This privacy policy sets down the method of collecting, using, maintaining and disclosing information related to or relevant to users of PGBS. The scope of this policy is comprehensive and encompasses all registered users, existing and prospective customers of PGBS along with products and services offered by PGBS. All activities on the site of PGBS would be governed by the dictates of this policy.

Personally Identifiable Information (PII)

PGBS, within the ambit of extant rules of the land and digital statutes framed by the government, may collect from website users’ information which is personally identifiable. PII may be collected by PGBS in a number of ways from users. Such ways include, but are not restricted to, planting cookies in the computers of users and collecting the IP addresses for determining the source of traffic. Users may be asked to fill form on site during registration. PII can also be collected to understand the compatibility of various site features with users’ requirements.

PGBS may seek from users, as and when the situation demands, their names, physical and email addresses, phone numbers etc. PGBS doesn’t discourages users from visiting the site anonymously without divulging PII. PGBS would never compel users to share PII with us. All information would have to be furnished voluntarily by the users. It is up to the discretion of the users to decline to furnish any PII which they may deem as violating their rights to privacy. However, such an action from the end of the users may bar them from using certain specific features on PGBS’s site.

Generic or non-Personally Identifiable Information

PGBS may collect generic or non-personally identifiable information from users during their visits to the website. Such information is spontaneously collected during interaction of users with PGBS site. Generic information may include the name of the browser, type of device used for browsing PGBS site, technical data about connecting to PGBS site from users’ devices, operating system of users’ computers, internet service providers, and other related details.

Usage of Information collected

PGBS collects users’ personally identifiable and generic information for a variety of purposes.

The information is used for improving the standard of customer service provided. The response to customer service requests and support requirements is expedited and customized based on user information available.

User experience is personalized as PGBS analyses collected information to understand how users interact with the site content and which services or resources they frequently use. Based on the insights drawn, personalization of service is done to the maximum extent possible.

User feedbacks are scanned for understanding what could be better on PGBS’s site. Accordingly, the quality and efficiency of services and products offered by PGBS are improved. Responses to user specific enquiries, queries, and requests are sent using PII.

Protection of User Information

PGBS has in place elaborate, failsafe, contemporary, and proven user data protection and security measures which safeguards the integrity of users’ PII. Data is collected, stored and processed on devices whose access is granted to authenticated staff members only. Non-Disclosure Agreement is signed with each staff member to ensure that anyone liable for unauthorized access, modification, disclosure or damage of users’ PII is held accountable for necessary disciplinary action. This applies to users’ personal information, username, password, transaction information and data stored on PGBS’s site.

Sharing of Personally Identifiable Information of Users

PGBS never indulges in selling, trading, or renting personally identifiable information of users with third parties.PGBS often uses the services of third party vendors for operating business and streamlining various site related activities like creating customized surveys or sending promotional mails. User information may be shared with third parties for limited purpose of making the services more convenient to use and accessible for users. Information is shared only after seeking needful permission from users.

Changes to Privacy Policy

PGBS enjoys and reserves the right to modify or update the ‘Privacy Policy’ delineated above at any time.  The date of revision of the policy would be reflected at the bottom of policy page. PGBS encourages its esteemed users to periodically visit this page to get updated about relevant changes. This would help users remain aware of the initiatives taken by PGBS for protecting the personally identifiable information collected from them.

Acceptance of Privacy Policy by Users

You, the ‘user’, hereby acknowledge and agree that you would frequently visit and review this page for acquainting yourself with the privacy policy of PGBS and periodic updates made.

By using PGBS’s site, you consent to accept the privacy policy and terms of PGBS’s service. If you feel that this policy infringes on your right to privacy, you may choose not to accept the policy and refrain from using services offered on PGBS’s site.

Your continued use of PGBS’s site would be deemed as your awareness about and acceptance of Privacy Policy and needful periodic updates.

Contact PGBS

You may get in touch with us to seek further clarification about this privacy statement of PGBS. We would gladly respond to your queries regarding practices of our site and policies governing your interactions with us.