Looking for explainer video company in India? PGBS is one of the most reputed explainer video creation services companies, which has created a distinctive identity in the market for its commitment to deliver outstanding quality outcomes at the most competitive market rates.

We can create videos that are highly targeted and appropriately tailored to meet your branding objectives and to deliver your brand’s messages in the most appropriate manner. We have helped business entities operating in diverse industries with professional video animation services, thereby allowing them to create customer engagements and to establish strong brand identities.

Types of Explainer Videos that We Produce

  • 2D Cartoon Animation

    We can create awe-inspiring and highly immersive 2D cartoon videos that can explain a concept with high level of detail and clarity.

  • Whiteboard Animation

    We can create visually-appealing whiteboard animations that have a strong storytelling potential and can generate positive responses.

  • Motion Graphics

    We have helped businesses tell their brand’s philosophy with creative motion graphics that are created with an attention-to-detail approach.

  • Infograhics

    We take time to understand an idea and create accurate infographics that can present a complex idea in the form of an easy-to-understand concept.

  • Cut-Out Animation

    We can create extremely interesting cut-out animations that carry an element of fun, funkiness, and childish appeal in them.

  • Kinetic Typography

    We use kinetic typography, capturing viewers’ attention through dynamically-moving text that conveys messages and evokes emotions.

Industries that We Serve

Our explainer videos company renders world-class support to businesses and professionals in diverse industries including:

  • Educational Institutions: We help educational and Elearning institutions with detailed and interactive teaching materials.
  • Financial Institutions: We create whiteboard animations so as to help financial institutions explain complex concepts easily.
  • Healthcare: We can create elaborately-detailed videos that can be used to impart medical training to medical students.
  • Information Technology: We help information technology companies to explain new software usage with accurate explainer videos.
  • Marketing & Advertising: We can create brand-specific explainer videos that allow promotional campaigns to be delivered efficiently,
  • Real Estate: We help realtors and architects promote their new projects with engaging animated videos that highlight project details.
  • Corporate: We can create awe-inspiring corporate videos, allowing companies to establish their identity in the market.
  • Fitness: We can develop extraordinary animated fitness videos, allowing businesses in this industry to promote their services.
  • Insurance: Our videos can help insurance companies to explain how each insurance policy works to their target customers.

How does it work?

We follow a very easy process, right from scoping to execution to delivery, allowing our customers to get a hassle-free experience.

  1. Understanding Your Requirements

    We would ask you to fill up the Request-for-Information (RPF) form where you need to give us a project briefing so that our creative team develops an initial idea about your requirement.

  2. Designing Script and Visual Framework

    This stage involves the work of a writer who would create rough scripts on the basis of the creative brief information that you provided. The illustrator then creates visuals based on the script.

  3. Storyboard and Voiceover Creation

    This stage involves the creation of storyboard on the basis of the finalized script and visuals. Create static frames and select a voiceover artist after listening to several recorded auditions.

  4. Animation

    This is the stage when we will add life to the static frames and combine sound effects, voiceover, and music.

  5. Delivery

    We would deliver the finalized version once we get your approval through DropBox or password-protected FTP folder.

Why should you do business with PGBS?

  • Dedicated projects managers who guarantee that you get deliverables within the predetermined timelines and as per international quality standard
  • Experienced quality control managers who make sure to perform a thorough quality check before the deliverables are passed on to you
  • Talented animation video developers who are extremely creative and who follow a collaborative process to make sure that they delivered desired outcomes
  • Robust infrastructure that supports smooth execution of multiple and larger projects within timelines that were determined during the project scoping stage.
  • Solid data security procedures to ensure that our clients’ data remains safe in our hands; so far, we have never suffered a data breach incident.
  • 24/7 customer support availability, which ensures that our customers are able to reach us even during odd hours of the day and on holidays as well
  • Most competitive project pricing, which makes our animated explainer video studio one of the most sought-after video animation services in the global landscape


We typically send deliverables to our clients within 7-10 days of project initiation. If you have an urgent requirement, we would certainly make it a point to deliver outcomes within a few days. However, this may entail an additional charge as we need to align our resources for your project with an immediate notice. Additionally, you would also need to share your inputs faster so that we can start work faster.

We typically offer two rounds of animation for each of message, storyboarding, and animation phases. So there will be six rounds of revisions in total, which would allow you to get the outcome you desire.

The cost depends on factors such as project effort, duration, complexity, and turnaround time. We provide customized packages to our clients and the quotes typically differ from project to project.

We generally take around a week’s time to complete a project. However, this will again depend on project complexity and the number of revisions that you would ask for.


We engaged the PGBS team before the launch of our latest real estate app. We wanted the team to create an explainer video describing how the app can be used and what its different features are. The team developed a creative video that narrated product usage in greater detail. Today, we have many customers who are using the app with ease. We will engage PGBS for our upcoming projects as well.

App Development Company, California

I found PGBS as one of the best providers of video animation services. I hired the team to create a series of whiteboard animation for one of my Elearning courses. The videos were very well created and they delivered instructions with clarity and detail. I recommend the company’s services to others in the Elearning field.

Elearning Company Owner, Massachusetts

PGBS is an animated explainer video production company that combines the outputs of the best industry professionals to deliver outstanding outcomes. Our team includes scriptwriter, director, voiceover artists, animators, and illustrators who have solid expertise in their own areas of specialization and are specially equipped to serve your unique needs. Get in touch with us to get the best quote on explainer video creation packages.