interactive ebooks for elearning

How are interactive eBooks uplifting the eLearning experience?
eLearning is gaining popularity and is transforming the education sector. Nowadays interactive eBooks are impacting the learning landscape. These books can be used anywhere anytime on any device. Learn more about how these eBooks uplift the learning experience.

eBook cover design guide

ebook Cover Design: A Comprehensive Guide for Authors and Designers
Are you a professional ebook cover designer who has been helping publishers and authors with custom ebook covers for years? If your answer is, “ I am new to ebook cover design”, then this article would prove to be the right guide for you to understand design aspects in a greater detail and from multiple perspectives.

Self Publishing a Book: Don’t Ignore This 10 Tips
The issues experienced by the authors have been alleviated due to the advent of the digital era and different self-publishing platforms. Amazon self publishing includes several steps and this article will help you know more about some amazing tips that should not be ignored while self-publishing.

beginners guide for eBook

eBook: Complete Guide on Formats, Types and Tools
eBooks are helpful in easing the way of reading in this digital era. There are different formats, tools and types of eBooks that can give a rewarding reading experience for the readers. Here is a complete guide about eBook and different aspects related to it.

fixed layout file formats

Digital Formats for Fixed Layout
There are different digital formats helping eBooks to provide the best reading experience to the readers. People are enjoying this more than the traditional printed books. So why not understand more about these formats a bit more.

eBook formats to Kindle Fire HDX

Adding eBook formats to Kindle Fire HDX
A smart tablet, impressive reading experience and what more to expect? Kindle Fire HDX serves at its best and gives you access to reading materials that might not be accessible via Amazon. Let’s know more about the steps through which these books can be made obtainable.

5 reasons to convert PSD to XHTML
Web design layouts are regularly done in PSD. The dynamic and reliable format most often used to code websites is the XHTML. These web design layouts are then converted into XHTML and there are different advantages of this kind of conversion.