other book illustration companies. Underlying is the most frequently demanded ones from our book illustration company.

  • Book Cover Illustration Services: People even today consider quality covers as a synonym for better books; covers are trusted by them the most. So, you must be very much careful when it comes to cover design and illustrations. We study the nature of your content and create an optimal cover for you that connects easily with your prospects.
  • Character Art Illustration: Our artists are highly experienced and have rich expertise in developing characters, which is critical to get the right visuals of characters selected. We develop characters based on the target audience, culture, and an environment in which the book is set in as well as features or looks provided in the book.
  • Children’s Book Illustration Services: Children love pictures and they are a really unpredictable audience; you can’t stay assured that they will sit and read your content, no matter how interesting the story is. Interesting pictures that keep them excited should be added and we know how they think, feel, and react; our professionals have worked for many children’s books.
  • Picture Book Illustration Services: Not only for children’s books but even for other types, pictures may be crucial. There are certain lot called picture books that convey most of the ideas through images only.  Whether illustrations are needed on all pages or just to separate the chapters, give us an opportunity to prove our mettle. We are one of the best illustration companies that specialize in kid’s book illustration.
  • Comic Book Illustration Services: Great comics are mere imagination without proper illustrations. This is a niche genre and not all will be able to create amazing story book illustration . However, this is not foreign for us. We do even 2d animations and hence creating cartoons is never a hard nut to crack.
  • Old Book Illustration Services: Our  illustrators are skilled enough to create various types of vintage illustrations that reflect diverse themes including people, technology, plants, landscapes, animals, narratives and more.
  • Textbook Illustration Services: When it comes to the learning process, understanding complex concepts through works may not be that comfortable; sometimes, it’s not possible. Presenting information in a visual format that penetrates with more pace and force to the reader’s mind can be more helpful for the education domain. It is not that you should make the study material packed with pictures but providing visual breaks always work. 
  • Training Manual Illustration: Providing training to those who are completely new to a field is never an easy task. To retain their interest and make different topics more comprehensible, training manuals should be having some detailed images to carry information on a user-friendly note.

Our design process

  • We develop the storyboard and create characters based on your inputs
  • We develop pencil sketches after the discussion to get your thoughts on paper
  • Upon approval of character /storyline, we provide details of illustrations required
  • Once you confirm we then convert them into digital versions and add color
  • The final version will be sent to you in jpg or pdf format.

Why Outsource Book Illustration Services?

It is a niche area which not many have perfected. At times it is difficult to staff people in-house because of budget or skill constraints. It is quite a tedious job to identify the right children’s book illustrator for your projects. However, by outsourcing you get accessibility to skilled resources, save costs and get work done by professionals at a quick turnaround time.

Benefits of outsourcing book illustrations to PGBS

Selecting our company in India will furnish you with countless benefits among which the most highlighted ones are:

  • You will find us by your side when you work; we work closely with you to get the right direction.
  • We can work from the beginning or join you when you are adding illustrations to existing books.
  • Our team is available throughout day and night, 24/7. You can reach us anytime.
  • We have multiple pairs of eyes for quality checking and proofing before delivery.
  • No matter whatever the size of the book is, our conceptual illustrators will help to produce outstanding digital illustrations with the proper usage of typography and visuals.

So, what are you waiting for? Outsource illustration service requirements to us and stay relaxed.

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