This is the really competitive business scenario and to be alive and successful, outsourcing has become something mandatory. If you are reluctant to it, doubtlessly you are losing the chance of drastically reducing costs and increasing performance and productivity. Contracting out non-core activities is one of the wisest and smartest business decisions you can take for solving many of your problems. Relying on the right resources and best outsourcing companies assure your position ahead of your rivalries in the market.

When you outsource to PGBS, there is no need for any kind of anxieties or apprehensions. We deal with everything perfectly and in most professional manner. Underlying and some of the most frequently asked question by newly approaching and even some of the existing customers. Read them to understand us better.

Introduce your company history to me in brief

PGBS was founded in 2013 and the company is geographically located in Bangalore, India. The beginning  was humble with few resources. And today, we are equipped with resources capable of offering every imaginable offshore outsourcing services for businesses- large, medium and small. What we are today and what all we have achieved till date owes to the dedication our people have shown over all these years.  PGBS has served thousands of customers in this short span of time. Read our successful stories and clients testimonials.

Can you name the services which you offer as an outsourcing company?

Feel free to outsource any type of your back office tasks and we will see to it that you are absolutely satisfied. Some of the key provisions to be specifically highlighted are:

Can I enjoy cost-saving in regarding of operational expenses by outsourcing to your company?

Of course, you can.  It has been testified by our customers that they have obtained a cost-saving ranging from 45 to 70% while keeping quality and timelines.  Actually, you will start seeing the results soon after you outsource to us. You are sure to witness a steep increase in your ROI values as we offer great quality, accurate and timely services.

What are all the phases through which a project at PGBS passes?

On getting an inquiry, we will discuss in detail with you to get an idea of your project. Following that, we will explain how things work at PGBS. After you express your interest to associate further, your project goes through four phases

Phase 1: Free trial

This is obviously optional and exclusively for our first time customers. With this free no-obligation trial, you can evaluate the level of performance we exhibit.  AT the same time, it will give us an idea regarding your exact needs and expectations. Post to this phase, you can take your final decision regarding whether to shake hands with us for the entire project.

Phase 2: Project transition

We here follow a unique and effective methodology to assuring smooth project transition. Our team starts the work after understanding entire aspects and intricacies associated with your project.

Phase 3: Project management

This is an ongoing phase and during it, you will get regular updates about project progressions. There will an experience project manager exclusively assigned for your project. He will be managing all the steps and also serve as your contact point with PGBS.

Phase 4: Customer review and suggestions

You can keep an eye on the project throughout and intimate us your concerns, queries and suggestions on real-time basis.

How do you ensure confidentiality of my data?

We know how crucial it is to safeguard your business sensitive and private information. Therefore, there are strict security measures in place to ensure that your data is kept completely secured.

  • We sign NDA agreements with our clients as well as the people working for us, at the beginning of project itself.
  • We have Firewalls and VPNs installed for maintaining inbound as well as outbound data security.
  • We have provided to our employees only PC workstations without any external access or storage devices like drives and USB ports etc.
  • Unauthorized access to data is prevented by providing only password protected systems and email accounts to employees.
  • We have fireproof cabinets installed and keep backups of important documents at offsite.
  • Our IT people regularly install and update advanced anti-virus software programs.
  • Employees without access cards can’t intrude in any way to our office premises as armed guards are employed.
  • We have covered entire PGBS with CCTV cameras.

In what all modes, communication is facilitated?

You can opt for a communication of your choice- mail, chat, phone or Skype. We have multilingual people with us and hence language will never emerge as a barrier. We have exceptionally talented English speaking people with us. In fact all people with us are adept in verbal and written English communication.

How is quality ensured?

There are qualified QA professionals at PGBS and they keep on monitoring project processes from its onset. We pass the project through multiple quality checks before delivering you the final product. Quality control and assurance is something ongoing at PGBS for all the outsourcing services we offer.

How much reliable are your employees?

We hire the best people as we know that only the right people can deliver quality services for our customers. People at PGBS hold at least a bachelor’s degree. Most of them are in fact post-graduates and hail from a background of extensive experience and great track record. After selection, employees are trained and training is provided before every project to acquaint the concerned team with project details and requirements.

Do you have long-term viability?

Our long-term viability is outstanding. We don’t have any debts and sign needful agreements to ensure the same.

How do you sign off the completed work orders?

After project completion, a form of work order is provided. Just fill it and sign. Post that just email or fax us.

In what all modes, payment is accepted?

You can make payments either via check or wire-transfer. If you prefer any other method, get in touch with our team for customer support and they will assist.

What benefits do you assure?

Our outsourcing company cost is reasonable. We bring to the table massive expertise and years of experience. We offer flexibility and assure integrity as well as lesser operating costs.

To know more, contact us anytime.