We can define a company delivering outbound call center services to be an establishment where a call center executive makes an outward call to their clients’ customers. Calls made from the center include those for telemarketing, sales or fund-raising as well as for contact list updating, surveys or verification services.

Outbound call center outsourcing

Outbound Call Center Services

Outsource outbound call center services

In a highly competitive market, you need to try out effective ways to stand out from the crowd. PGBS from India is uniquely situated to provide you with the most cost-effective and productive contact center solutions. Outsource your call center services to one of the efficient outbound outsource companies in India and see your profits grow.

Here is a list of the outbound call center services provided at PGBS in India

  • Telemarketing Services

    outbound telemarketing services

    We are among the top call center outsourcing companies and we can expertly handle tactical communications with your prospective customers to invoke interest about your products or services. We can handle cross-selling and up-selling as well as B2B and B2C telemarketing operations with utmost professionalism.

  • Lead Generation Services

    Lead generation services

    We are experts at lead generation and would therefore help you grow your business. We would contact your potential customers and convey the benefits and features of your brand, product and services to make your customers interested about your service. We generate only quality leads that can be converted into customers. We study your product and its aspects meticulously before initiating the lead generation process.

  • Appointment Setting Services

    Appointment setting services

    We can schedule appointments, bringing prospects closer to you. Let us handle your appointment-setting requirements on your behalf and focus on other key areas of your business. We will take care of complete appointment setting activities from scheduling to rescheduling to cancellations.

  • Market Research 

    outbound survey call center

    We are experts at conducting marketing research to let you gain access to vital market information that would help you make important business decisions. From determining the demand for your upcoming product to advising on the logistic solutions, we would provide you with comprehensive and insightful market data that would let you create an edge.

  • Cold Calling and Sales

    cold calling services

    As one of the most reliable and effective outbound sales call centers, we can help you with effective B2B cold-calling campaigns. Our telecallers are trained and they know how to deal with different customer attitudes and scenarios. We research thoroughly, prepare personalized scripts, and maintain a positive tone that impresses the recipients.

  • Disaster Recovery

    disaster recoveryWe operate from multiple locations, which means that you will be able to maintain contact with your customers even if the mainstream operations of your headquarters get disrupted due to natural calamities. We have the perfect disaster recovery plan in place, which would help you maintain business continuity.

  • Telesales

    telephone surveyingWe have the best telesales professionals working with us. They have a strong record of success and can convert leads into paying customers with proven and effective sales strategies. With thorough knowledge about the application of sales pitches, they are specially equipped to help you achieve your sales targets.

  • CATI

    CATI market researchWe employ smart and learned professionals who can deliver high-standard computer-aided telephone interviewing service. We can design the right questionnaire so as to be able to extract the required and relevant information from the respondents, thereby helping businesses to base their strategies and future course of actions on accurate data.

Various industries we support include

Benefits of our offshore outbound call center outsourcing services 

We provide both inbound customer support and outbound customer support through an advanced telecommunication network, helping in the high-speed transfer of voice and data from all over the world. We, among the expert companies in India, offer high-quality outbound BPO services at extensively lower rates. You can save a lot on operating costs, making a huge difference in your budget.

We have well-trained outbound executives who understand varied telemarketing centered concepts and implement them as required. We also handle direct sales calls which are mainly done to potential customers after lead generation. Our multilingual call centers make sure that each product and service is clearly explained to all the customers in their native languages by our outbound executives. It helps us bring accurate sales results for the clients who outsource to us.

Our experienced call center staffs in India possesses excellent communication skills which help connect immediately with the customer in an urge to serve them quality. We constantly update our company with advanced equipment, network, and technology.

With PGBS by your side, you get dedicated multichannel support on a 24x7x365 basis. All the inquiries are monitored and recorded with us for your further references. The quality of the response is monitored regularly by our managers and you can review the same on a regular basis after outsourcing to us. Relevant training sessions are held to ensure that our executives are completely prepared to meet your objectives.

PGBS deploys advanced infrastructure, which drastically reduces the possibility of system breakdowns. This in turn boosts the quality of the outsourcing service.  With us, you need not to be worried about any type of customer support services and can focus on your core business areas.

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Client Testimonials

The telesales team provided exceptional support, taking my tech startup to the next level and helping me register 20 percent growth in six months.

Morgan Lee, United Kingdom
Got excellent customer support during the peak sales season and was able to generate quick sales as well as create a stable customer base also.
John L, Entrepreneur, Germany
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