2D animation is a product of creative intelligence and strategy. Well, making a perfect animated video may take up to eight weeks typically; it can however fluctuate based on countless factors. Although they come across multiple price ranges, you should note the core areas which determine the 2d animation cost so as to make sure that you don’t get deceived while 2d animation projects outsourcing.

2d animation cost

Consider these aspects before starting the video production

Length: A minimum length has to be considered, keeping the target audience and their interpretative senses in mind. The animation should effectively comprehend the messages to them. Do not drag it for too long, neither finish it off in a jiffy. The length has to be considered when you do the animation budgeting. Most of the animation companies indulged in the profession go by 2d animation cost per minute or 2d animation cost per second. On the other hand freelance animation rates are completely different.

Script: The script weaves the visuals together. A well-worded and pleasing script can captivate the attention of the audience. You may have to invest more in developing the script than you had initially thought. Creative scripts can work wonders and hence you can’t pay peanuts for the same.

Visuals: As visuals rule the world of communication today, you should hire a dynamic team of designers. Too much detail might smother the visuals, and too little may fall short of convincing your target audience. You need to find a reputed production company where you can enjoy the quality as well as affordability.

As marketing is a time-bound game, you should focus on the time factor to get it ready before the scheduled hour. The price, therefore, pivots around the total length to convey your message, details of visuals, and depth of script. A psychological understanding of your target group is necessary when you plan the budget. Accordingly, you can assign production to a team of professionals.

An insight into the production team: People who craft the animation

Lucid, racy, and convincing, an ideal 2D animated video has all these elements inherent in it. The people who develop an animation include

  • Scriptwriters: A scriptwriter sets up the tone of the message to the delivered to the audience. He decides whether it will be persuasive, aggressive, appealing, or educational. The script binds the story and guides the visuals.
  • Illustrators: This section includes professionals who draw sketches, diagrams, and illustrations. Visuals play the most dominant role in animation.
  • Graphic designers: The role of graphic designers is to digitize the illustrations and create the animation. The more innovative they are, the more powerful the clip turns up to be.
  • Animators: Animators set the graphics moving. They feel the pulse of the customers and design the visual messages that appeal to them.
  • Voice experts: The mastery of voice is essential for convincing the audience. The right tone, pitch, and throw of words effectively can cast the desired effect in the minds of the audience. Therefore, they need to simplify complex messages in an interesting and engaging tone.
  • Video editors: Video editors are responsible for sequencing the visuals that narrate a story. They polish the package and eliminate flaws that are likely to leave a sour taste.

The collective labor of all these professionals comes to play when they develop the animation. Well, you need to consider the proportion of script, visuals, and illustrations in the package while determining the 2d animation rates. It might be far less or more than what you are actually thinking.

How much does 2D Animation cost in Europe, America, and Asia?

There are a number of companies that specialize in delivering 2D animation support to help businesses and professionals give life to their ideas and stories. Such companies are typically located in Asia, Canada, Europe, and the United States. But the cost of getting 2D animation produced for your specific needs may vary significantly from one country to the other.

In USA, the prices range from $7,000 to $50000 per minute video (60 seconds) whereas in Asia the rates are comparatively cheaper with the pricing range of $1200 and $1500 per minute (60 seconds). This proves to be particularly meaningful if you are looking to develop lengthy 2D animations for large projects such as movies, games, and cartoon-based shows. The average per second cost for producing 2d animation video in India will be $20 to $25.

When compared to other destinations, animation charges in India are quite reasonable and hence the country has become a favorite hub for businesses worldwide.