Just like all other aspects of life, the digital revolution has taken on the world of publishing also. People across the globe face the challenge of bringing out the books on time and ProGlobalBusinessSolutions completely understands the importance of having the books published as per its client’s business requirement.

professional e-publishing services

Professional e-publishing services

Our e-publishing services include

  • ePub Conversion Services: Being a universally acceptable eBook format, ePub brings goods that are beyond exciting. Keeping this crucial element in our mind, we provide top-notch and comprehensive ePub conversion services that can help you respond to all your reader requirements. Get the best ePub conversion services just the way you require from us.
  • ePub3 Conversion Services: With the latest ePub3 technology, publishers want to take advantage of the advantages offered by ePub3 in integrating various enhanced content and content forms, global language support along with a myriad of superior functionalities. We offer the best and reliable ePub3 conversion services to professional meet the requirements of our clients.
  • Fixed Layout ePub Conversion: If you need exceptional control over the layout of the content, the pictures and other elements on the pages, fixed layout ePub is what you require. Effectively utilizing the pixel-specific page dimensions instead of standard ePub format, we provide a wide range of fixed layout ePub conversion services that can meet all your requirements.
  • Read Aloud ePub Conversion: Bringing great value to the readers through integrating audio files into the element mix of the content in order to improve the overall quality, read aloud ePub has been changing the landscape of ePub to make the reading experience more rewarding the exciting. Keeping this in mind, we provide value-adding read aloud ePub services to our clients.
  • Enhanced ePub Conversion: As technology has been changing, improving the quality, interactivity and the experience of the readers have always been the main concern of the publishers. This is where our enhanced ePub conversion can help you realize all your requirements without having to compromise on the quality, compatibility and multimedia capability of the eBooks.
  • KF8 Conversion Services: Being Amazon’s native file format, KF8 integrates various powerful, robust and efficient formatting capabilities along with the support for CSS3and HTML5. Publishing content in KF8 has become one of the most preferred ways to attract an audience in the least possible time. With our experience and professionalism, our KF8 conversion services are most value-adding to every client.
  • Nook Fixed Layout Format: Enabling you to take advantage of the broader market offered by the Nook platform, to reach a wide range of audience, we provide professional and top-notch Nook fixed layout conversion services that can meet all conversion requirements of the client. With impeccable quality and attention to detail, we are the best in the business.
  • MobiPocket (Kindle) Conversion: Capable of providing a wide range of MobiPocket conversion solutions, we are rightly fortified to cater to the most challenging and dynamic requirements of the clients. With our experience and expert developers that toil hard to improve the quality of every service delivered, we have become the best preferred conversion service in the industry.
  • Flash Flip Book Conversion: If you are searching for a way to enhance the reading experience of the users, there may not be a better way than taking advantage of the Flash flip book. With added multimedia and interactivity, the Flash flip book can be a great change of pace for audience from the normal eBooks. If you want to change provide your users with change, make use of our proficient Flash flip book conversion services.
  • Digital Prepress & Typesetting: Advent of desktop publishing has changed publishing industry forever and digital prepress and typesetting has taken oven the publishing world with its affordability, ease of operation and improved quality. If you are in the lookout for a reliable and top-notch digital prepress and typesetting services provider, we are the right people to meet your requirements professionally.
  • HTML/XHTML Conversion: We are fortified to provide a wide range of top-quality, impeccable and professional HTML/XHTML Conversion services capable of providing checked markups that are cross-browser compatible and W3C validated. Our expert conversion strategists and experts can cater to every requirement of our clients however challenging or dynamic they may be.
  • XML Conversion: If you are in search of an XML data conversion service provider that can convert data from any format to XML for enhanced usability, we are the right people to help you. With an experienced and professionally trained expert conversion team, we are appropriately fortified with all the necessary support infrastructures to cater to every requirement of the client.
  • XBRL Conversion Services: In making financial statements to be more standardized and usable, converting them has become a necessity for all businesses. However, getting the support from the right conversion services provider that can help you professionally is very important in this case. We can help you with our experience and expert staffs to provide you with every support you need.
  • DTBook Conversion Services: In order to enhance the reading experience of users with the books, DTBooks have started to become a norm adopted by many publishers. To drive the desired quality and capabilities, it must be carried out with an expert service provider. Our experience, professionalism and top-quality standards can help you with every requirement.
  • PubMed Conversion Services: For clients that want to publish medical articles and journals, it is imperative that they do it according to the PubMed Central JATS specification. Getting the help for this from an exceptional conversion service provider is extremely important as the specifications are very stringent. We have the right experience and prowess to meet all your PubMed conversion services.
  • Adobe PDF Conversion: To drive better professionalism and ease of operation, converting paper documents to a more universally accepted format, which is PDF, for sharing, has become a necessity. Apart from the ease of storage and sharing, the advantages of PDF are limitless. We are fortified with all the technological infrastructures to provide the support our clients need.

Rely on PGBS for Comprehensive ePublishing Services

PGBS understands the busy lifestyles of authors thereby, providing you with digital conversion services as a profitable alternative. We are one of the leading e-publishing services providing companies which empower all authors with the most effective digital processes. 

  • Expertise in latest ePub technologies including HTML5 and CSS3
  • End to end ebook support services provided like development, conversion and formatting 
  • Capability of handling large volumes of work in quick TAT 
  • Significantly low cost in the industry 
  • Speedy publication is possible 
  • Providing round-the-clock support
  • Quality assurance

We provide ePublishing solutions which produces output in a variety of formats, including online, on the disk or CD-ROM as a file that can be downloaded or transmitted via e-mail or as a file that can be downloaded to a hand-held electronic reader or a similar device.

Our digitization provisions implement efficient production processes, automating workflows and enhancement in systems. We are among companies who have a worldwide reputation for high quality and personal assistance and we take utmost care to ensure prompt customer support.

Reach us and avail best digital conversion services from us at affordable rates and start selling your books in popular publishing platforms.


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