PGBS is highly praised for its high-end jewelry photo retouching services. With strong expertise in jewelry retouching, we can handle a variety of projects to aid clients with marketing and promotion.

Our retouchers take the best measures to create the perfect jewelry editorial photography. Apart from addressing the most common problems in your jewelry photoshoot, we carry out difficult tasks too.

How our jewelry retouching services can help you?

Images can gauge the attractiveness of a product. So, it is not an exaggeration to state that the success of any online shop relies on the picture of products.

For any online business, gaining the trust of customers is important. So, the best thing you can do is make your images visually stunning and professional. This holds true in all cases particularly when it comes to selling jewelry products.

Thus, with our jewelry photo editing services, we encompass all the techniques and processes needed to increase the appeal of your ornament images.

Besides, people first look for charm and charisma before considering the products’ benefits or features. So, by employing the jewelry retouching techniques, we make your images look utterly captivating.

jewelry photography editing services

PGBS is a reliable company offering exceptional image editing services to clients. It includes photo retouching services, clipping path creation, and enhancement services for jewelry photographs.

Over the years, we have earned the name of a reputed jewelry retouching company by delivering high-end jewelry photo editing services. That is why we always hire experienced jewelry editors who have championed the art and the science of using diverse photo editing software and tools.

Our Jewelry photo retouching techniques include

With a team of professional image editing specialists, we can enhance your jewelry images by removing any flaws or imperfections. The services from our photo editing company are pocket-friendly and we ensure quick turnaround time. The scope of our services covers:

  • Old background elimination to isolate images

    We can neatly remove the existing background and replace it with a new background that adds charm.

  • Scaling, resizing, and cropping of images

    We can scale, resize, or crop images as per project needs and as per the demands of specific platforms.

  • Flaws and dark spots removal

    We use appropriate Photoshop tools to remove spots and blemishes from jewelry images, thereby improving salability.

  • Colour and lights correction

    We improve the image lighting while addressing color issues that might be impacting the jewelry color negatively.

  • Dust parts and undesirable reflections elimination

    We can eliminate signs of dust or unwanted reflections or glares from jewelry images, adding authenticity.

  • Gemstone coloring changes

    We can work on the gemstone colors, making sure that the tones are reflected accurately. It will help in boosting the image appeal.

  • Gold coloring changes

    We can appropriately address the color issues in the jewelry pictures. It will ensure that each piece of jewelry reflects a unique appeal.

  • Jewelry image clipping path

    We can separate the subject from the image background in a neat manner. It will allow the focus to be entirely centered on the subject.

  • Creation of drop, natural and reflection creation

    We can create shadows and reflections to add an authentic look to the jewelry images. It also helps in providing depth to the images.

  • Removal of color cast and correction of color

    We can remove color casts and rectify color tones in the pictures. it can remove dullness and add a natural glow to the product images.

  • Brightening of stones

    We can make the jewelry stones look polished and lively in the pictures. For this, we use the appropriate Photoshop techniques.

Types of jewelry photo retouching services we offer

We retouch the jewelry photos by applying appropriate Photoshop adjustments. We continue the iterations till we get the expected outputs. Based on the level of product photo editing, we have classified our jewelry retouching process into three types:

  • Simple Retouching: Includes basic corrections such as brightness-contrast balance
  • Moderate Retouching: Includes complex color corrections and brightness-contrast balance
  • Advanced Retouching: Includes more complex color corrections, brightness-contrast balance, and addition of special effects, like shadows and reflections.

Besides, in advanced jewelry image retouching, we may also use other extensive procedures depending on the need. A few to mention are:

Read here about the different retouching techniques done in Photoshop.

Outsource Jewlery Photo Editing and Retouching Services to PGBS

If you are looking for jewelry photo editors online, you can trust PGBS with your needs. We can help you take your business to the next level by offering the best-quality jewelry images. We can also provide magazine photo editing support and enhance the images of models showcasing jewelry designs.

So, outsource your photography editing requirements to us and we will offer you best jewelry photo editing services with the highest standards. We will do our best to contribute to your success by delivering perfect jewelry retouching solutions.