ProGlobalBusinessSolutions is a well-known image editing service provider in India, which specializes in offering magazine photo editing services. Our photo editors is equipped with experience, artistry, and professionalism to work on your magazine pictures and produce stunning outcomes.

Leveraging our high-end photo retouching services, you can enhance the quality of images that are present either inside or on the cover. Furthermore, this can help in getting the attention of your target audience and convince them towards making a purchase.

Our Magazine Photo Editing Services Include

  • Natural Magazine Photo Editing

    This service mainly focuses on producing natural-looking photographs for publications. Here, we skillfully edit the pictures without affecting the natural photo elements.

  • Studio Magazine Photo Editing

    Our magazine photo editors can realistically edit your studio images by adding vibrant colors and a perfect contrast to meet the standards of publications and publishing houses.

  • Magazine Cover Page Photo Editing

    We can carry out photo editing for magazine covers to make the cover page look fabulous, thereby helping you build a strong brand image and draw the attention of the audience.

  • Magazine Portrait Editing

    By applying appropriate magazine photo effects, we can enhance your portrait images and make the models stand out. We will also make sure that the portrait looks classy and flawless.

Advanced Magazine Image Editing Techniques we use

At PGBS, we edit and enhance the images of your publications by implementing advanced magazine photo editing techniques like

  • Digital Makeup Adjustment

    Our expert image editors can digitally fix and enhance the makeup of the models by adding eyeliner, makeup, or lipstick to highlight their best features so that they look more attractive.

  • Model Skin Retouching

    At PGBS, we offer skin retouching services and we employ deep skin retouching or airbrushing techniques to remove wrinkles, blemishes, or any other imperfections to smoothen out the skin.

  • Model Hair Retouching

    You can expect professional hair retouching at PGBS. We can remove stray hairs of the model, add volume, make it shiny, or set the curls in place by using high-end hair retouching techniques.

  • Jewelry Editing

    We can also take care of your jewelry shots by eliminating glares and making the stones look shiny and polished. To edit the jewelry pictures, we employ the latest photo editing software.

  • Color enhancement

    Our expert image editors can add appropriate colors to improve your magazine images and give them a natural appeal. If needed, we can also carry out a color correction to remove color casts.

  • Image Manipulation

    By manipulating the images in desired ways, we can give a surreal and exceptional look to your publications. However, we also ensure that we don’t get overboard with the manipulation.

Why Choose our Magazine Image Editing Services?

PGBS employs professional image editors who are experienced and highly talented. We know how to consolidate the correct components while editing so that the pictures turn out magnificent and meet the clients’ objectives.

Apart from that, working with us will also offer you numerous advantages such as:

  • Bulk Image Editing
    We can handle bulk magazine photo editing orders and we offer discounts for the same. So, if you have a lot of images to edit, don’t hesitate to send them to us. Our experts will provide professional photo culling support and process images in the best possible way, which would in turn lead to better responses from the target audience.
  • 24/7 Support
    Clients can reach us anytime they want in case they have any doubt. We’ll respond back at the earliest and enable proper communication to resolve their issues.
  • High-Quality Outcomes
    Even though we edit pictures within the fastest turnaround, we make sure to double-check the outcomes and meet the quality standards of publishers and publications.

Related Service Synergy

Aside from editing images for publications, PGBS also offers a wide range of other services, like

Magazine image editing and retouching require experience. So, let our professionals handle your projects and add the perfect artistic flair to your photos. Our image editors are aware of the best editing practices and can combine the right elements to create the best outcomes for your publication.

Besides, our expert photo editing services company has been serving the domain for years now. Working for various clients has enabled us to gain enough experience to incorporate a unique magazine photo editing style to help your publications stand out among your competitors. So, reach us for magazine photo editing services and let your magazines get positive attention from your target audience.

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