PGBS is highly acclaimed for its high-end jewelry retouching services. Your search for jewelry photo editing India ends here. With strong expertise in jewelry retouching, the jewelry retouchers appointed by PGBS stand as your most reliable partner in your effort to get your jewelry images refined to an optimal extent.

Why are jewelry retouching services important?

Jewelry photo editing services encompass the techniques and processes by which images of ornaments are enhanced to increase their appeal and saleability. For any online business, gaining the trust of customers is very important. The best thing to do the same is making your images visually stunning and professional. This holds true in all cases and particularly when it comes to selling jewelry products.

Images are used to gauge the attractiveness of a product and it would not be an exaggeration to state that the success of any online shop selling ornaments alone relies solely on the picture of products. People look for the charm and charisma rather than benefits or features when it comes to jewelry and this is what you must realize. Proven Jewelry retouching techniques can be helpful to make your images appear crystal clear and captivating.

jewelry photography editing services

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PGBS offers an exceptionally remarkable class of image editing services including photo retouching, clipping path creation, and enhancement services for jewelry photographs. PGBS is a reputed jewelry retouching company that appoints experienced jewelry photo editors who have championed the art and the science of using Photoshop and can deliver high-end jewelry photo editing services.

Jewelry retouching services – Way we help

Our team of experienced and professional image editing specialists will enhance your jewelry images by removing complete flaws and imperfections. We make your images a treat to the eyes of customers. Services from our photo editing company are pocket-friendly and we ensure quick turnaround time.  The scope of our services covers:

  • Old background elimination to isolate images

    We can neatly remove existing background and replace it with a new background that adds charm.

  • Scaling, resizing and cropping of images

    We can scale, resize, or crop images as per project needs and as per the demands of specific platforms.

  • Flaws and dark spots removal

    We use appropriate Photoshop tools to remove spots and blemishes from jewelry images, thereby improving salability.

  • Colour and lights correction

    We improve the image lighting while addressing color issues that might be impacting the jewelry color negatively.

  • Dust parts and undesirable reflections elimination

    We can eliminate signs of dust or unwanted reflections or glares from jewelry images, adding authenticity.

  • Gemstone coloring changes

    We can work on gemstone colors, making sure that the tones are reflected accurately, allowing you to boost image appeal.

  • Gold coloring changes

    We can appropriately address color issues and can change the color tones of gold jewelry, reflecting unique appeal of each piece.

  • Jewelry image clipping path

    We can separate the subject from the background in a neat manner, allowing the focus to be entirely centered on the subject.

  • Creation of drop, natural and reflection creation

    We can create shadows and reflections, adding a natural and authentic look and feel to jewelry images.

  • Removal of color cast and correction of color

    We can remove color casts and rectify color tones, removing dullness and adding a natural glow to product images.

  • Brightening of stones

    We can even make jewelry stones look polished and lively through the application of appropriate Photoshop techniques.

Jewelry image clipping path services

With clipping path technique, selections can be made in the photographs and specific portions can be cut out. These can be put on new transparent and more suitable backgrounds. We use manual techniques to ensure best looks for your images. Based on the amount of work that needs to be done, after analyzing your photographs, we carry out different levels of jewelry image clipping path.

  • Basic: A simplistic separation of the subject from the background
  • Moderate: Clipping path with a little bit of retouching effects
  • Compound or extra: Extra techniques to rectify colors and effects
  • Shadow creation (Natural, drop and reflection): Instilling authenticity
  • Softening/ Flattening: Addition of a glossy effect to boost appeal
  • Color correction with multiple clipping paths: Addition of high-end effects

Jewelry photo retouching services

In this process, damaged photos of jewelry are retouched by applying appropriate Photoshop adjustments. The iteration will continue till expected outputs are obtained. Based on the level of retouching to be done, we have classified the process into three

  • Simple retouching: Includes basic corrections such as brightness-contrast balance
  • Moderate retouching: Includes simple color corrections and brightness-contrast balance
  • Advanced retouching: Includes color corrections, brightness-contrast balance, addition of special effects including shadows and reflections.

In heavy retouching, extensive processes are involved based on the need. Few to mention are:

  • Cropping
  • Clipping
  • Background removal
  • Transparent white background addition
  • Applying masking
  • Correcting colors
  • Correcting exposure levels
  • Cleaning metal parts or stones

Read here about the different retouching techniques done in Photoshop.

If you are looking for jewelry photo editor online, you should relax knowing that you have already found us. We can help you take your business to the next level. Outsource your jewelry photography editing requirements to us and we promise to deliver the highest standard of professional jewelry photo editing and retouching services, we which believe would contribute to an increased sales.  Our jewelry retouching solutions are meant to deliver perfect results. For bulk orders, we would offer you amazing discounts, which would help you boost the returns on your investments.

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