PGBS delivers professional real estate call center services, allowing real estate businesses to remain live 24/7 to respond to their customers’ queries in a timely manner. Our executives are qualified to handle your customers’ queries in the best possible way, allowing you to set up a high standard of customer service that can build customer loyalty. From delivering professional phone answering service to providing live support through diverse media, our call center agents are always ready to deliver exceptional real estate support services that would exceed your expectations.

Real estate customer service

Real estate answering service

PGBS is a renowned call center company with core specialization in real estate telemarketing and all types of property communication management services. Phone answering services from us are perfectly strategized for enabling you to optimize property administration, elevate professional reputation as well as cost savings on internal resources.

Our real estate call center provides specialized assistance such as

With years of experience in offering call center outsourcing services, we work for realtors, brokers, property developers, contractors, builders, investors and more. Some of the services we offer includes

How PGBS support real estate companies with customer support services?

  • Round-the-clock customer assistance: In any property business, employees have several jobs to complete; some may be on client visits and some on property-displays with clients, etc. That, however, must not become a roadblock preventing your existing or potential clients from reaching you; such a roadblock can cost you your business prospects and even your image, sometimes. Often, in the internet era, leads are generated through live chat, cold calling, etc.
  • Initiating outbound customer interactions: Our cold callers provide the relevant information through outbound customer communication is an interesting business strategy to stir up the client’s interests in a property. PGBS as a real estate outbound call center makes it easy to contact clients if a property matching their requirements arrives or if there is a price change of a property and also in case if there is any worthwhile information to a client. We are prepared with the necessary technology as well as the human capability to make appointments for your agents as per their availability to add further value to your business and operations.
  • Services that exceed expectations: Being a reputed customer-focused company, PGBS understands the importance of your properties and know how much each client means to you. We have in place exceptionally talented associates vigorously and continuously trained to provide the best real estate customer service 24×7. Our associates can create an exceptional image for your business making your clients want to come back for your service, again.
  • Technology-driven: We embrace technology, and it drives us further. Seamlessly tethering various technological elements such as automatic call distributor, dialer, IVR, reporting engine, voice logger, and more into our overall operations, we ensure flawless customer service at its best, incessantly.
  • Focused Single Vendor Customer Service: With PGBS in place as your strategic outsourcing partner, every requirement of your customer service including answering service will be met without the hassle of going through several vendors. From various customer support services to leasing, purchase, or sales inquiries to maintenance and scheduling of visits, you have comprehensively supported all the way.
  • Reports and data: We generate a myriad of reports pertinent to critical performance metrics such as First Call Resolution, Abandoned Call Rate and Average Handling Time, etc. enabling the clients to understand the performance to alter CRM strategies based on these reports if needed.
  • Data Security: We have exceptional data security systems and practices in place ensuring complete security and protection for all types of data you share with us as part of our business agreement before you contract out your real estate cold calling services requirements to us.
  • Scalability: As we provide comprehensively scalable services, we as a real estate inbound call center ensure business continuity. Our flexibility to match all your requirements even after your extensive expansion will further ensure an exceptional and smooth transition and expansion process without interrupting your existing client base, for sure.

Don’t worry about inbound or outbound call center pricing. We offer customized packages if needed. Serving all types of businesses in every possible way through the stellar class of services is our motto.