PGBS is one of the reputed companies providing high-quality 2D animation services to its global clients including animation studios, professionals, and businesses that want to use animation videos to promote their products and services. With a creative pool of animators and with modern infrastructure in place, we are strongly positioned to address your 2D animation requirements. We are one of the top 2D animation outsourcing companies in India and we adopt versatile approaches to create scripts, animated characters, motion graphics, and VFX. We can successfully execute large and small projects related to the creation of both traditional and vector animation projects. We use top 2D animation creation tools to create high-quality 2D animation that can address your needs in the most perfect manner.

Different Types of 2D Animations Offered By PGBS

We, at PGBS, have a comprehensive 2D animation service portfolio in place and this allows us to cater to the unique needs of diverse categories of clients. Here are the different types of animations that our animators are capable of producing

  1. Game Animation

    We can create interactive props, creatures, characters, scripted events, lighting effects, and other elements that are used in video games.

  2. Cartoon Animation

    We create attractive and unique cartoon characters and backgrounds for diverse industries including education, entertainment, etc.

  3. Explainer Videos

    We create captivating 2D animated explainer videos to promote products or services or to support training initiatives.

  4. Motion Graphics

    We combine 2D animation with different multimedia elements such as images, art, text, and video to create engaging motion graphics.

  5. Logo Animation

    We develop custom 2D logo animations that stand out from the crowd, capture the attention of potential customers, and boost brand awareness.

  6. Whiteboard Animation

    We can break down complicated concepts in the most entertaining way help viewers understand the concepts easily.

  7. HTML5 Ads

    We can create responsive 2D animated banner ads that enable brands to reach a wider audience and boost the click-throughs.

  8. Animated GIFs

    We create 2D GIF animations for product promotion, social media marketing & ad campaigns, and in website UIs.

  9. Flash Animation

    We create innovative Flash animation that can prove to be a great marketing tool. We can create a rough sketch within a short turnaround time.

  10. Typography Animation

    We combine text and motion creatively to promote effective storytelling, communication of concepts or ideas, and creating an impact on the viewers’ emotions.

  11. Calarts animation

    We can create funny CalArts style animation, mimicking show characters and exposing their funniest sides.

Key Highlights of Our Animation Services

We develop simple as well as advanced characters or cartoon designs only after proper research so that they represent your concepts accurately. These are the key service highlights

  • Our experts take care of end-to-end production and post-production activities.
  • Motion sequences developed by us are flawless, both in case of non-realistic and realistic motion styling.
  • Complex animations such as segment zooms, expanded views, exploding animations, etc. are delivered.
  • We pay attention to the minutest of details for assuring the delivery of quality outcomes.
  • Animated outcomes created by us are interactive and interesting.
  • After project completion, we would send you the outcome in your preferred format.

The 2D character animation creation workflow at PGBS

  1. We would take time to understand concepts and scripts sent to us by our clients.
  2. We then develop the storyboard based on the script. (Read more about tips on storyboarding)
  3. We would create the layout design to specify actions and perspectives.
  4. We can create pre-visualization using animatics.
  5. We develop keyframes to specify movements.
  6. Cleaning and coloring are performed to create the final drafts.
  7. We can create skeletons using a pattern of mobile bones that can be animated.
  8. We then compose the scenes and get them edited.
  9. We would then add voice, special effects, music, etc.
  10. At this stage, we would create a 2D model and add animation to it.

Industries Served By Us

Our animation services are specially designed to serve the needs of the following industries:

  • Marketing and PR industry: We can create awesome corporate video production services and product demonstrations. We can craft demonstrations of products, events, and training collaterals. We can make creative advertisements and ad banners as well.
  • Publishing and academic domains: We can create animated comics, online magazines, and books. We can add life to tutorials and events organized for schools and colleges.
  • Entertainment industry: Our expertise can be leveraged for creating logo animation, storyboards, short films, etc.

Advantages of hiring professional animation services from PGBS

PGBS is all about quality, reliability, efficiency, professionalism, and value-for-money packages. Here are the top reasons why you may want to work with us:

  • Animators working with us are talented, creative, and proficient at developing diverse types of animations.
  • At our animation studio, we perform rigorous quality checks and maintain 99.9 percent accuracy levels.
  • We make use of advanced 2D animation tools.
  • We assure data security and use VPN and FTP for file transfers. We maintain data backups to ensure easy retrieval.
  • We deliver work on time and have numerous delivery centers.
  • We offer the most reasonable  2D animation pricing in the industry, allowing our clients to capitalize on their investments to an optimal extent.

Client testimonial

“The commitment of PGBS to offer us the 2d explainer video as needed by us was really surprising. We understand why you have so many clients rooting for you. Thank you.”
CEO – Finance Company In Germany

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Need top quality 2D animation services? PGBS is your most reliable outsourcing service partner. Collaborate with us to leverage best-in-class 2D animation services. Contact Us for a quote today.