book cover dimensions pixels

Guide on Book Cover Dimensions in Pixels & Inches
In the grand scheme of everything that we talk about regarding the design of book covers, we seldom talk about the dimension of the same. All we talk about is its coloration, how images are used and even the typography on the cover.

RGB color

Basic Guide for Understanding Color Theory and Color Wheel
Color theory is a fundamental concept of any chromatic design activity. Every artist ranging from web designers or graphic designers to architects and photographers understands that it is essential for any visual composition.

what is graphic design

What is Graphic Design – A Complete Guide to Kickstart Your Job
Graphic design may immediately remind you of stunning web graphics or creative advertisements. But you must note that graphic design is a vast field that includes the creative designing of magazines, product labels…

wordpress maintenance plan

WordPress Development Best Practices to Avoid 16 Common Errors
WordPress is the leading framework in contemporary content management system (CMS). The intuitive and customizable dashboard which offers unparalleled ease in content publishing render WordPress user-friendly for seasoned as well as amateur developers.

sketching tips

Sketching Tips for Professional Drawing (Beginners Guide)
Want to be an artist? Have the design sense? But don’t know where to start?
Here is a complete package of information for you…Read and follow your passion!

book cover design tips

Book Cover Design Tips (To Create A Best Cover Page)
Want to make the book covers that stand out from the crowd? Here are the best tips to give designs a new look and perspective. Read to know.

business card ideas

Tips for creating unique business card designs for your business
In this paperless world, a business card has its own place…Make sure you are not losing a good marketing opportunity by not having one. Are you?

Designing banners that magnetizes clicks
In online media, the role played by banner ads is essential and should never be overlooked. Read how you can design banners that creates magnetic effects. Click to read.

magazine design tips

Wise steps to take for effective magazine designs
The visual layout of a magazine is a key contributor to its popularity among its readers. Read how it can make your brand pop up in the eyes of readers.

unique album design tips

5 unique album design tips that you must be acquainted with
Beautiful Images + Attractive Layouts = Unique Photo Albums
Sharing some super amazing album design tips. Read More…

banner design tips

5 Tips for better banner ads design
Do you think Banner ads are a futile advertising format? Think twice! Read to know more.

childrens book illustrator tips

Tips for children’s book illustrators
If you scrutinize world famous kids’ books, the success it has achieved attributes not just to the author but also to the illustrator. Here are some tips for you…

magazine layout design

Magazine Layout Design – Key elements
The visual experience of magazines exerts a strong influence on the reading experience. Here are some key elements you need to know right now!

animation projects outsourcing to India

Why outsource animation projects to India?
India is becoming a hub of Animation with low training cost, quality work, cutting edge technology and more. We bet you can’t miss reading this.

3d animation process

3d animation production process at PGBS
11 Steps of 3D Animation Production Process At ProGlogalBusinessSolutions = New Horizon of Animation

types of business card

Types of Business Cards Design (Brief Guidance)
Choosing the right kind of business card for your company is a crucial thing to do. Here are some over the top designs that you can’t miss.

embed YouTube video in PowerPoint slides

4 simple guide to embed YouTube video in different PowerPoint versions
Want to enhance the appeal of your presentation? Then incorporate videos or animations on the slides. How? Click here to know.