PGBS is a leading provider of offshore data mining services. In an information-intensive industry, information is the most vital factor for all organizations. Extraction of accurate and systematic information contribute to well-defined strategic implementations. We understand this fact and provide cost-effective data mining outsourcing services to organizations.

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Data Mining Services We Offer

We are one of the leading data mining companies in India. We provide the complete spectrum of information extraction and use the latest data mining tools and techniques. Our provisions include:

Our provisions include

  • Web information: We mine out data from the web for both private and public businesses. Our experts make use of sophisticated tools for data collection.
  • Social Media: We get the needed data from social media to help you get valuable information. You can use social media to promote products, understand competitions, perceive trends etc.
  • SQL information: We create huge databases with data for modeling. Ideal for multinational and large-scale clients, you can rely on us to get professional SQL data mining. We use operative manual and automated SQL data mining practices for matching customer needs.
  • Image information: We can retrieve image from large datasets. We can also arrange them for scrutiny and study.
  • Excel information: Our team can take any database that is already existing or create an excel database, formulate it, and put on a variety of formulas and models. This serves as an exceptional choice for both business and financial planning.
  • Word information: We can mine out and examine data from chunks of text from various databases, printed material or Microsoft Word. Our expertise proves to be useful for scientific and medical researchers and can be applied to financial transaction information, legal issues etc.
  • PDF: We have algorithms and macros to mine information from PDFs.
  • Open Source: We can make use of any Open-Source software based on your preference and tweak it to meet your exact requirements.

Few categories for which we provide data mining services are also given below

  • Lead research including profiles, contact info like Name, Phone, Emails, and Address.
  • Property documents including mortgages, foreclosures, credits and more.
  • Products including SKU’s, designs, images, trends and more.
  • Events including trade shows, exhibitions, seminars and more.
  • Business including journals, magazines, financial and annual reports and more.
  • We also provide research support to professionals like doctors, lawyers, academics and more.

We support businesses of all sizes and across domains including finance, healthcare, marketing, advertising, media, education, banking, retail, manufacturing and more.

Robust Data Mining Process at PGBS

We follow the industry-best processes to extract the required insight from large data sets that can help clients in decision-making and make the most of their enterprise data. Below are the different six stages that are usually included in our data mining processes:

  1. Business Understanding

In this stage, we set the objective that we need to achieve for our clients. We also define the resources that we have at the moment and what we are likely to achieve by making the best use of our services.

  1. Data Understanding

Here, we gather, analyze, and verify information taken from various sources. After that, we create the desired chart, report, or summary explaining the interdependence between different data features.

  1. Data Preparation

While preparing the data, we convert the raw data sets into organized structures. Aside from that, we also remove errors, examine the importance of data, and convert its features into the desired form.

  1. Modeling

In this stage, we select different modeling techniques, modeling forms, and quality evaluation criteria to adjust the models and parameters for finding the best information suiting the client’s project.

  1. Evaluation

Once we have properly analyzed the performed tasks, we look for potential mistakes and any improvement or simplification that is required to be carried out for the projects concerning its success criteria.

  1. Deployment

We create the final reports based on the findings and deployment of the plan. Besides, we also use advanced software and leverage its maximum potential for achieving business growth and productivity of clients.

Benefits of outsourcing data mining services to PGBS

We have always tried to ensure customer satisfaction and hence put them ahead of anything else. This is the reason why you can be assured of improved bottom-line and maximum ROI value when you outsource your needs to us. Underlying are the virtues that we guarantee when you associate with us.

  • We have highly qualified professionals well-versed in HTML, PHP, ASP, and JSP.
  • You get the work delivered in shortest turnaround time.
  • Your data is completely secured with us; we make use of best privacy assurance practices.
  • Accuracy is maintained to the highest feasible extent.
  • We provide the highest quality products; we follow the best quality control processes.
  • People with us are trained by experts and on a regular basis.

Read the case study to understand how PGBS helped Germany based online ticket vendor to expand their customer base with widespread details on arts, theatrical events, music, sports and a lot more.

Hire PGBS for data mining services

We take pride in being the most sought-after web research service providers by companies from across the world. We have already helped thousands of businesses in various industries like education, finance, retail, accounting, legal, manufacturing, healthcare, architecture, engineering and more to save money and achieve targets using our strategic data mining services.

We have several packages to choose from and we even provide customized packages to meet your requirements in regard of budget.

Apart from web data research we also provide data cleansing services to clean large datasets.

Skills, techniques, and knowledge- we have all the virtues needed to get you relevant information that can help your business scale to vaster dimensions and capture newer territories with our data mining services.