PGBS, one of the most professional photo editing service providers in India offering flawless clipping path services to execute immaculate extraction of image background. Years of experience and expertise in the field has made our clipping path services company in India one of the most preferred names in the photography industry.

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Why photo clipping path is important?

When a picture is required to be used for a particular objective, it becomes imperative to remove any unwanted elements present. With the use of photo clipping path services, the unimportant areas can be cropped to portray the image in the best possible manner. The sharpness of the clipped photo appeals to the audience instantly. Our clipping path specialists even correct the unattractive background using advanced tools and techniques.

Photoshop clipping path is essential as visuals impact the human mind greatly. Cropping off the edges and retaining the sharpness of each pixel is created by our visual experts thus making it attractive yet result-oriented. The use of these services is to remove or cut out the unusual background or part of the photograph.

Our Image Clipping Path Service also Include

Image Masking

Image clipping maskAt PGBS, the photo editors working passionately on your project are highly experienced and well trained to carry out all types of image masking and related activities. Sometimes, we have to work on photos that are outlined with curvatures, bends, or any other type of intricate irregularities. In such situations, it’s practically difficult or at times least possible to apply clipping paths owing to the uneven and sophisticated outlines. Having worked on multifarious photos, we can identify such photos quickly. By making strategic use of advanced Photoshop tools for creating an appropriate image masking, we proceed with the activity of beautifying the concerned image.

Image Background Removal

background removal servicesRemoval of backgrounds is not always that easy. A prudent and precise manual image clipping path has to be done by experts to make the image transparent. We have a team of professionals who are skilled enough to remove background on multiple levels. By all possible means, we make the image look real without even leaving any traces of editing. The professional image editors with us work on your images in such a way that the images appear attractive, clear, and of great quality. In the background enhancement process, we remove the background completely or remove other unwanted elements like vehicles, dark spots, and third-party subjects and retouch them.

Drop Shadow Creation

Image drop shadow creation servicesShadows are very important in certain images as they make them look more real and convincing. Graphic designers with us master applying the right drop shadow effects on images after removing their background. Our experts make use of drop shadows for enhancing the overall appearance of your images. With drop shadows, the subjects appear more three dimensional and thus more real.

Why choose our clipping path services?

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PGBS in India is a respected name for offering quality clipping path service to cut out the unwanted persons or elements in the image. Every step is executed with utmost perfection to bring out the best in the images. Both single layer and multi-layer clipping paths are handled by our experts.

Right from professional photographers to studios, eCommerce companies, magazine publishers, advertising agencies, press, and others use our highly skilled image editing services and photo manipulation services.

We have been successfully fulfilling the demands of our clients by offering professional Photoshop services. Our support system is well defined for preprocessing, during the process, and post-process which ensures continuous support to our customers.

Image clipping path service: Various categories we support

Clipping Path Support Provided for Various Categories

Photo clipping service for furniture, automobile, fashion, product, jewelry, real estate and more

  • Furniture Images: Our image editors use advanced clipping mask techniques in order to create highly detailed and stunning images of the final furniture product.
  • Automobile Images: Our photo editing team highlights and showcases the automobile features to its customers by clipping out distractions from the background image.
  • Fashion Images: We are adept at enhancing fashion images by using various techniques like photo background editing, color correction, adding a white background, etc.
  • Product Images: We have a professionally trained team to edit e-commerce photos by including specific features like adding a shadow effect, white background, transparent background, etc.
  • Jewelry Images: We use clipping path techniques to showcase all the appealing features of the ornament or jewelry image in order to attract potential buyers for purchasing the product.
  • Real Estate Images: Our image clipping service will make your real estate photos more attractive and lively by adding or removing furniture, people, sky, vegetation, etc.

Advantages of our clipping path service company

  • Talented team of image editors: We house image editing experts can offer appealing images in transparent PNG backgrounds by using Adobe Photoshop, Lightroom, and other software programs.
  • Shortest turnaround time: We are highly resourceful and always ensure the swift delivery of projects for our clients. Besides, we also offer time-zone benefits.
  • Quality assurance: Our team ensures to meet the accuracy and international quality standards while strictly adhering to the guidelines offered by the clients.
  • Reasonable rates: We offer our services at cost-effective pricing packages, which are well-strategized for appropriately meeting the needs of every customer.
  • Data security: We are committed to providing complete privacy and security to the files of our clients by allowing only authorized personnel to access the documents.

Client testimonials

“We were in high need of the professional company to edit the background of various cosmetic product photographs. The professional image editors at PGBS improved the sharpness and also enhanced its background. They provided fast response and did an outstanding job in the mentioned time frame. ”
Sales Manager , Cosmetic Manufacturing Company, Japan

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