We understand that pricing is always a concern, not just for individuals and small businesses but even for big corporate houses. It should be; the success of any business depends on the way expenses are monitored and managed. Addressing this, we have kept the charges of all our services reasonable and absolutely cost-effective. Photo editing pricing from us is sure to suit your budget perfectly. PGBS offers best photo retouching rates or prices in the industry.

photo editing pricing

Pricing structure based on services

  • Portrait Photo Editing & Retouching

    • Basic Editing Starting Price – $0.35 USD/Photo
    • Advanced Editing Starting Price – $1 USD/Photo
  • Product Photo Editing

    • Price – $0.06 USD/Photo
  • Real Estate Photo Editing

    Real Estate Image Editing Rates

    • Starting Price – $ 0.35 USD/Still image.
    • Starting Price – $ 0.45 USD/HDR images.

    Panoramic Image Editing Rates

    • Starting Price – $1 USD/image for normal editing
  • Image Clipping

    • Starting Price – $0.06 USD/image.
  • Photo Restoration

    • Starting Price – $25 USD/Image

*The above prices are rough estimates. These pricings may change based on the project’s scope, effort involved, and the quality of detail.

3 levels of photo editing: Choosing the right one according to need

In case you have made up your mind to use our services, you can choose the package that suits your requirements. Read on to find relevant information about the various levels, how they differ from each other, and what each stage offers. Thus, you will understand which level you should choose and how much it may cost you. You can also find the benefits you get when you choose an accomplished team.

Basic level of image retouching- Quick, Light, High-Grade

This type of retouching is needed by amateur and wedding snappers. These people do not require artistic changes and extensive post-processing of photos. This is the basic level where the key colors are adjusted and elements like shadows, exposition, and contrast are fixed. In the second key part of the post-processing stage, a basic retouching is done to the portrait, which involves whitening of teeth, change of red colors in the eyes, and replacing certain colors with suitable ones. Extra hair can also be excluded from the photos and all other flaws can be fixed.

This basic package consists of simple techniques, that’s why the rate of our differs per image.

Pro Level of image Retouching – Briefly, Perfect, Supreme

‘Pro’ indicates ‘Professional’, and this is an advanced level of photo retouching. It is suitable for cameramen who want to retouch their work seriously in a unique, individual way. In this case, minute details are taken into account and the retouchers incorporate skin smoothening, removal of eyeglass glares, retouching the figure, adjustment to colors, tones, and light, as well as background enhancement. Portrait shooters often use these services.

The following photo editing rates for this Pro retouch are very budget-friendly.

High-End Level of image Retouching

Undoubtedly, this stage has to be incorporated by every professional cameraman during the post-processing period. ‘High End’ photography calls for brilliance, therefore, the photographers need to pay higher prices and enhance the overall quality of the photographs. These are needed by people who want to retouch every angle of the snapshots. However, they do not have enough time to do the do their photo retouching themselves. In these cases, more attention to the details is paid. The retoucher has to deal with the photograph with expert hands and care, which will take a much longer time. As a result of this high end photo retouching, different angles recommended by the photographer will be covered, including change of color and balance, body, skin, improvement of background, and addition of dynamic range effects to an interior or landscape photography.

This master package consists of many techniques, that’s why the rate differs per image.

Photo restoration services

The second part of the package involves the enhancement of old and spoiled photographs. Damaged, old, and faded photos are infused with fresh life in this process. As per the needs of the customers, experienced editors and image manipulators rebuild a digital copy of the image, eliminating marks of aging, stains, restoring parts of the composition that are missing, and so on.

Photo editing fees for image restoration packages are varied due to different types and complexity for per image. You will find the best restoration rates in the industry on our platform.

Why our photo editing rates are so affordable? 

Affordable photo editing services do not indicate that you will get the degraded quality of images. To get quality assurance, you can get a free trial. You will also get a deeper knowledge of our strategies and specify the necessary instructions. Our delivery time is short indeed, we just need 12-24 hours to complete the editing and assure complete confidentiality and quality to the images. We have the ability of multitasking, simply have a look at our Portfolio page to get a clearer knowledge.

We know that your requirements are unique and hence are always ready to create customized packages exclusively for you. The rates we charge depend on several factors such as the volume of work, level of editing needed, and the stiffness of deadlines. The pricing model could be per image, per hour, or per the resources dedicated to your work. For further details regarding our affordable photo editing services, you can request a quote either by filling in the form or by giving us a call.

All our first-time customers for affordable photo editing services are requested to send few photos to be edited and we will do a sample trial, absolutely free of cost. By this, you can know the quality of our services. We, as a responsible photo editing company can understand your exact requirements as well. You can pay for our services via Credit Cards, PayPal or Wire Transfer