Our processes here at PGBS have always kept on evolving and we keep on striving for perfection and supreme level of quality in all ways possible. Meeting customer expectations and if possible exceeding them has been our objective ever since we started operating. This has helped us to be good and keep on bettering ourselves.

There is a team at PGBS that regularly evaluates the processes being carried out based on a particular checked list provided or else defined by the concerned customer. Reviews are done periodically; it may be monthly, weekly or even daily based on the nature of project. Parameters of review could be CPMs, employing and training, overall procedure improvements or productivity etc. In our customer operations performance center there are some unique strategies and techniques that we follow.

Quality adherence

We are of the belief that to bring the best out from our resources, management of quality and its regular monitoring are pivotal. Our company holds premium certification and we have successfully undergone several independent audits conducted by independent, unbiased third parties who measure explicit operating factors.

Processes we carry out are adept in all facets and we are skilled in identifying and fixing the issues swiftly that projects us as one of the most credible call center outsourcing companies.  As we strictly follow Six Sigma working practice for reducing reworks and increasing procedures competence, performance quality has consistently increased the level of our productivity.

Call quality monitoring

It is the very basic but most critical step for maintaining highest possible operational quality. At PGBS, we follow certain procedures to effectively monitor and manage call center quality. We periodically repeat these steps to acquaint the employees with existing performance levels. Also, in case if any changes are made to the process, either by the client or company, it is intimated. Besides, the QC team with us reviews samplings of calls to use them for analysis of training needs.  Any scope for further betterment can be discovered all entire project phases by this.

Human capital and manpower

The most valued asset at PGBS is the human capital we possess. Our professionals are dedicated and highly motivated. They are always willing to learn and improve their skills for elevating the level of customer satisfaction. There is a proper organizational structure and the process flow is well structured which helps us in attaining highest quality standards and unmatched success rates. Right from the beginning of hiring and throughout the initial training itself the quality standards we follow are detailed to ensure that the new recruits joining us keep the policies at back of their heads while working to achieve the target productivity as well as efficiency level.

Process of quality checks

Agents with us are subjected to an all-inclusive detailed quality check procedure. Their precision and pace in processing information is checked based on preset CTQ fields. The report of performance monitoring based on our own call quality parameters clearly illuminates the areas on which the agents should focus on for improving along with the recommendations for the same. The frequent errors are recognized and entirely eradicated.


Calibration is executed regularly to see to it that there is not even any slightest deviation from parameters based on which quality is defined at PGBS.  The documents processed are rated by our QC team and later on customers separately rate them. The findings are compared and whole cycle lasts till ratings by both the parties match. Thus we are able to offer apex class of call center services.


To get certification, newly joined agents have to perform a specific floor level task as decided by the client. Only after the same, they are shifted to actual production process.  This keeps the client in safe zone as only the best people get into their project processes.


This is perhaps one of the most critical phases in whole call center quality process. Right feedbacks are provided to the agents in presence of the team leader on all those which are directly related to floor performance. A properly organized process is there for capturing inputs from clients, their problem and queries and enabling feedback all the way through customer lifecycle.


The QC team works in close association with our training department for providing effectual coaching to newly joined agents. In addition to it, the duo develops spaces of opportunities for the agents who are already on floor. The training continues incessantly as far as the project ensues and thus best results are assured.


QA reporting consists of monthly, weekly and even daily pace and precision level reports. Reports of agent performance drifts too are sent to clients. These are customized in line with the specific requirements and needs of clients.

Quality infrastructure

The infrastructure that we house delivers quality genuinely. It is a factor that helps us to stay ahead of our competitors. At PGBS, we have scalable, accessible and distributed technology organization. The multiple redundancy level ensures unceasing admission and data transmission.  Our engines enabled by web, matching engines, technology of distributed dialing as well as other infrastructure helps us to provide supreme quality results.

The software programs used by our call center company are specifically created for all associated services. Our company records complete calls for all future research and scrutiny.

Complete accessibility and transparency

Though we have best practices for assuring call center security, our clients are availed complete access to the database and detailed analysis reports can be received. You can listen to the calls as you prefer and there is also provision to train agents working for you in our company.

We always appreciate feedbacks from our clients and strive for continual improvement in all ways possible.