Digitization has an impact on every major part of our lives. Its implications are evident in education as well.  It contributes to the major shifts in the way education is consumed. Many technological advancements are happening in the education sector. Traditional classrooms with long-hour sessions have now turned into an interesting digital environment.

Due to its several benefits, eLearning is gaining popularity these days and is transforming the face of education. eLearning is a more relaxed way of learning. Interactive eBooks add to this transformation. It helps in making the content much more effective and engaging. It’s a type of eBook that allows a reader to interact with its audio or visual content.

Interactive eBooks for students and eLearning

The traditional idea of teaching was based on having classrooms filled with students listening to the tutor for hours and scribbling notes. Books were boring to read through. But in this eLearning era, learning materials are virtual.

Interactive ebooks for elearning have a huge impact on the learning landscape. They are capable of being used anywhere and on any device.

They are not limited to text and static image display. Rather they are full-fledged with dynamic audiovisual elements.

  • Retention of the students has increased due to eLearning
  • Savings have been increased to a huge extent.
  • Companies shifting to eLearning are saving more on their training costs.
  • Faster completion of the courses is possible with eLearning.
  • Different organizations have seen an increase in revenue after adapting eLearning.

Employee productivity has also seen a drastic improvement.

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Benefits of eBooks for students

  • Download your required eBooks very instantaneously
  • eBooks are easily portable
  • More learning styles are accommodated
  • The quick searching function is the most prominent feature
  • They take up less space

Advantages of E-learning

  • Self-paced online learning for students as they can plan their schedule
  • It’s a learner-centered education that aims to focus on students
  • Easy implementation of different grading systems and discussion boards
  • Lowered travel costs and simplified logistics make it a cost-effective way of learning
  • Individual learning styles can be adopted as eLearning considers the preferences of individual learners.
  • Helps in getting a customizable learning environment.

The stakeholders involved in interactive eBooks development

  • Graphic designers

    Interactive books are attractive learning tools with eye-catching visuals. Those visuals are designed by graphic designers. Designers add the most suitable graphics, images, and animations to make eBooks more attractive

  • Training Managers

    Training managers are the people involved in the training activities. They play a crucial role in developing interactive eBooks. They need to coordinate with the supervisors and HR to devise plans for the training requirements. Their experience in skill development and instruction methods help set up the direction.

  • Instructional Designers

    Instructional designers are the experts responsible for handling different aspects of the development process. The effectiveness of the content depends upon its presentation and consumption. It is the basic principle on which the development of interactive eBooks relies. IDs are responsible for recognizing the gaps in attitude, skills, and knowledge of the target audience and finding different methods to fill those gaps. Their major objective is to create, select, and suggest appropriate course material. It helps in providing the best learning experience.

  • Subject Matter Experts (SME)

    They are the professionals who decide what has to go into the eBooks. SMEs are well versed with the target demographics and their training requirements based on their respective domains. The team developing eBooks will have one or many of these SMEs. They are responsible for ensuring the content meets the standards set by the organizations. SMEs will also act as a bridge between a project team and the business units and preside over the compliance of content’s legislative.

  •  Experienced Tutors

    These people are vital in the eLearning era as they are responsible for interacting with the learners and act a huge role in delivering sessions. Their presence is not required in every virtual classroom, but the way they bring a human touch to the learning cannot be ignored in any learning technique. Tutors having years of experience are valuable assets in interactive eBooks development and improving its effectiveness.

  • Support IT team

    The IT support team plays a vital role when the concept, design, and content of the eBooks are ready. They have to create, upload and manage the database of the organization. The IT team is indispensable in the development of interactive eBooks. The frontend team takes over the responsibility for the essential aspects of the eBooks that users directly interact with. Necessary algorithms are also brought into existence by this team. The backend team is responsible for the data management aspects of the eBooks. They have to make sure that the days present in the eBook are in the accurate database section and that their access links are not broken. This team also handles various security requirements to avoid data attacks.

  •  Learners Test Groups

    After creating the eBook, completely different measures are taken by everyone involved for its best performance. But what about the testing process? As with everything else developed, eBooks also need to be effectively tested. Run the eBook through a test group and understand whether it is far or close from the intended results. This group will play a major role in informing other stakeholders about all the gaps in different aspects of the developed eBook. They might also come up with improved solutions to overcome the shortcomings.

Interactive eBook development services

The ever-evolving eLearning landscape has huge benefits for learners as well as educators. Involving eBooks more in your training process is beneficial for organizations as well.

Researchers suggest that there is a huge positive impact of reading for enjoyment among young people, and it ultimately impacts their future career opportunities.

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