Underlying are some of the most common questions on outsourcing data entry services from our customers. This section intended to help you in alleviating the doubts rapidly by having a quick glance. In case if you still can’t find exact answers to your queries or doubts, just reach us and we will detail.

How can my documents be sent to you?

You may email us or else uploads the files like PDFs, images, documents, etc via a secure FTP server. Also, you may even courier or ship your files or documents to our company. Unless bulk data such as directories and catalogs are to be dealt with, this method is least recommended owing to the time and cost incurred.

How can your server be accessed for uploading my files?

Our experts will create an FTP site and provide you its login credentials along with path for uploading files. These details can be used for carrying out the process of files upload quite easily for you.

How are the documents sent to me back, after the work is done?

After the completion of the needed works, we will send you back the files. Normally we use any of the underlying methods:

  • Completed files are uploaded on FTP server.
  • Completed files are sent via email attachments.
  • If files were accessed from any web application, work will be completed on the same application.
  • Post-scanning of the document hard copies, we will courier and ship the soft copies back.

What are the different types of data entry support you provide?

As a reliable offshore outsourcing company, we provide cost-effective back office support for various data processing solutions. Some of the key services are 

  • Online/Offline Data Entry
  • Data Capturing
  • Data Cleansing
  • Data Scrubbing
  • Manual Data entry
  • Document Scanning
  • OCR Data Conversion
  • Image data entry
  • Web Research
  • Document Management
  • Data Abstraction
  • Data Analytics
  • Database Development

Are you offering any free trial?

For entire data entry outsourcing services, we can offer you a no-obligation free trial. There is no need to sign any contract for enjoying this provision. We offer a free trial just to help you in gauging our quality and facilitating a decision-making process without any sorts of dilemmas.

Is data management software used?

Yes, our company makes use of proprietary data management software and determines the apt software to be employed based on the type of project and requirements of customers.

How long do you work?

Normally, we operate from Monday to Saturday. However, in case of emergencies and immediate works to be delivered, we are always ready to burn the extra midnight oil and even work during the weekends. However, you have to intimate the demands of your data entry requirements well in advance.

How fast can you deliver the work?

We know the value of time and hence make sure that the turnaround time is kept minimal. However, the exact time can be confirmed only after comprehending client requirements as well as the project complexities. We do everything possible to exceed your expectations when it comes to turnaround time.

What all data security measures are in place at PGBS?

For us, the security, confidentiality, and privacy of your data are an extremely serious affair. You can stay assured and comfortable when you associate with our BPO company. Underlying measures are taken to make sure of data security.

  • We will sign all need NDA agreements as well as confidentiality and service level agreements.
  • Our systems are secured by firewalls and antivirus software; we do the needed updated regularly.
  • In our office, print permissions are restricted.
  • Data theft or vandalism is prevented by installing needed security measures in all the systems.
  • Strategic processes are installed for monitoring and spotting any type of security breaches.
  • We carry out selective encryption to the data for ensuring that only the relevant people have access.
  • We regularly check our systems to ensure that the security agreements are met as defined.
  • External drives are completed disabled in all our systems.
  • There is enough security personnel employed.
  • We have restricted employees from bringing any electronic devices to our office premises.
  • Employees aren’t allowed to bring personal laptops, PDAs & electronic devices into the office premises.

How do you charge?

We offer competitive and pocket-friendly prices. Pricing depends mainly on the contract term, project complexity, level of experience and expertise needed as well as the technologies to be used.

How you guarantee quality assurance?

When it comes to quality process, we are too particular and make sure that precise data are availed to our customers. There is well-defined quality policy is place and we regularly train our employees to make them stay adhered to the best practices for assuring excellent and high-quality results for our customers.

What are the industries you support?

Telecom, Healthcare or Medical, Government, Architecture, Education, IT, Real Estate, Accounting, Shipping & Logistics, Publishing, Retail and more.

Are data entry services offered multilingual?

Yes. We do offer multilingual data entry services in more than 30 languages.

How much support is your infrastructure?

We make use of the most sophisticated technologies and best infrastructure. Our data entry work provider company keeps on investing in the same for assuring best output for our esteemed clients.

What benefits are assured when I outsource to PGBS?

You get a wide array of benefits when you outsource data entry services need to us. Some of them are

  • Only experienced and well-trained professionals have entrusted the task.
  • Fast turnaround time and apex level of accuracy.
  • Modest prices and free trial offer.
  • Assurance of consistent quality and complete data security.

Reach us if you need more clarity or have any plans of outsourcing data entry projects to a reputed company.