We provide top-rated headshot photo retouching services, ensuring clarity of your facial features and tiny details. Our experts at PGBS have extensive experience in digital manipulation of photographs and can enhance the quality of your photos to the maximum possible level.

Headshot photos are used on a number of platforms, ranging from professional images to casual purposes. In case if you want to infuse a dose of elegance to your photos, simply give us a knock. We can enrich your impression and artistic beauty when you count on us. At PGBS, we make your photos look lively and attractive.

Headshot photo retouching

Digital headshot retouching services

Types of Headshot Photos We Edit

Our photo editors are adept at refining the following types of headshot photography:

  • Headshots of Models and Actors

    While performing magazine photo editing, we refine headshots of models and actors in a special way. We apply retouching effects on nose, skin, hairstyle, lips, eyes, etc. to add a feel of perfection. We appoint experienced staff to edit headshots and remove all imperfections and blemishes. They can apply the dodge and burn technique in order to instill stunning effects. Besides removing scars, marks, spots, pimples, and redness, we can clean, minimize or resize images while preserving overall quality.

  • Corporate Headshots

    We can accurately edit corporate headshots, which are easier to edit than headshots of actors and models. We can make corporate images appear more professional by applying modifications to the skin tone and image color. We make sure to maintain the natural look of subjects and refrain from applying too much of editing efforts that may destroy the facial expression of subjects and portray a wrong impression about them. We understand that corporate headshots are extremely important for businesses to attract clients and to instill a sense of confidence in them. We make sure to edit corporate headshots applying a neutral and genuine feel and incorporating perfect lighting for a perfect appeal.

  • Commercial/E-commerce headshots

    This is one of our key areas of specialization. We have been providing advertising agencies and Ecommerce businesses with expert eCommerce photo editing services. We can edit headshots of models using a particular Ecommerce product to make them more appealing so as to promote better customer response. We can appropriately highlight the beauty of models as well as products while removing all distractions in the best possible manner.

  • Theatrical Headshots

    We can retouch theatrical headshots that include the portraits of models and actors in the film, theatre, or television industry. We take into consideration backdrops and lighting while taking into account the fact that such headshots need to accurately portray the roles that they play. We can create retouched versions that would appropriately portray specific roles and expressions of characters. With professional headshot retouching, you can make personalities look more gorgeous.

Our headshot photo editing services include

In case you bank on us for headshot photography editing services, our expert photo retouchers will study a number of elements in the photograph and do the needful. The size, background color, angle, and pose of the photo are scrutinized by the professionals and the necessary changes are incorporated. The photo has to go well with the background. Light differences often mess up with the photos. Therefore, the foreground and background colors have to complement each other. In case you have pimples or other marks on your face, they can be eliminated by our headshot photo editing experts.

At times, photos are accidentally clicked all of a sudden. People also click these photos to retain the natural element in the images. They need to be edited, so that they look polished and refined.

Several people use cell phones to click selfies. Although these photos look gorgeous, a slight retouch can deliver a better image. All sorts of unprofessional elements can be eliminated through professional portrait retouching.

Our experts use sophisticated software to edit photos. The following changes may be incorporated in headshot photos to increase visual pleasure.

Why choose us for headshot photo enhancement services?

You will enjoy sophisticated digital headshot editing services from us at competitive prices. We stick to the recommendations of our clients while adhering to our global standard practices to deliver amazing photographs. You will enjoy the balance between quality and prices here at PGBS. Our professionals are updated with the latest technical know-how. Backed by high-grade infrastructure, they provide optimum satisfaction to the clients.  Apart from corporate sectors, headshot photos are often used in business cards. Bank on our professional photo retouching services to boost up your professional image.

Count on PGBS for headshot photo retouching services

At PGBS, we cater to the needs of actors, models, singers, dancers and professionals from every industry with high-grade photo retouching services. Our experts understand the needs of each client and blend their artistic skills to develop stunning images. Actors and models in motion picture look better when their photos are edited by experts. We have been operating in the industry for long and our impressive track record speaks of our commitment. Our experts possess the desired knowledge and professional skills. We have retouched images of several professionals in the entertainment industry and you too, can benefit from our best headshot retouching services.

High resolution photos increase the overall looks of the photos. Resolution refers to the entire details in the photographs. Our professionals are well-versed with the strategies that obtain high-resolution photos. The looks, get-up, facial features and expressions are better viewable in high-resolution photos.  One can study the detailed characteristics of a face when the resolution is high. In case your headshot photos are of low resolution, come to us and we will increase the resolution. It will make them better viewable.

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